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Authority Rainmaker 2015 Quotes & Highlights


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Quotes and highlights from all of the speakers at #authority2015, hosted by Copyblogger in Denver, CO.

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Authority Rainmaker 2015 Quotes & Highlights

  1. 1. Quotes & Highlights C O P Y B L O G G E R A U T H O R I T Y R A I N M A K E R 2 0 1 5 #authority2015 Coverage by @KaneJamison
  2. 2. Daniel @DanielPink P I N K #authority2015 Selling – your product, your service, your content, your idea, yourself – has changed more in the past 10 years than in the previous 100.
  3. 3. Daniel @DanielPink P I N K #authority2015 Sales is no longer Alec Baldwin shouting “Always Be Closing.” Our new sales principles are: Attunement – put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Buoyancy – stay afloat in an ocean of rejection. Clarity – help your customers find their problem, not just solve it.
  4. 4. People share interactive content about twice as much as passive content. Interactive content opens up a new opportunity between free open content, and traditional gated content.Scott @chiefmartec B R I N K E R More coverage at #authority2015
  5. 5. Pamela @pamelaiwilson W I L S O N More coverage at 2 of the biggest customer questions your website needs to answer: 1. Can I trust you? 2. What do I do next? #authority2015
  6. 6. Sonia @soniasimone S I M O N E More coverage at Good marketing helps connect customers with the outcome or transformation they’re already looking for. #authority2015
  7. 7. Ann @MarketingProfs H A N D L E Y More coverage at Your brand voice is the starting point for setting yourself apart, and it’s not about what you say, it’s about how you say it. #authority2015
  8. 8. Jerod @JerodMorris M O R R I S More coverage at The 4 essential elements of an audience experience (and a great podcast) are: 1 – Authenticity 2 – Usefulness 3 – Sustainability 4 – Profitability #authority2015
  9. 9. Bernadette @bernadettejiwa J I W A More coverage at Great content doesn’t interrupt, it educates, inspires, challenges, and helps people to grow. If you want to get into your audience's wallet, you have to get in their hearts. #authority2015
  10. 10. Chris @chrisbrogan B R O G A N More coverage at Your email list is not something you thrash until money comes out. You exist to serve the people on your list, and create value for them. #authority2015
  11. 11. Sally @SallyHogshead H O G S H E A D More coverage at You have 9 seconds before your audience gets distracted. That’s the attention span of a gold fish. Being the best no longer matters if no one knows notices or cares. #authority2015
  12. 12. Sally @SallyHogshead H O G S H E A D More coverage at The world isn’t changed by people who sort of care. #authority2015
  13. 13. Danny @dannysullivan S U L L I V A N More coverage at SEO isn’t about “how do I get keywords into Google,” it’s about understanding how people search for information and finding a way to get in front of them. #authority2015
  14. 14. Michael @ipullrank K I N G More coverage at The quick persona process? Take your email list and run it through Full Contact, Demographics Pro, and Facebook Audience Insights. Take that data, break out the segments you want to focus on, and write up your persona profiles. #authority2015
  15. 15. Joe @JoePulizzi P U L I Z Z I More coverage at It’s easy to find your content sweet spot – but hardly anyone “tilts” the content and finds their own unique angle. #authority2015
  16. 16. Sean @seandsouza D ’ S O U Z A More coverage at We’re selling on price, but buyers are buying on value. Price dominates when there is an absence of information to demonstrate increased value. #authority2015
  17. 17. Joanna @JoannaLord L O R D More coverage at Success with testing looks different to every organization. You can’t just grab a framework from other organizations that do testing well. #authority2015
  18. 18. Ryan @ryandeiss D E I S S More coverage at We built out an extensive 365-day drip campaign and found that most people stopped opening it after 2 weeks. Now, we build lots of smaller triggered campaigns, all of which are less than 10 days. #authority2015
  19. 19. Henry @henryrollins R O L L I N S More coverage at DIY entrepreneurs will shape the future of the world. Be bold to the point of being savage. Never put any distance between you and what you do because that's your integrity. #authority2015
  20. 20. Thanks to the Copyblogger team and all of the speakers for an excellent conference. You can find this complete presentation at, and see tons of great podcast coverage with all of the Authority Rainmaker speakers at -Kane Jamison Kane @KaneJamison J A M I S O N