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WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR BBH Digital Strategy iPhone6 Cheat Sheet

As mobile devices continue to get larger and more powerful, consumers are more likely to use them as
all-encompassing devices rather than divide their time amongst mobile, tablets, and computers.
- More Time Spent with Mobile: Enhanced battery life will allow users to spend more time with their
mobile devices while on the go. The new iPhones allow for 14 hours of talking, 50 hours of audio
playback and 11 hours of video watching.
- Greater Demand for Mobile Communications: These updates put increased pressure on marketers
to focus their attention on mobile. The increase in screen size will allow marketers to create even
richer mobile experiences for consumers, whether through the use of mobile applications, mobile
display advertising, or mobile enhanced websites.
- Increase in Mobile Video Consumption: Larger mobile screen sizes are likely to have a large impact
on branded video consumption, and is a key point marketers need to consider when creating custom
video content.

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