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New Ralcorp Site Presentation


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This was a group assignment where we had to pick a brand or corporation who was lacking in online appeal. Our goal was to visually enhance the site to our demographics and create interactivity throughout the site

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New Ralcorp Site Presentation

  1. 1. Ralcorp the generic brand gone wrong… technically explore/create phase Jenna Giurlando Vanessa Rottet Matthew Veleber Jordan Wadley
  2. 2. what we will discuss  Ralcorp’s position  recap of message  IA  wireframes  creative “big idea”  mood boards/tone  creative comps  interactive advertisement  wrap-up
  3. 3. Ralcorp’s position  Ralcorp is the leading supplier of store- brand food products  the company is dedicated to provide their consumers with generic products that nutritionally compete with the national brands  Ralcorp strives to communicate that they help with saving money, while fulfilling households’ pantries with health-conscious food options
  4. 4. recap of message  audience  mothers & grandmother, 28-54 years-old  college students, 18-28 years-old  opportunity  create an interactive site that engages the target, while building brand loyalty  generic products are both cheap and delicious, so let’s rebrand  proclaim that Ralcorp just gained Post  strategy  to educate college students, mothers, and grandmothers on the health benefits of eating breakfast  to encourage consumers to find the time to enjoy breakfast  to inform consumers about benefits of generic brands  positioning  to position Ralcorp as a trustworthy, but inexpensive brand that is not just simply “generic”  to position the site as educational and full of positive generic facts
  5. 5. recap of message  personas bobby “the big eater” emily “the mother” jane “the healthy saver” college student, 21 mom, 32 grandma, 54  tactics  online product sales  number of users who sign up for weekly newsletter  number of users who use our blog  ROI of online coupons  number of users engaging in QR codes  user questionnaire feedback
  6. 6. information architecture what lies beneath?
  7. 7. mothers/grandmothers 1.0.a 1.0 1.0.b college students My Account Homepage Contact Us both 1.0.c Search Bar 1.1 1.3 1.5 1.2 1.4 1.6 Company Nutrition Career Commitment Brands Shopping Opportunities Cart 1.2.a 1.4.b 1.1.b Mission 1.1.a 1.6.a Other History Statement Overview My Account Products Timeline 1.4.a 1.2.a.2 1.2.a.1 1.4.b.3 1.4.b.2 1.4.b.1 Marketing/ Community/ Carriage Ralcorp Ralston Advertising Diversity House Frozen Foods Bakery 1.2.a.2.a Press Releases LEGEND cluster of static pages flash media static HTML page cluster of active pages newsletter sign-up active server page blog standard links between pages
  8. 8. wire frames plain, no design elements here!
  9. 9. creative “BIG idea”  goal  to educate the public about positive benefits of store-brand products (aka: Ralcorp)  to incorporate interactivity with education online  to proclaim that generic brands are healthy and help save money through blogs, newsletters, and interactive games  “the creative concept: price is right with Ralcorp”  tagline is clear, positive, and nostalgic; we want consumers to learn all they can about Ralcorp’s brands  “the price is right” refers to both the game show, and the money-saving “right” nutritional benefits of eating Ralcorp products
  10. 10. mood boards let’s enter the targets’ emotions
  11. 11. “Fresh Flash” mood board
  12. 12. “sunrise” mood board
  13. 13. old homepage not good.
  14. 14. new homepage #1 here we come… on the right track!
  15. 15. “The Price is Right” and Ralcorp  Targeted toward a younger crowd but also applicable to older folks  Involves a co-op with “The Price is Right Game show”  Offline Advertising as well as interactive online education
  16. 16. new homepage #2 we are continuing to run!
  17. 17. The Price is STILL right with Ralcorp  This page is targeted slightly toward an older audience  36-60 are a bigger target  Incorporates less games due to demographic, but focuses more on interactivity with  Online Cokbook  Blog  Newsletter Site is still educational and proclaims the benefits of buying generic
  18. 18. interactive skyscraper ad let’s attract the target!
  19. 19. wrap-up  Ralcorp’s target audience is college students, mothers, and grandmothers  the creative concept of “the price is right with Ralcorp” fulfills that the company’s products are right for the target  right with expenses ($)  and, right with nutrition  in order to understand that “generic” is not negative, we created educational + gaming comps  the target will feel more engaged, educated, and interested in the brand  a “love mark” for Ralcorp’s audience will be established with these necessary changes through the user’s online experience  educational + fun  easy to understand  easy to navigate  very interactive!
  20. 20. thank you! any questions?