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Actual faerie powerpoint


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Faeries and their lives

Published in: Education
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Actual faerie powerpoint

  1. 1. Faeries are magical creatures that possess angelic and demonic blood within them. Also known as the fair folk or fey, Kind Ones, and Little People, etc. They are extremely clever, committed to honor and etiquette, have a very devious sense of humor, as well as their inability to lie. Faeries are also known for their beauty and malevolence. As faeries age, they become more artful as well as powerful. Since they are so dedicated to honor, when a faerie makes a promise, they make sure to keep it and deliver their end of the bargain. They have a small twist though. A faerie will always deliver their end of the bargain with great irony. They love having the last laugh. What Are Faeries Like?
  2. 2. A faerie is unable to lie due to its angelic blood lines. However, through years of practice they are able to expertly weave lies into their words by using methods such as not telling the whole truth, letting other being assume things, and by not correcting others with whom they are speaking. However, if a faerie is only half fey, they able to lie because the angel blood does not triumph over the human blood. Faerie Capabilities (Part 1)
  3. 3.  Brownies  Djinn - often mistaken to be demons  Elves (8 inch tall fair folk with sharp teeth)  Goblins and hobgoblins (Unseelie)  Kelpies (described as medium sized people with dark green hair, webbed fingers and shark teeth)  Knockers (Unseelie)  Mermaids  Nixies  Nymphs  Ogres (Unseelie)  Peris  Pixies (moth sized faeries with "cute" faces and sharp teeth)  Pucas (described as tall dark skinned folk with pointed ears)  Satyrs (Unseelie; half-billy goat, half-human creatures)  Selkies  Sprites  Unicorns (Seelie) Types of Faeries
  4. 4. Mermaid
  5. 5. Brownie
  6. 6. Elf
  7. 7. Hobgoblin