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Social Media Marketing is Dead. The Way Brands use it Today

My keynote for the latest 9th Marketing Forum.
Social Media Marketing is Dead.
The Way Brands use it Today is Tottaly Wrong.

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Social Media Marketing is Dead. The Way Brands use it Today

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGIS DEAD(The way Brands use it today)Stefanos Karagos - December 2012 – 9th Marketing Forum
  2. hello! Who Stefanos Karagos Founder & Information Alchemist XPLAIN The Leading Content Marketing Agency 8 Countries more than 100 Brands@karagos
  3. Who are you?
  4. About
  6. Great Clients Portfolio from the brilliant start-ups and challenging brands through to the biggest, best and most established companies in the from the brilliant world, we work start-ups and with amazing clients. challenging brands through to the biggest, best and most established
  7. Award Winning Agency i’s n d d t ps gn wo ia ar d! ania! ou d e ) w l Br n ab r r P pai nk Medrd! e A or aloma m he 3 12! Fo m a inBcialAwa nz W ci ru t 0 12 e Ca (W o ro the So in R Fo as or 2 20 g ,B f 1 SM d f FIEinta ct to S ope” ea s o e# in rde rld F V je h ur T d T h E o pr oac in E ce A si ion wa o A ND en r n I the ep at s a he WGR re App o iptrom de P nt a t G t L f a se OI w in e R k s M r r hin “Be We r P ia pula T e OuMed Po th l ST cia MO So
  8. OK!NO MORE SPAM :-)
  9. The Long Story, Shrt
  10. A WorldFull of Choices
  11. bo ringFull of Branded Pages
  12. What they all have in common with Fireworks?! c rapFull of Facebook AppsFull of PromotionsFull of Gurus** More than ten of them in every corner
  13. They haveA Fancy Shrt life!and they Burn Money
  14. “sexy”The New Trend
  15. Full of Marketing Flavors
  16. Full of Marketing Flavors
  17. The Hard Factslet’s xplain
  18. We ALL Live
  19. In A Recession
  20. Brands 
are Suffering
  21. Consumer Behavior has Changed!
  22. Familiar Scene?
  23. There is 
a Communication GapTraditional media are going
  24. Web = Pure Content
  25. Social Web = UGCmostly
  26. My
 User Generated ContentFeed
into 1h!
  27. 73% of 
Branded Content 
= Spambased on our recent research, Sep 2012
  28. EveryMinute ofEach DayWTF!Source: SocialMedia Examiner 2012
  29. 2 to 3 youngsterswould rather sms/chat than talkSource: Comscore 2011
  30. Attention SpanTime Droppedfrom 12 mins 
to 5 sec!in the Last 7 yearsSource: Media Bistro 2011
  31. Hard to 
be Heard Everybody isTalking Now
  32. Information Noise Worldand we live in this
  33. *Japanese: 
Dakara Nani? So What?
  34. Traditional 3 Step Mental Model
of Marketing Stimulus First Second Moment of Moment of Truth Truth At shelf Experience In-store FMOT: was coined by Procter & Gamble in 2005
  35. Consumer Behavior has Changed! The$number$of$sources$used$by$any$ shopper$for$any$average$shopping$ occasion$has$almost$doubled,$$ from$5.2$to$10.4$sources$used.$$ Source: Google 2012
  36. ZMOT%is%that%moment%when%You%Grab%your%Laptop,%Mobile%phone%or%some%other%Wired%Device%and%Start%Learning%about%a%Product%or%Service%%Bor%potenCal%girlfriend%!%B%you’re%Thinking%about%Trying%or%Buying.%
  37. The New Mental Model 
of Marketing Stimulus First Second Moment of Moment of Truth Truth Pre-shopping | At shelf Experience In-store | In-home In-store Which becomes the next person’s ZMOT
  38. Content is the King!Only if You Treat it Like a King
  39. It’s NOT 
about Technology
  40. It’s NOT 
  41. It’s NOT 
  42. It’s NOT 
Social Media
Marketing Author of The Thank you Economy, Investor & Serial Entrepreneur 99.5% of Social Media Thank God we Belong to Experts are Clowns! 0.5%! Gary Vaynerchuck XPLAIN Team
  43. BUT
  44. It’s AboutContentIn the Right Context
  45. It’s AboutHumansLooking for Solutions
  46. YES!
  47. It’s ALL About
Content Marketing
  48. And You NEED 
a Serious Content Strategy 
if you want your Brand to Have 
a Serious Communication. Not Just Another FB 
 or Mobile App
  49. Marketers 
Have to Understand
  50. Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior
  51. 4P Mix is Good But Go for the 4E Mix Engage Educate Excite Evangelize
  52. Your Brand’s Media Ecosystempaid. owned. earned. ads brand’s page pure ugcPaying to leverage the Dynamic content in a The customer as a channel. 
power of a channel to controlled environment. Built through engagement,deliver a message that Setup as a repeatable, conversation and contentdrives to another type value-added experience. sharing.of media.
  53. NO! You Can’t Jump Anymore! a awareness i interest d desire a action
  54. The Impact of Content Satisfaction &
 Recommendation Customer Experience Content Engagement Conversation
  55. 81%of consumer purchase 
decisions primarilyiіnfluenced by WOM 
(McKinsey, 2011)
  56. Is there any Model?
  57. Not that model!lol
  58. Models 
That WorkFor more than 100 Brands *We use more 
 than 30 Optimization Models
  59. 7+1 Layers of an Effective 
Content Strategy ModelIf you Care about ROI
  60. Listen 
you TalkYou’ve heard this more than 1000 times 1
  61. 80% of CEOs Believe thatUsers have GreatExperience with theirProducts. Source: BCG 2011
  62. 80% of CEOs Believe that Users have Great Experience with their Products. 8% Only 
 of the Users believe so. Source: BCG 2011
  63. Define the Target Understand the Define mindset Interests Tribes 2 Acquire Define the Personas Needs
  64. Define the Network Social Define Networks Affiliation Your Hub Search Engines 3 Care- words
  65. Define the Context The Brand’s Nature 4 The Medium’s 
  66. Define the Topics The Brand’s 
 Nature & Values 5 Carewords, Consumers’ Interests
  67. KISSSS UR Virality Short Simple Sweet 6 Sexy Useful Relevant
  68. Visual Media are the Queen For Visualization 6
  69. Visual Media are the Queen Reach Earned
 Media 6
  70. Seed it With ZMOT
in Your Mind Choose ur Focus on Be Solution Playground Tribes Provider 7 Human
 Content Create WoW Effect Improve The Experience
  71. Evaluate 
Everything +1Strategy without Evaluationis just a Road to Failure
  72. Some TakeawaysFood for Thought
  73. People are Not 
Searching for BrandsThey Search for Solutions toTheir Daily Life
  74. Become a 
Solution Provider
  75. Consumers Are the Mediaα & Brands Can Join
  76. Great and ONLY Great 
Content is the ONLY way 
to Change Perspectives,Stimulate Minds, Drive Sales
  77. This Is 
 a Real Example That Great ContentDAVID WITT - CMO GENERAL MILLS Drives Sales!
  78. Thank U! Now Make 
 Your Move! Contact Us: UK | Germany | Switzerland | Greece | Cyprus | Romania | Turkey | Bahrain