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Could Alfresco Survive a Zombie Attack?

I gave this talk in April 2016 at BeeCon, the Alfresco Community conference. It discusses what would happen if Alfresco Software, Inc., the commercial open source company behind Alfresco were to cease to exist. Would Alfresco as an open source project survive? The talk is light on bullet/text so you may prefer to find a recording to get the full context.

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Could Alfresco Survive a Zombie Attack?

  1. 1. Could Alfresco Survive a Zombie Attack? Jeff Potts, Metaversant Group Founding & Current OOTB Board Member
  2. 2. We do not want your JMX dump
  3. 3. Stuff Happens • Companies get acquired. • Companies pivot their business models. • Companies lose interest or shift resources to other priorities.
  4. 4. Could Alfresco survive without Alfresco?
  5. 5. Negative Indicators of Survivability 1. Pre-commercial open source success 2. Independent governance model 3. Number of external committers 4. Product complexity 5. Number of external contributions 6. Downstream dependencies 7. Company diaspora
  6. 6. Positive Indicators of Survivability 1. Install base of strategic accounts with deep pockets 2. Upstream dependencies 3. Community makeup
  7. 7. What about the Order of the Bee?
  8. 8. What The Order Does Today • Publishes community success stories • Lists "best" add-ons • Publishes a professional services network • Curates tutorials and articles • Redistributes Alfresco CE with Puppet-based installer, add-ons, content models, settings, etc. (aka Honeycomb) • Organizes and executes an amazing conference
  9. 9. Our mission is to guarantee the existence of Alfresco Community Edition as a free/libre open source solution for document management. — Order of the Bee
  10. 10. Survivability Gaps • Public/open governance • External committers • Public test suite • User adoption • Documented and tested upgrade paths between community versions • Lighter-weight community-led distro (Honeycomb w/o Puppet)
  11. 11. Governance/Business Model
  12. 12. External Committers
  13. 13. Public Testing
  14. 14. Community-led distro
  15. 15. Source:
  16. 16. If we do nothing and something terrible happens • Strategic accounts and partners would take the code and attempt to move it forward • Potentially in their own best interests • Maybe a foundation would be set up, maybe not • Multiple forks, single winner emerges over time • Sad, angry bees
  17. 17. More on Celebrating more than 10 years covering Alfresco! @jeffpotts01
  18. 18. Photo credits • All zombie images are from The Walking Dead series from AMC •, by ColoradoFarmBureau •, by Andy Murray •, by Emanuele •, by eric shoemaker
  19. 19. Photo credits (cont'd) •, by Vu Bui •, by ca_heckler • illustration-03/, by freedesignfile •, by Ian Collins