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WhatTheHack - Blockchain and The World Food Supply

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WhatTheHack - Blockchain and The World Food Supply

  1. 1. Blockchain and The World Food Supply Scan this QR code to access free educational resources, step-by-step learning guides as well as get practical experience in Azure Blockchain! Don’t forget to add Microsoft Azure as a skill to your LinkedIn account to stay connected with our developer community! + Microsoft Azure We post the latest announcements about free events for developers in Ireland on our official Twitter account. @MSDevIRL
  2. 2. Blockchain and The World Food Supply Juarez Junior Azure Developer Relations Lead Microsoft Ireland Twitter/Medium: @juarezjunior
  3. 3. digital transformation 91% 85% 68% 1. Microsoft 2019 Digital Transformation Business Executives Survey
  4. 4. Blockchain technology What is blockchain? Common scenarios
  5. 5. The ledger can only be updated by network consensus, and information can’t be altered Everyone in the network has an individual, identical copy Data is stored in a shared ledger— a record of every transaction Blockchain streamlines these processes by establishing a secure, shared source of truth
  6. 6. Blockchain has broad applications across industries Loyalty tracking Product provenance Logistics management Digital rewards P2P selling Ticket purchases Asset tracking Real-time auction for supplier contracts Supply chain transparency Dynamic commodities pricing Claims management MBS/Property payments Fraud detection Automated underwriting Risk visualizations Licensing and ID Benefits distribution Aid tracking Military security Copyrights Audit compliance Bond issuance Trade finance Loan syndication Post trade settlement Global payments Derivatives trading KYC/AML Personalized medicine Records sharing Compliance Agricultural authentication Pharmaceutical purity Manufacturing Retail Insurance Government Banking and Capital Markets Health
  7. 7. Starbucks empowers each member of its supply chain Over the next two years, we will look to demonstrate how technology and innovative data platforms can give coffee farmers even more financial empowerment — Kevin Johnson Starbucks CEO Challenge • Starbucks needed increased visibility into the movement of beans across its vast supply chain • 97% of farmers are small hold/one-acre farms that have difficulty scaling production to meet demand Solution • Use blockchain based smart contracts to define the responsibilities of each supply chain participant and record their activities • Provides immutable proof-of-end purchase to farmers enabling access to higher quality credit • Monitor the movement of beans from farm to pour using a shared, cloud-based app
  8. 8. And reinforces trust from farmers to customers Farmers Starbucks Customers Farmers are financially empowered… • Understand downstream movement of their product and better forecast demand • Receive immutable “proof-of-end purchase” from Starbucks • Establish creditworthiness to access higher quality credit and expand operations Starbucks receives immutable record of… • Bean provenance • Inventory state changes and movement Customers enjoy increased transparency… • Into the individual region • The farm origin of the coffee • Tactics used to farm their high-end coffee
  9. 9. Using blockchain to reinforce trust from farmer to customer Carrier Authenticity is verified and beans are delivered to the factory Customer At purchase can view certifications, origin, and other quality details with assurances from farm to pour Manufacturer Containers are verified and coffee is processed and bagged Small Hold Farmer Produce coffee beans under specified conditions to earn organic and Fair Trade certifications. Receive “proof of end purchase” from Starbucks they can use to access credit for next years harvest Retailer The bags reach the retailer having been accounted for at each step of the journey Farmer  Plot #839049  25 tons of cocoa beans  Certifications Carrier  Shipped 2/5/2018  Organic  Fair Trade Manufacturer  Delivered 2/12/2018  Organic  Fair Trade Distributor  Delivered 2/19/2018  Organic  Fair Trade Retailer  Delivered 2/26/2018  Organic  Fair Trade Customer  Guaranteed fresh  Certified organic  Certified Fair Trade At various points in the journey, an IoT device scans the product and records its status and condition which are updated on the blockchain Quality attestationProof of Purchase Consumer visibility Distributor The coffee is moved through distributor network under high-quality assurance regulations
  10. 10. Building an end-to-end blockchain app is a huge undertaking Manually deploy ledger Write business logic Orchestrate signing, hashing and routing Store smart contract reference data Synchronize data with off- chain DB Ingest messages and events Build web client API management Manage keys Customize integrations Extend capabilitie Integrate with existing business apps Configure consortium network Link identities to federated systems
  11. 11. Azure Blockchain Developer Experience delivers the power of blockchain in a package developers love AZURE BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPER EXPERIENCE
  12. 12. Transform your business with blockchain on Azure Create smarter and more efficient processes with Azure blockchain offerings Azure Blockchain Service Azure Blockchain Workbench Azure Blockchain Developer Kit Build, govern, and expand consortium blockchain networks Easily prototype blockchain apps in the cloud Connect and integrate to existing apps and move to production
  13. 13. Azure is the best cloud for blockchain Ahead of the competition An open, app-focused approach validated by Gartner, Forrester and many other third-party analysts Thoughtful product portfolio The most open and comprehensive blockchain portfolio to simplify development of this new class of applications Trusted by customers and partners Businesses have built thousands of blockchain apps on Azure working with our rich ecosystem of blockchain partners ​
  14. 14. Join customers and partners building blockchain apps on Azure Partners Customers
  15. 15. Blockchain on Azure WhatTheHack – Blockchain Azure Blockchain Service Dev Kit VS Code - Blockchain Dev Kit for Ethereum Quorum on Azure
  16. 16. Microsoft @ WhatTheHack Blockchain
  17. 17. Microsoft for Start-Ups Where B2B startups scale Kelvin Keane – Startup & Partner Manager
  18. 18. Who do we support? B2B or B2B2C Scalable cloud backend Less than 7 years old Post Product Market Fit (3 – 15 Paying Customers)
  19. 19. Microsoft for Startups Benefits

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