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Five viewpoints to visualization


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At Demola Expert Session @tamk_uas

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Five viewpoints to visualization

  1. 1. Five viewpoints to visualization Jukka Huhtam�ki @jnkka Industrial and Information Management, TUT Demola Expert Session @tamk_uas February 15, 2018
  2. 2. (Card, Mackinlay & Shneiderman, 1999) (Pirolli & Card, 2005) (Hansen et al., 2009)
  3. 3. Visualization as technical process (Card ja muut, 1999) Web
  4. 4. Visualization as User Interface: D3.js
  5. 5. Visualization as storytelling
  6. 6. Let the discussion continue! Jukka Huhtam�ki