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Defensive Strategies in Strategic Management - Karim Virani


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Presentation on Defensive Strategies in Strategic Management

Published in: Business
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Defensive Strategies in Strategic Management - Karim Virani

  1. 1. Presenter : Karim Virani
  2. 2.  Defensive strategies are management tools that can be used to fend off an attack from a potential competitor Understanding Strategy
  3. 3.  Approaches to Defensive Strategy Active Approach Aimed at Blocking Competitors Passive Approach New Product Innovation Company Expansion Reconnect with old Customers
  4. 4.  Advantages of Defensive Strategy Increasing your marketing and advertising Typically less risk-laden than offensive strategies Enhance the value of your products or services.
  5. 5.  Disadvantages to Defensive Strategy Business does not understand its target market. Innovation and product development.
  6. 6.  Creating a strong defensive strategy requires deep planned out thinking and a distinct set of activities.  Programs that make no sense as growth initiatives might be highly effective defensive tactics.  Focusing on growth is good but companies should prioritize defensive strategy; when the core business struggles it is almost impossible to support growth programs.  Any defensive strategy you employ should be balanced with a long- term strategy for growing your business …. Defense matters most. Conclusion