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Recruit, hire, retain top talent: DevOps West Las Vegas 2016


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You are under-staffed, over-worked, and behind on your commitments. Your “Go-To” person just quit, leaving an unbelievable loss of knowledge which you cannot even begin to comprehend. Are the old-school ways of attracting talent (advertising on job boards, filtering resumes, interviewing candidates) not working? Then this session is for you. The tables have turned—the balance of power has shifted from the employer doing the hiring to the employee landing the job. Employees are operating as free agents now more than ever before. Business leaders must learn how to build teams that engage employees as sensitive, passionate, creative contributors. There is a visible shift needed—from trying to enact the perfect hiring schema—towards focusing on building an irresistible organization to attract top talent. Join Catherine in this hands-on working session to learn how the traditional HR strategy hiring isn’t going to work anymore. Learn how to hack this traditional hiring system to find the right people for your team, how to interview a potential new team member with empathy, learn what new team members will expecting from their new companies, so that you may attract the top talent you need to deliver and delight your customers.

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Recruit, hire, retain top talent: DevOps West Las Vegas 2016

  1. 1. Recruit Hire & Retain Top Talent @catherinelouis email: prepared for DevOps West
  2. 2. Suggested schedule for the next hour: -Sharing story - 5 min -How do you find people? - 10 min
 -Framework for finding fit - 15 minutes
 -Interviewing for fit- probing why - 20 minutes
 -Q&A - 10 minutes

  3. 3. How do we find people? Close on compensation Post on job boards Target those with skills we need Find as many as possible “Weed out the weak” Formal interviews start: more weeding Assess, vote, select Warning: Hiring strategy for a talent surplus
  4. 4. When you make the wrong hire •Lose what they know •Lose who they know •Your team goes into storming •Your organization risks disorganization When you lose someone you lose a piece of the fabric of the company
  5. 5. When you hire into the wrong job •Stress •Health issues •overall dissatisfaction, impacts life choose your job wisely
  6. 6. Who’s looking? Source:, 2016 survey, over 50,000 developers participated What’re you doing to reach these folks?
  7. 7. How do folks find jobs? Source:, 2016 survey, over 50,000 developers participated What’re you doing to encourage referrals?
  8. 8. What do we want? Source: 2015 We want the same things
  9. 9. Source: Linda Rising:The Power of an Agile Mindset •Abilities can grow - like a muscle •Goal: to learn •Effort: path to mastery •Challenge: embrace •Failure: gives us more information •Reaction to challenge: resilience Hypothesis: Agile Mindset - Agile folks want these things What do Agile folks want?
  10. 10. What should companies want? Source: Deloitte’s Shift Index: •Commitment to domain •Questing •Connecting Passionate Explorers “Worker passion—defined by these attributes rather than static skills that rapidly diminish over time—will be critical as we shift from a twentieth- century world characterized by scalable efficiency to a twenty-first-century world amplified by scalable learning.”
  11. 11. Note the distinction: Source: Merriam Webster •a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something passion: •a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling obsession:
  12. 12. Who remembers being interviewed? An interview with a positive experience can be your best opportunity for finding talent
  13. 13. Framework for Fit EKS IQ CQ/EQ Experience, Knowledge, Skills Cultural Quality, Emotional Quotient Intelligence Quotient Source: Harvard I-Lab start-up secrets: :
  14. 14. To hire for fit: CQ: Cultural Quality- fit with your values EQ: Emotional Quotient- fit with your team IQ: Intelligence Quotient KES: Knowledge, Experience, Skills “The fit between personalities was so much more important than finding people who were very good.” Dick Costolo, CEO Twitter
  15. 15. Sample question: CQ: What are you passionate about? EQ: What are you most proud of in your work interactions? IQ: What is your favorite example of a problem you solved?
  16. 16. Framework for Fit Experience, Knowledge, Skills IQ CQ/EQ Can I be successful at this job? Will I really love this job Will I fit the culture?
  17. 17. Sample question: CQ: What is the vision of this product? EQ: What is typically celebrated? IQ: What is the typical on boarding strategy?
  18. 18. Framework for Fit Experience, Knowledge, Skills IQ CQ/EQ Can they be successful at this job? Will they really love this job? Will they fit, and really reinforce and add to your culture?
  19. 19. Will they really love this job? •When people love what they do, they tend to do it well
  20. 20. Now for the 2-way challenge •Find the passion! •Learn about the opportunities which could help your team become more irresistible to Agile folks
  21. 21. Suggested schedule for the next 30 minutes: 
 -Sharing story - 5 min -How do you find people? - 10 min
 -Framework for finding fit - 15 minutes
 -Interviewing for fit- probing why - 20 minutes
 -Q&A - 10 minutes
  22. 22. Interview Tips 1. Listen authentically. Ask why. Even when you think you know the answer. 2. Never say “usually” when asking a question. 3. Encourage storytelling. 4. Look for inconsistencies. These inconsistencies hide interesting insights. 5. Pay attention to nonverbal cues. Be aware of body language and emotions. 6. Don’t be afraid of silence. 7. Don’t suggest answers to your questions. 8. Ask questions neutrally. 9. Don’t ask binary questions. 10.Make sure you’re prepared to capture. source:
  23. 23. Q&A: •What were the most revealing interview questions? •Did you uncover a hidden passion? •Did you learn where your company could become more irresistible to those with an Agile mindset? •What is your hiring strategy now?