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Leading on Social Platforms - Smarter Networking in a Connected World


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Leading on Social Platforms - Smarter Networking in a Connected World

  1.   Leading  on  Social  Pla.orms:     Guide  To  Smarter  Networking  in  a  Connected  World   United  Way  Community  Leadership  Conference   April,  2015     Beth  Kanter   Author,  Master  Trainer,  and  Speaker    
  2. Beth  Kanter:    Master  Trainer,  Author,    and  Blogger   @kanter   #uwclc   #kanterclc­‐clc  
  3. h8p://­‐11-­‐07-­‐2013     VIDEO  
  4. Beth   356,371   Conan   236,251  
  5. Broadband   Mobile   Social  Networks                     3  Digital  RevoluQons   NGO  Photography  
  6. 3  Digital  RevoluQons  Are  Changing  InsQtuQons  
  7. OrganizaQonal  and  Individual  Networks  
  8. If  you  can’t  fly  then  run,  if  you  can’t  run  then  walk,  if  you  can’t   walk  then  crawl,  but  whatever  you  do  you  have  to  keep   moving  forward.”  
  9. CRAWL WALK RUN FLY Where is your organization? Linking Social with Results and Networks Pilot: Focus one program or channel with measurement Incremental Capacity Leader and employees use social but no strategy Ladder of Engagement Content Strategy Informal Champions Strategy, Socially Engaged Leaders Best Practices Measurement and learning in all above Communications Strategy Development Networked Mindset and Map Culture Change Brand on Social, Not Leader or Employees, no champions online Network Building – both organization and professional Formal Champions – internal/external Strategy Multi-Channel Engagement, Content, and Measurement Reflection and Continuous Improvement
  10. Share  Pair:    Where’s  Your  OrganizaQon  Now?   •  Is  your  organizaLon  at   crawl,  walk,  run,  or  fly?     •  What  do  you  need  to  do   to  improve?   •  Where  is  your   organizaLon  when  it   comes  to  using  staff  and   leadership  as  champions   on  social?  
  11. Leadership  Profile  on  Social:  Benefits   •  Expand  Reach   •  More  Trust   •  Less  Risk   •  Flexibility   •  Enhanced  Capacity      
  12. Personal   Professional   Private   Public   Personal   Professional   Private   Public   Worlds  Collide:  IdenQty  and  Boundaries  Before  Social  Media  
  13. Turtle   •  Profile  locked  down  (or  not  present)   •  Share  content  with  family  and  personal  friends   •  Li8le  benefit  to  your  organizaLon/professional   Jelly  Fish   •  Profile  open  to  all   •  Share  content  &  engage  frequently  with  li8le  censoring   •  PotenLal  decrease  in  respect   Chameleon     •  Profile  open,  curated  connecLons   •  Engagement  Strategy:    Purpose,  Audience,  Persona,  Tone   •  Increased  thought  leadership  for  you  and  your   organizaLon   Based  on  “When  World’s  Collide”    Nancy  Rothbard,  JusLn  Berg,  Arianne  Ollier-­‐Malaterre  (2013)   What  Kind  of  Social  Animal  Are  You?    
  14. Purpose     Audience   Persona   Tone   Leader   Profile   How  To  Be  A  Chameleon    
  15. Personal  Brand  in  Service  of  OrganizaQonal  Strategy   Audience:   Socially  engaged  public   Audience:   Journalists,  Diplomats,  and   Influencers   GOAL   Engagement   Support  
  16. Personal  Brand  in  Service  of  OrganizaQonal  Strategy  
  17. Amplifying  and  Extending  Brand  Reach   GOAL   Advocacy  
  18. OrganizaQonal  VS  Leader  Voice  
  19. Target  Different  Audiences   Audience:   Supporters,  Donors,   Advocates  
  20. Audience:   Influencers,   Journalists,  Policy   Makers,  World   Leaders  
  21. Share  Pair   •  What  are  the  key  objecLves   of  your  organizaLon’s  use  of   social  media  and  target   audiences?         •  What  objecLve(s)  and  target   audience(s)  best  align  with   your  social  leadership   profile?  
  22. “Be  yourself  because  everyone   else  is  already  taken.”           -­‐  Oscar  Wilde  
  23. Take  A  Quiet  Minute  To  Uncover  Your  AuthenQc  Brand   • What’s  your  super   power?   • What  do  people   frequently  praise   you  for?   • What  makes  the   way  you  achieve   results  unique?   • What  energizes   you?      
  24.  Your  Social  Profile  Is  An  Elevator  Pitch!    
  25. Your  Social  Elevator  Speech   •  What  is  your  experLse?   •  Why  should  someone   follow  you?   •  What  hashtags  or   keywords  do  you  want   to  be  associated  with?   •  Visual:  What  cover  and   profile    image  conveys   your  personal  brand?    
