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10 Award Winning Strategy Case Studies (Under Armour, REI, Seamless, Apple)

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Learn from the best. I have collected the insights and strategy for ten of the most iconic work from the last 3 years (UnderArmour - I Will, REI - OptOuside, Apple - World Gallery, Newcastle Beer - If We Made It, Guinness - Made of More).

10 Award Winning Strategy Case Studies (Under Armour, REI, Seamless, Apple)

  2. I WILL - UNDER ARMOUR STRATEGY: PRESENT THE UNDER ARMOUR WOMAN AS A WOMAN WHO DOESN’T NEED PERMISSION BECAUSE SHE HAS WILL Brand Insight - To speak her language, we needed to shift performance away from a traditional competitive context and into a more personal one Cultural Insight - In a culture obsessed with debating what a woman should be, the only way for her to free herself from pressure is to define success on her own terms. Consumer Insight - The Under Armour woman has the will to impress only herself DROGA5
  3. VISIT MUM - BRITISH AIRWAYS STRATEGY: BA UNDERSTANDS THE JOURNEY YOU ARE TAKING Consumer Insight - A lot of holiday traffic was first and second generation Indian Expats flying back home from North America Product Insight - Don’t claim to be one of us, show that you understand us. Not about Hindi meals on the flight but the fact we are making this journey Cultural Insight - Indian mothers were the key pillar in the family and had a strong pull of their children coming back home OGILVY
  4. TAKING BACK NY - SEAMLESS STRATEGY: CONNECT WITH PEOPLE’S PROUD NEW YORK IDENTITY Consumer Insight - Long hours, demanding careers, busy lifestyles and a high cost of living make New York a tough place to live, but saying ‘I’m a New Yorker’ is a badge of honor Cultural Insight - In New York, delivery is a way of life Brand Insight - Seamless provides access to more restaurants, cuisines and options for diner than any other service in New York City. BBH NEW YORK
  5. MADE OF MORE - GUINNESS STRATEGY: GUINNESS CELEBRATES THOSE WITH THE CONFIDENCE TO CARVE THEIR OWN PATH Product Insight - A product that is bolder than any other beer in terms of its look and taste Consumer Truth - Beer drinkers who respect those who have the confidence to make bolder decision and choices in life Brand Insight - A brand that has always had a bold outlook on life (e.g Arthur Guinness made bold choices to sign a 9000 year lease on his brewery and to brew dark beer versus a golden ale) BBDO
  6. IF WE MADE IT - NEWCASTLE BEER STRATEGY: TAKE THE LAME MEDIA TACTICS AND TURN THEM UPSIDE DOWN TO BREAK THROUGH Product Insight - Newcastle Brown Ale was first brewed by ‘Geordies’; the coal-mining, no-nonsense working class of Newcastle, for whom the beer was brewed Consumer Insight - They are no frills guys, who are sick of beer brands pandering too them Cultural Truth - The Superbowl is the biggest marketing event of the year, full of marketing trickery DROGA5
  7. WONDERFILLED- OREO STRATEGY: HELP PEOPLE OF ALL AGES SEE THE WORLD WITH WONDER Product Insight - the product was surrounded by innocence, a glass of milk, doting parents, after-school Consumer Insight - We lose our childhood innocence and wonder as we get older, however we yearn for it MARTIN AGENCY
  8. WORLD GALLERY - APPLE IPHONE6 STRATEGY: RETHINK WHAT YOUR SMARTPHONE CAMERA CAN DO Category Insight - The category highlights the quantifiable features of smartphones in isolation of the people using them. Product Insight - Camera is one of the top considerations when it comes to purchasing a new smartphone Consumer Insight - iPhone owners preferred showing the output of their devices instead of talking about the technology of the camera TBWA
  9. FEED THE GOOD - PEDIGREE STRATEGY: SHOW HOW THE GOOD IN DOGS BRINGS OUT THE GOOD IN US Product Insight - Dogs are good for people. Owning a dog is an experience that transforms us for the better Cultural Truth - The elusive quality of innocence that we had as children is the secret of genuine happiness Brand Insight - Dogs are good for people because their innocence helps us connect with our own BBDO
  10. #OPTOUTSIDE - REI STRATEGY: ACT FOR THE GREATER GOOD DURING BLACK FRIDAY Consumer Insight - REI consumers were not interested in shopping on the holiday weekend Cultural Insight - Black Friday takes Americans on a sharp turn from being thankful to mass consumerism. A day created for corporate profit by marketers. Brand Insight - REI is a co-op that acts for the greater good of its employees and members VENABLES
  11. LOVE HAS NO LABELS - AD COUNCIL STRATEGY: TO END BIAS, WE NEED TO FIRST BECOME AWARE OF IT Consumer Insight - Most Americans consider themselves to be unprejudiced Cultural Truth - Our society is fraught with tensions. Labels unnecessarily divide us R/GA