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Palabras de la A a la Z con ilustración
de las menos comunes y algunas comunes

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. GlossarybyKathy Portillo
  2. 2. AAlthough:conj. Regardless of the factthat; even though. [MiddleEnglish : al, all; see all +though, though; seethough.]
  3. 3. AAdulthood:1. One who has attainedmaturity or legal age.2. Biology A fully grown,mature organism.
  4. 4. AAccurate:1.Conforming exactly tofact; errorless.2. Deviating only slightly orwithin acceptable limitsfrom a standard.
  5. 5. AAcquaintances:1. a. Knowledge of a personacquired by a relationship lessintimate than friendship.b. A relationship based onsuch knowledge.2. A person whom oneknows.3. Knowledge or informationabout something or someone.
  6. 6. AApproached:To come or go near ornearer to.
  7. 7. BBarrier:1. A structure, such as afence, built to bar passage.2. Something immaterialthat obstructs or impedes.
  8. 8. BBriefcase:A portable, often flat casewith a handle, used forcarrying papers or books.
  9. 9. BBark:1. The harsh sound utteredby a dog.2. A sound, such as acough, that is similar to adogs bark.
  10. 10. BBroadcast:1.To transmit (a radio ortelevision program) forpublic or general use.2. To send out orcommunicate, especially byradio or television.
  11. 11. BBirthrate:The ratio of total live birthsto total population in aspecified community orarea over a specified periodof time. The birthrate isoften expressed as thenumber of live births per1,000 of the populationper year. Alsocalled natality.
  12. 12. CCracked:Broken so that fissures appearon the surface.
  13. 13. CClog:1. An obstruction orhindrance.2. A weight, such as ablock, attached to the leg ofan animal to hindermovement.
  14. 14. CCapable:Having capacity or ability;efficient and able.
  15. 15. CCitizen:A person owing loyalty toand entitled by birth ornaturalization to theprotection of a state ornation.
  16. 16. CCricket:Sports an outdoor gameplayed with bats, a ball,and wickets by two teamsof 11 players each.
  17. 17. DDamaging:Harm or injury to propertyor a person, resulting in lossof value or the impairmentof usefulness
  18. 18. DDevelop:To bring from latency to ortoward fulfillment
  19. 19. DDespite:In spite of; notwithstanding
  20. 20. DDrowsy:1. Dull with sleepiness;sluggish.2. Produced or characterizedby sleepiness.3. Inducing sleepiness;soporific.
  21. 21. DDizzy:1. Having a whirlingsensation and a tendency tofall. See Synonyms at giddy.2. Bewildered or confused.
  22. 22. EEncourage:To inspire with hope,courage, or confidence;hearten.
  23. 23. EEndangered:1.To expose to harm ordanger; imperil.2. To threaten withextinction.
  24. 24. EEnthusiastically:Having or demonstratingenthusiasm
  25. 25. EEntire:Having no part excluded orleft out; whole Of one piece;continuous.
  26. 26. EEnvironment:The circumstances orconditions that surroundone; surroundings.
  27. 27. FFurniture:The movable articles in aroom or an establishmentthat make it fit for living orworking.
  28. 28. FFoldable:adj. To bend over or doubleup so that one part lies onanother part
  29. 29. FForward:At, near, or belonging tothe front or forepart; fore
  30. 30. FFainted:1.To fall into a usually briefstate of unconsciousness.2. Archaic To weaken inpurpose or spirit.
  31. 31. FFarewell:An acknowledgment atparting; a goodbye.
  32. 32. GGestures:A motion of the limbs orbody made to express orhelp express thought or toemphasize speech.
  33. 33. GGeysers:A natural hot spring thatintermittently ejects acolumn of water and steaminto the air.
  34. 34. GGranted:To consent to thefulfillment of.
  35. 35. GGrows:Life Sciences & AlliedApplications / Biology) (ofan organism or part of anorganism) to increase in sizeor develop (hair, leaves, orother structures.
  36. 36. GGrounded:Simple past and pastparticiple of verb ground
  37. 37. HHeld:Past tense and pastparticiple of hold
  38. 38. HHiking:To go on an extended walkfor pleasure or exercise.
  39. 39. HHorseback:1.The back of a horse.2. A natural ridge; ahogback.
  40. 40. HHeadlights:Light with a reflector andlens mounted on the frontof a locomotive, automobile,or other vehicle. Alsocalled headlamp.
  41. 41. HHarbor:1. A sheltered part of abody of water deep enoughto provide anchorage forships.2. A place of shelter; arefuge.
  42. 42. IInterestingly:adv. Arousing or holdingthe attention; absorbing.
  43. 43. IImpolite:Not polite; discourteous.
  44. 44. IImprovement:a. The act or process ofimproving.b. The state of beingimproved.
  45. 45. IIssues:a. The act or an instance offlowing, passing, or givingout.b. The act of circulating,distributing, or publishingby an office or official group
  46. 46. IInherit:a. To receive (property or atitle, for example) from anancestor by legal successionor will.b. To receive by bequest oras a legacy.
  47. 47. JJunk:Discarded material, such asglass, rags, paper, or metal,some of which may bereused in some form.
  48. 48. JJet lag:A temporary disruption ofbodily rhythms caused byhigh-speed travel acrossseveral time zones typicallyin a jet aircraft.
  49. 49. JJammed:To drive or wedge forciblyinto a tight position.
  50. 50. JJourney:The act of traveling fromone place to another; a trip
  51. 51. JJog:To move by shoving,bumping, or jerking; jar
  52. 52. KKnew:Past tense of know.
  53. 53. KKnife:A cutting instrumentconsisting of a sharp bladeattached to a handle.
