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FAQs of Polycarbonates

Kapoor plastics are one of the finest leading Polycarbonate Sheet Company in India. We offer different types of sheets using with latest technique thickness, transparency quite strong durable in nature. Fire resistance makes it ideal for industrial and domestic use. For more info

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FAQs of Polycarbonates

  1. 1. Polycarbonates are polymerized carbonate based thermoplastics. It is quite tough, strong and durable in nature. It can withstand heat up to 120 degree Celsius. It’s inherent fire resistance and fire extinguishing capacity makes it ideal for industrial and domestic use. What are Polycarbonates? FAQs of Polycarbonates
  2. 2. Polycarbonate sheet manufacturers mould it in shape of sheets using thermo- moulding technique. The sheets vary in thickness and transparency. They come in various brand names and can be moulded into Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet or Polycarbonate Solid Sheets. How do you make it into a sheet? FAQs of Polycarbonates
  3. 3. Polycarbonate material is used widely in the Electronics Industry and in the Mobile Industry. In fact most of the popular mobiles have a Polycarbonate body. It is used extensively to make storage devices like CD and DVD. This material is also used for making various auto parts thanks to its light weight. Newer more transparent Polycarbonate material is used in aircrafts, submarine etc to make it tougher compared to traditional glass without compromising visibility. What are the Uses of Polycarbonate? FAQs of Polycarbonates
  4. 4. Patios, Green Houses and Domes of the residential and commercial buildings are supposed to be tastefully constructed giving a look and feel of the nature outside without actually being a part of it. Polycarbonate Roofing is the answer because it is quite durable and lasts for years without much colour loss or damage. It can tolerate high and low temperatures and moisture. It is excellent UV Protector therefore making it an ideal choice of a see through roof. What are advantages of Polycarbonate Roofing? FAQs of Polycarbonates
  5. 5. Kapoor Plastics 1/5, Desh Bandhu Gupta Road, Paharganj, New Delhi – 110055 (India) Phone: +91-9999440446 Email: Website: Contact Us FAQs of Polycarbonates