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Chapter 20 section 3 notes ppt


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Chapter 20 section 3 notes ppt

  1. 1. Chapter 20 Section 3 Notes The Atlantic Slave Trade
  2. 2. Reasons for Slave Labor • • • • • Native Americans did not work properly. Large profits to be made. Africans already immune to most European diseases. Africans already experienced in large scale farming. Africans were less likely to try to escape.
  3. 3. Facts About the Slave Trade • • • • • • Very Profitable for those involved Black, whites, and Hispanics all a part. Spanish and Portuguese most involved. Most slaves worked on sugar, tobacco, and cotton plantations. Most slaves went to Central and South America and Caribbean. Only 4% were sold to North America.
  4. 4. Triangular Trade This was the name of the trade that involved Europe, Africa, and the Americas. This trade involved manufactured goods, tobacco, sugar, cotton and humans
  5. 5. The Middle Passage The Middle Passage refers to the part of the slaves journey from Africa to the Americas. It was a brutal time in which many of the slaves died before reaching the Americas.
  6. 6. Consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade to Africa • • • • Cultures were destroyed. Families torn apart. Balance of power in Africa changed. Population decreased.
  7. 7. Consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade on the Americas • • • • Cheap labor created economic advantages. Increased agricultural knowledge. Cultural changes in music, food, and art. Population increases.