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Flat Connections at the Global Education Fair, May 2018

Overview of services for educators and classrooms around the world provided by Flat Connections. Prepared for the Global Education Fair, 2018. More details on the website-

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Flat Connections at the Global Education Fair, May 2018

  1. 1. Flat Connections provides: • Global collaborative projects for K-12 schools • Online teacher professional learning to support global engagement and to implement online global collaboration into the curriculum Julie Lindsay, Founder and CEO Website – Contact Julie -
  2. 2. Flat Connections “Learning about the world, with the world”
  3. 3. Meet Julie Lindsay…. Global Education Consultant, Innovator, Leader, Author MA Educational Technology Leadership, MA Music PhD Student, University of Southern Queensland Adjunct Lecturer, Charles Sturt University, Apple Distinguished Educator Google for Education Certified Innovator Author ‘Flattening classrooms, engaging minds’ & ‘The Global Educator’ Founder & CEO, Flat Connections | @julielindsay | | @flatconnections
  4. 4. Meet our Project Managers Lynn Koresh @lynnkoresh Amy Jambor @amyjambor Sheri Williams @Williams1Sheri Chris Trimnell @TrimChris1
  5. 5. Let’s connect our students with the world!
  6. 6. Learning does not happen in isolation
  7. 7. Connect all learners to the world
  8. 8. Schools flatten the learning…
  9. 9. Australia to China – Intercultural understanding
  10. 10. Meeting synchronously provides the ‘glue’ to ensuring online global projects are successful Teacher meeting to design online learning
  11. 11. Student Virtual Summit - Nepal and Thailand
  12. 12. Geographically dispersed learners Use of online technologies Learning with not just about Co-create new understandings and share work online What is online ‘global’ collaborative learning?
  13. 13. Features of successful online global collaborations Relevant to the curriculum Reliable & frequent communication Strong project organisation Designed with clear guidelines Able to learn about & with the cultures involved Co-create new meaning with global partners
  14. 14. - What is a Flat Connections Global Project? - • 6+ weeks in length • Curriculum focus • Design cycle process • Teachers form a learning community • Students work with others • Use of Web 2.0 tools • Synchronous and asynchronous interactions • Shared research • Co-created artefacts • Managed for success
  15. 15. - Windows to the World - INTERCULTURAL PENPALS! An easy introduction to global projects - Students learn how to communicate online - Practise digital citizenship - Satisfy Literacy objectives 10-weeks of empathy and real collaboration Collaboration for beginners who love communicating online
  16. 16. - Friends for Sustainability - A more “sustaining” project! Targeting literacy, science and ICT objectives Students work in mixed teams from around the world to explore and share what happens in their own environment. They then investigate, ponder, and think laterally about the world beyond. Focus on Sustainable Development Goals - young people can make a difference
  17. 17. - Endangered Animals - A topic close to many hearts - so this project is a real winner for engaging students, but also for satisfying major science objectives! Students get to know each other online and then teach each other about animals that are in danger around our world. August 6, 2018 — September 21, 2018 Endangered Animals global project, 2018 #1 Students in Grade/Year 3-6 explore the global issue of endangered animals and foster meaningful discussion with others. Outcomes will include student-driven solutions shared through creative use of technology. Scroll down to read more about this project below. Exciting collaboration where new knowledge is created around animal issues
  18. 18. - Building Bridges to Tomorrow - (K-2 classes) Younger students and their teachers can collaborate on self-chosen topics relevant to the curriculum
  19. 19. - The Digiteen Project - The Global Citizenship Construct Collaboration for students learning how to be global digital citizens and learning online ISTE Standards for Students, 2016
  20. 20. Student leaders meet online to learn learn about leadership responsibilities
  21. 21. - Poetry with Passion and Performance - Kids can all be successful poets! This project provides the scaffolding to ensure students experience only positives with poetry. A variety of forms are introduced, team efforts are encouraged and genuine audiences make for authentic, passionate learning! If poetry is your passion - join this project!
  22. 22. Theme 2018 ‘Capital punishment is an effective deterrent to stop crime’ Based on Sustainable Development Goals Asynchronous global debates between classrooms - Global Youth Debates - Authentic team-based debating in a virtual online environment. Give students a chance to develop critical debating skills and online learning skills
  23. 23. - Flat Connections Global Project - The ultimate High School collaboration Student leadership, learning autonomy, online team-based collaboration and real-world, multimedia outcomes
  24. 24. Watch Lauren’s award winning video
  25. 25. Tools we are using to Connect and Collaborate
  26. 26. “There is nothing going to stop this! Young people need it and want to engage collaboratively. We cannot imagine the changes in technology over the next 10 years, but whatever comes will make interaction and collaboration easier” Ed Gragert, USA, @egragert
  27. 27. What is YOUR vision for global learning? Flat Connections Global Projects
  28. 28. Are you ready to be ‘flattened’? Join a Flat Connections Global Educator online course Online Global Collaborative Playbooks
  29. 29. Designed by Julie Lindsay
  30. 30. MODULE 1: Connected Learning Online Global Collaborative Learning Playbooks