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The Global Dream

Ahead of the 57th presidential inauguration, JWT conducted a survey exploring how the principles of the American Dream echo across borders.

This report outlines the survey findings, concluding that a national ideology like the American Dream is not unique to America: Almost 9 in 10 of the 5,625 people in 25 countries that JWT surveyed reported components key to their nation’s Dream that align with factors considered key to the American Dream.

The Global Dream

  1. THE GLOBALDREAM January 2013 Image credit: The Shopping Sherpa
  2. 1 THE GLOBAL DREAM METHODOLOGY What: Quantitative study conducted using SONAR™, JWT’s proprietary online research tool. Who: 225 adults 18+ in each market: Middle East/ North America South America Western Europe Eastern Europe North Asia South Asia Africa Canada Argentina Finland Czech Egypt* China* Australia Republic Mexico Brazil France Saudi Arabia Hong Kong India* Russia Colombia Germany South Africa* Japan Indonesia* Italy South Korea Singapore Spain Thailand* United KingdomData is weighted by age and gender to census figures in each market, except where Internet penetration is less than 40% (annotated with * above). Low penetrationmarkets are weighted to be representative of the Internet population in these markets. When: Oct. 1–10, 2012
  3. 2 THE GLOBAL DREAMTHE AMERICAN DREAM IS A HUMAN TRUTH THAT AMERICANS HAVE BRANDED. ASPIRATIONS OF PERSONALACHIEVEMENT ARE UNIVERSAL. Whether Have Own Version of American Dream* China 96 Finland 94 Mexico 94 Indonesia 94 Colombia 93 Russia 93 Hong Kong 92 Thailand 91 Brazil 91 India 90 Canada 89 Japan 89 Spain 89 South Korea 88 Argentina 88 Australia 87 Egypt 87 Singapore 85 *Those reporting at least one component Czech Republic 84 of the American Dream in their country. Saudi Arabia 84 Q. In America, there is a national Germany 83 idea called the “American Dream” Italy 80 that makes people believe that if you France 79 work hard enough and stay focused, you can achieve anything. Which of South Africa 79 the following, if any, are part of your United Kingdom 71 country’s Dream?
  4. 3 THE GLOBAL DREAMSTATEMENT GUIDE PERSONAL SELF- MERIT STRIVING ACTUALIZATION Being able to get A better life A second chance at life ahead based on merit alone for my children Finding happiness Equal opportunity no matter Being my own boss your background Finding spiritual fulfillment Personal independence Fulfilling my potential A comfortable lifestyle SOCIAL SOCIETAL FREEDOM WEALTH CLIMBING ACCUMULATION Becoming famous Freedom from fear of oppression Becoming wealthy Making it to the top Being able to afford and/or Freedom of speech Social recognition acquire luxury goods and status Freedom to be able to go anywhere you want
  5. 4 THE GLOBAL DREAM THIS DREAM IS MULTIFACETED. ACROSS THE GLOBE, SEVERAL KEY COMPONENTS COMPRISE THIS ETHOS. Components of “The Dream” A comfortable lifestyle 51 Personal Striving A better life for my children 50 Personal Striving Freedom to be able to go anywhere you want 47 Societal Freedom Finding happiness 47 Self-Actualization Freedom of speech 47 Societal Freedom Personal independence 45 Personal Striving Equal opportunity no matter your background 41 Merit Becoming wealthy 37 Wealth Accumulation Fulfilling my potential 37 Self-Actualization Being my own boss 37 Personal Striving Social recognition and status 36 Social Climbing Being able to get ahead based on merit alone 35 Merit Freedom from fear of oppression 34 Societal Freedom Making it to the top 32 Social Climbing Being able to afford and/or acquire luxury goods 30 Wealth Accumulation Finding spiritual fulfillment 30 Self-Actualization A second chance at life 29 Self-Actualization Becoming famous 24 Social ClimbingQ. In America, there is a national idea called the “American Dream” that makes people believe that if you work hard enough and stay focused, you can achieve anything.Which of the following, if any, are part of your country’s Dream?
  6. 5 THE GLOBAL DREAM GLOBALLY, PERSONAL STRIVING AND SOCIETAL FREEDOM GO HAND IN HAND. Pillars of “The Dream” Personal Striving 46 Societal Freedom 43 Merit 38 Self-Actualization 36 Wealth accumulation is as much a part of the Dream as higher-order Self Actualization. Wealth Accumulation 34 Social Climbing 31Q. In America, there is a national idea called the “American Dream” that makes people believe that if you work hard enough and stay focused, you can achieve anything.Which of the following, if any, are part of your country’s Dream?
  7. 6 THE GLOBAL DREAMIN MANY EMERGING MARKETS, “THE DREAM” IS CLOSER TO HOME, WHEREAS IN MANY DEVELOPEDMARKETS, SOCIETAL FREEDOM IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE “THE DREAM.” #1 Pillar #2 Pillar Brazil Personal Striving Merit China Personal Striving Merit Singapore Personal Striving Merit Russia Personal Striving Self-Actualization Thailand Personal Striving Social Climbing Argentina Personal Striving Societal Freedom Colombia Personal Striving Societal Freedom Czech Republic Personal Striving Societal Freedom Egypt Personal Striving Societal Freedom India Personal Striving Societal Freedom Italy Personal Striving Societal Freedom Mexico Personal Striving Societal Freedom Spain Personal Striving Societal Freedom Saudi Arabia Personal Striving Wealth Accumulation South Korea Self-Actualization Societal Freedom Finland Societal Freedom Merit Australia Societal Freedom Personal Striving Canada Societal Freedom Personal Striving France Societal Freedom Personal Striving Germany Societal Freedom Personal Striving Hong Kong Societal Freedom Personal Striving Indonesia Societal Freedom Personal Striving South Africa Societal Freedom Personal Striving United Kingdom Societal Freedom Personal Striving Japan Wealth Accumulation Self-Actualization
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