  54. 54. KKarate:A Japanese art of self-defense in which sharpblows and kicks areadministered to pressure-sensitive points on the bodyof an opponent.
  55. 55. KKeyboard:A set of keys, as on acomputer terminal, wordprocessor, typewriter, orpiano.
  56. 56. KKeep:To retain possession of.
  57. 57. LLandscape: An expanse of scenery thatcan be seen in a single view
  58. 58. LLandmark:A prominent identifyingfeature of a landscape.
  59. 59. LLagged:To fail to keep up a pace;straggle.
  60. 60. LLovesick:So deeply affected by loveas to be unable to actnormally.
  61. 61. LLeaky:Permitting leaks or leakage
  62. 62. MMessy:Disorderly and dirty
  63. 63. MManners:A way of doing somethingor the way in which a thingis done or happens
  64. 64. MMosque:A Muslim house of worship.
  65. 65. MMatchmaking:One who arranges or triesto arrange marriages
  66. 66. MMight:The power, force, orinfluence held by a personor group.
  67. 67. NNowadays:During the present time;now.
  68. 68. NNightly:Of or occurring during thenight; nocturnal
  69. 69. NNail:1. A slim, pointed piece ofmetal hammered intomaterial as a fastener.2.a. A fingernail or toenail.b. A claw or talon.
  70. 70. NNettle:Any of numerous plants ofthe genus Urtica, havingtoothed leaves, unisexualapetalous flowers, andstinging hairs that causeskin irritation on contact.
  71. 71. NNation: A relatively large group ofpeople organized under asingle, usually independentgovernment; a country.
  72. 72. OOverseas:Beyond the sea; abroad.
  73. 73. OOverwhelming:Overpowering in effect orstrength
  74. 74. OOlmsted:American landscapearchitect who was the chiefdesigner of Central Park inNew York City.
  75. 75. OOdd:Deviating from what isordinary, usual, orexpected; strange orpeculiar
  76. 76. OOwe:To be indebted to theamount of
  77. 77. PPrize:Something offered or wonas an award for superiorityor victory, as in a contestor competition.
  78. 78. PPouring:Stream or flow continuouslyor profusely.
  79. 79. PPardon:To release (a person) frompunishment; exempt frompenalty.
  80. 80. PPurchase:To obtain in exchange formoney or its equivalent;buy.
  81. 81. PProfit:An advantageous gain orreturn; benefit.
  82. 82. QQuality:An inherent ordistinguishingcharacteristic; a property.
  83. 83. QQuiet:Making little or no noise.
  84. 84. QQuick:Moving or functioningrapidly and energetically;speedy.
  85. 85. QQuestion:A matter submitted to acourt or other tribunal forjudicial or quasi-judicialdecision
  86. 86. RRush:To move or act swiftly;hurry.
  87. 87. RReliance:The act of relying or thestate of being reliant.
  88. 88. RRainforest:A dense evergreen forestwith an annual rainfall ofat least 406 centimeters(160 inches). Rainforestsare often, but not always,located in tropical regions.
  89. 89. RRely:To be dependent forsupport, help, or supply
  90. 90. RRenew:To make new or as if newagain; restore
  91. 91. SStood:Past tense and pastparticiple of stand.
  92. 92. SSurvey:To examine or look atcomprehensively.
  93. 93. SShrinking:To become constricted fromheat, moisture, or cold.
  94. 94. SSponsoring:One who assumesresponsibility for anotherperson or a group during aperiod of instruction,apprenticeship, orprobation.
  95. 95. SSnorkeling:A breathing apparatus usedby swimmers and skindivers, consisting of a longtube held in the mouth.
  96. 96. TThought:Past tense and pastparticiple of think.
  97. 97. TTidy:Informal Adequate;satisfactory
  98. 98. TTent:A portable shelter, as ofcanvas, stretched over asupporting framework ofpoles with ropes and pegs.
  99. 99. TTricks:An act or procedureintended to achieve an endby deceptive or fraudulentmeans
  100. 100. TTaught:Past tense and pastparticiple of teach.
  101. 101. UUnexpectedly:Coming without warning;unforeseen.
  102. 102. UUnpleasant:Not pleasing; disagreeable.
  103. 103. UUnconvincing:Not convincing
  104. 104. UUnderload:To load (a truck, etc.) withless than its full capacity
  105. 105. UUncomfortable:Experiencing physicaldiscomfort
  106. 106. VVows:An earnest promise toperform a specified act orbehave in a certainmanner, especially a solemnpromise to live and act inaccordance with the rulesof a religious order
  107. 107. VVocabulary: All the words of alanguage.
  108. 108. VVacation:A period of time devoted topleasure, rest, or relaxation,especially one with paygranted to an employee.
  109. 109. VValues:An amount, as of goods,services, or money,considered to be a fair andsuitable equivalent forsomething else; a fair priceor return.
  110. 110. VValour:Courage and boldness, as inbattle; bravery
  111. 111. WWarmth:The state, sensation, orquality of producing orhaving a moderate degreeof heat
  112. 112. WWeakness:The condition or quality ofbeing weak.
  113. 113. WWarned:To notify (a person) to goor stay away
  114. 114. WWorth:The quality that renderssomething desirable, useful,or valuable.
  115. 115. WWastes:To use, consume, spend, orexpend thoughtlessly orcarelessly.
  116. 116. XXtreme:Most remote in anydirection; outermost orfarthest
  117. 117. YYesterday:The day before the presentday.
  118. 118. ZZoo:A park or an institution inwhich living animals arekept and usually exhibitedto the public
  119. 119. ZZone:An area or a regiondistinguished from adjacentparts by a distinctivefeature or characteristic.