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Making sense of big data with the Ostinato Model


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Reflecting the Ostinato Model through the lens of symphonic social science (Halford and Savage, 2017)

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Making sense of big data with the Ostinato Model

  1. 1. Making sense of big data with the Ostinato Model Jukka Huhtamäki Postdoctoral researcher, Tampere university Symphonic social Science/Social life of methods Centre for Consumer Society Research April 2019
  2. 2. How to measure innovation ecosystems to support research and decision-making (2010-2016)? 11.4.2019 | 3 (Still, Huhtamäki, Russell & Rubens, 2012)
  3. 3. Cf. Symphonic social science (Halford & Savage, 2017) Data Socially constructed data on startups, venture capital investments, mergers and acquisitions (cf. Basole et al., 2015) Methods Visual network analytics, sensemaking (Pirolli & Card, 2005), computational network analysis, descriptive statistics Visualization 11.4.2019 | 4
  4. 4. My role: developing the analytical procedures 11.4.2019 | 5 Critical realist data analysis (Sayer, 1992; Bygstad & Munkvold, 2011) Action design research (Sein et al., 2011)
  5. 5. 11.4.2019 | 6 Huhtamäki, J., Russell, M. G., Rubens, N., & Still, K. (2015). Ostinato: The Exploration-Automation Cycle of User-Centric, Process-Automated Data-Driven Visual Network Analytics. In S. A. Matei, M. G. Russell, & E. Bertino (Eds.), Transparency in Social Media: Tools, Methods and Algorithms for Mediating Online Interactions (pp. 197–222). Springer International Publishing Switzerland.