  26. Your  Social  Elevator  Speech  
  27. Your  Social  Profile   •  What  is  your  experLse?   •  Why  should  someone  follow   you?   •  What  hashtags  or  keywords  do   you  want  to  be  associated  with?   •  Visual:  What  cover  and  profile     image  conveys  your  personal   brand?    
  28. Three  AuthenQc  Leadership  Styles   1:  STORYTELLER   2:  CURATOR   3:  NETWORKER  
  30. • Be  visual   • InspiraLonal  Quote   • Something  Funny   • Timely   • QuesLons   Overcoming  Writer’s  Block  on  Twicer  
  31. Seek     Sense   Share   THE  CURATOR  
  32. Uses  Twi8er  to  support   organizaLon’s  mission    as  a   biparLsan  advocacy   organizaLon  dedicated  to   making  children  and  families  a   priority  in  federal  policy  and   budget  decisions.    
  33. SEEK   SENSE   SHARE   Finds  and  vets  key  blogs  and   Twi8er  lists  in  each  issue   area     Scans  and  reads  every   morning  and  picks  out  best,   writes  tweets,  and  schedules     Taps  into  personally  selected   list  of  expert  sources  and   seeks  new  sources     Summarizes  arLcle  in  a   tweet,  adds  hashtags,  credits   sources     Writes  blog  posts  using   mulLple  links  shared  on   Twi8er     Feeds  his  network  with   quality  and  personalized   content   Engages  with  aligned   partners  and  target  audience     Leads  conversaLons     Recommends  other  experts,   sources,  and  arLcles     Credits  sources   Bruce’s  Work  Flow  and  Tools  
  34. Twicer  Lists  and  Hashtags  
  35. NETWORKER   “You  are  not  ever  a  genius  all  by  yourself.     Your  ideas  are  a  funcLon  of  the  people     you  are  connected  with…”     –  Carol  Dweck,  Author,  Mindset  
  36. Engaging  and  Building  Your  Network  On  Social   •  Event  Engagement:  Open  Forum  at   a  parLcular  Lme  and  place   •  ParQcipatory  Engagement:    Invites   comments  and  discussion  on  posts   •  Personal  Engagement:    One-­‐on-­‐one   responses  to  followers  
  37. Leveraging  Your  Professional  Network:  Strong  Ties   Based  on  Rob  Cross  and  Robert  Thomas  “A  Smarter  Way  To  Network”   1   Analyze   2   De-­‐Layer   3   Diversity   4   Capitalize  
  38. Leveraging  Your  Professional  Network:    Weak  Ties   •  Social  media  can  speed  your   connecLons  to  the  right   people  and  help  you  maintain   relaLonships  over  Lme   consistently.   •  Strategic  connecLons   •  Favor  test  and  other  ways  to   set  limits  on  accessibility  and   who  you  respond  to   •  Kondo  your  connecLons     •  Online  Rolodex   •  Pre-­‐Event  ConnecLon   •  Growing  Your  Network   •  ReconnecLng    
  39. Tips  for  Geeng  Started  and  Being  Efficient   •  Align  Strategy  and  Policy   •  Tutorials   •  Talk  to  Peers   •  Feed  and  Tune   •  Found  Time   •  Team  Support                
  40. Share  Pair:    Leadership  Style   • What  is  your   preferred  leadership   style  on  social?     • What  support  do  you   need  to  develop  and   implement  your   strategy?  
  41. I  have  work  to  do!   Can  finally  tweet  about  our   programs    from  my  personal   account!     SOCIAL MEDIA IS PART OF EVERYONE’S JOB!
  42. Social Media Policy – All Staff Participate h8p://­‐guidelines/  
  43. @rdearborn works an organization conservation organization and she LOVES sharks. Leverage Staff Personal Passion In Service of Mission
  44. Staff  Champions  Increase  Capacity  
  45. RWJF:      FoundaQon  Strategy   “We  believe  that  striving   toward  a  culture  of  health   will  help  us  realize  our   mission  to  improve  health   and  health  care  for  all   Americans.  ”   GOALS   Inform   Behavior  Change   Audience:   Grantees,  Policy  Makers,   Researchers,  PracQQoners  
  46. Socially-­‐Engaged  Staff  Support  Strategy   Audience:   Specific  content  areas  and   communiQes  
  47. Summary   •  Success  happens  by  taking  the  right  incremental   step  to  get  to  the  next  level,  but  keep  moving   forward   •  Embrace  your  authenLc  social  leadership  style   and  lead  by  example   •  Staff  can  be  great  champions  if  they  allowed  to   leverage  their  personal  passion  in  service  if  your   strategy  and  mission  –  provide  the  training  and   guidelines  to  support  your  strategy  
  48. Thank  you!   @kanter  on  Twi8er     Resources:­‐clc