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How i met your mother presentation


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How i met your mother presentation

  1. 1. Iman Mahendra Putra S3297942 Karen Tangee S3334923 Housam Barakat S3401160 Kx Goh S
  2. 2. What is a sitcom? • Sitcom is a short for situation comedy, it is a sub-genre of comedy that usually features the daily lives of a group of characters that are trapped in a particular situation or in a complicated relationship. (Flatten, 2001) • The idea of the sitcom is for viewers to form a long-term relationship with the characters and return to view them repeatedly. • A continuing story • It is often to have a huge impact towards its audience as well as the society. •
  3. 3. Background • Sitcoms were TV versions of established radio programs • Popularity during the 1990‟s Currently, sitcoms are popular to an extent. However, not all are completely successful. Though there are exceptions, there are few sitcoms that heavily influence society. Such as How I met your Mother.
  4. 4. Characteristics of sitcoms: • Each episode has a situation that must be resolved in approximately 30 minutes • Simple plot which revolve around small issues and everyday crisis • Presented to the audience with a “laughter” audio track • Have few central locations • Characters which resembles “regular people” in a society • Characters are faced with regular people situations that people can relate to • Often centered on families • Most of the conflicts involves relationship, work, career choices, and family • Known to use common comedy techniques in the script such as; “One liner”, “Irony”, and in most cases “Slapstick”.
  5. 5. Sitcom’s audience Audience vary greatly between teenagers, and adults in their 40s or even 50s However of course the audience of each sitcoms depends on the sub-genre of the sitcoms itself whether it‟s a romantic drama or more of a family oriented kind of sitcoms. In addition, access to TV cable, and online streaming in this day and age have increased the amount of audiences of popular sitcoms, which then can be concluded that sitcom‟s audience have now reached a global level. The huge variety of sitcom‟s audiences also contributes to the fact that successful sitcoms have tremendously high rating on television.
  6. 6. Sitcom and How I met your mother How I met your mother is one the example of a very successful sitcoms in history. It has proven to be the most appealing sitcom since “Friends” mainly due to its formulas on narrative, characters and cinematic features.
  7. 7. The Gang Ted Mosby The central character of the show, Ted serves as the series narrator telling his children the story of “How I Met Your Mother”. Ted‟s journey has thrown him into many failed relationship but he isn‟t giving up on his search for the perfect woman. Each episode brings Ted one step closer to meeting his future wife. Robin Scherbatsky Robin was introduced in the very first episode where she went on an awkward date with Ted which leads her befriending other members of the gang. Robin serves as an on-and-off girlfriend of Ted throughout the series. As of the current season, Robin is to be wedded to Barney Stinson.
  8. 8. Marshall Eriksen Marshall is Ted‟s best friend and the husband to Lily Aldrin, his college sweetheart. Out of all the members of the gang, Marshall is the most compassionate member of the gang. Through his progression, we see him quitting his job as a corporate lawyer to pursue his dream of saving the world through environmental law. Lily Aldrin The wife of Marshall, Lily is the best friend of Robin and Ted‟s closest friend since they met in college. An avid painter, Lily quit her job as a kindergarten teacher to become an art consultant to The Captain. As of season 6 of the series, Lily gave birth to Marvin, Lily and Marshall‟s first son.
  9. 9. Barney Stinson Self proclaimed best friend of Ted, Barney is a serial womanizer with father issues. He first met Ted in their usual hangout MacLaren‟s Pub. Since then, he has been a big part of the gang. Barney Stinson‟s character development throughout the series is most unique because he realise that he is capable of love and being in a relationship.
  10. 10. The Narratives • The Act • Recurring Storylines • Nonlinear Storytelling • Typical Sitcom Situation
  11. 11. Impacts on Society The impact of “How I met your mother” is massive to its audience. It has influenced a global audience into westernization • Lifestyle – Hanging out with friends in bars, clubbing, going to strip clubs, never appear to be working, perception of adult life being easy • Point of view towards life – The best city in the whole world “New York”, implying how easy the “Adult life” is. • Relationships – Ted‟s views on married life, Barney‟s love of the bachelor life • Careers look easy – Lawyer, Teacher, Bank executive, Architect, News reporter •
  12. 12. Pop cultural references towards its audience Smoking weed • The drug is playfully thrown around, as if it‟s socially accepted in this society • Referred to as a „sandwich‟ in an attempt to shelter the other characters, however the message is implied to the audience Star wars • “Best movie ever” • Encourages audience
  13. 13. Becoming a pop culture itself “HIMYM” is so successful that it has turned itself into an iconic symbol of pop culture. • Popular phrases like emerging into everyday conversation, “Legendary”, “Challenge accepted”, “Bro-fist”, “Suit up” and “Sandwich” • Characters becoming a meme on the internet • ‟The Bro Code‟ being published
  14. 14. Product Placement “HIMYM” is the first sitcom that introduces the next level of product placement in a TV series. To capitalize profit, the editor of “HIMYM” decided to introduce different product placements on the reruns of “HIMYM”‟s episodes. Product placements can be changed based on the producer‟s necessity and demographics For example in area 1 the rerun might show a product placement for product A while in area 2 the rerun will show a product placement for product B, even though it is on the exact same spot and episode.
  15. 15. Which Episode are we looking at? Season 8 Episode 2
  16. 16. Camera Techniques
  17. 17. The Close Up Close up: • Displays tense situation between characters • Sets the tone for the scene, serious/intimate/personal
  18. 18. The Mid Shot Mid shot: • Allows characters body movements to further determine the mood of the scene • Allows characters to interact • Shows character body language
  19. 19. The Mid-wide Shot • Display of what is happening around the characters • Mid body shot, allows audience to interpret character interaction • Allows for wider range of body movements
  20. 20. The Zoomed Close Up • Allows audience to interpret facial expression/reaction • Shows audience that serious • Allows for the scene to end by zooming into the characters after the conversation has ended
  21. 21. Editing Location transition • Outside bank- implies next scene is inside bank Close up • Implies tense situation Panning camera • Implies something is happening fast, from person to person
  22. 22. Mise en scene Characters • Attitude towards real life events- superficial/self involved Sound Effects • Audience applause- Implies that you are watching a sitcom • Phone ringtone- Implies danger, however portrayed in a humorous/unserious manner • Music towards end of scene- Concludes the scene, mysteriously
  23. 23. Conclusion To conclude, we believe that How I met your Mother is a successful sitcom. • Heavily impacted its audience • Has emerged itself into our society • Has set a basis for future television series • Contributed to the progression of popular culture