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The Makings of a Great Business Intelligence Analyst


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Kathy Herrmann explores the aptitudes of great business intelligence analysts.

Published in: Business, Technology
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The Makings of a Great Business Intelligence Analyst

  1. 1. The makings of a greatbusiness intelligence analystMarch 2013
  2. 2. What does it take to be a greatbusiness intelligence analyst?If you think it’s someone whojust crunches numbers, thenyou’re missing the big picture.
  3. 3. Great analysts =Great information explorationists.These are folks who collect, analyze, andsynthesize information and find the storybehind the numbers and information.They find new ways to connect sometimesdissociate facts so they converge and makesense.
  4. 4. So what makes for a greatinformation explorationist?Let’s look at their top attributes.
  5. 5. Structural thinking• Ability to visualize in three dimensions.• Ability to visualize results to facilitatemeaningful and easy understanding bydiffering target audiences ofexecs, management, and peers.
  6. 6. Inductive reasoning• The ability to sense a unifyingprinciple running throughmiscellany or a gift for synthesisas compared to analysis. Ability to go from specific togeneral. A gift for diagnosing,critiquing, evaluating, anddecision-making.• Seems almost like intuition butis really high cognitive speed toprocess information.• Ability to go from “what is” to“what could be.”
  7. 7. Analytical reasoning• The ability to organizeideas and conceptswithout the use ofexhaustive, step-by-stepinstructions.Including finding new waysto organize data. E.g.,recognizing a new treespecies in the forest.• Involves logic and organization.
  8. 8. Numerical aptitudes• Number series aptitudes: The ability to seemeaning in numbers.Pattern recognition.• Numbers facility: The ability to do arithmeticquickly and accurately.• Number memory: The ability to memorize andremember a string of numbers.
  9. 9. Communication• The ability to clearly articulate findings to targetaudiences of execs, management, and peers.• Includes the ability to segment messaging fordifferent target audiences. Eg., execs & management want strategic insightswhile peers seek creative or process improvementinsight.
  10. 10. Who?
  11. 11. For other clients, she defines technology requirements thatwill heighten business effectiveness.Kathy Herrmannbuilds better businesses.She propels businesses as a T-shaped pro with verticalpenetration in diverse types of data analysis and horizontalexperience in marketing, sales, customer service, andoperations.For some clients, she improves businessperformance by providing results-focuseddata insights into customer activity andbehaviors, or into operational activities.
  12. 12. KathyHerrmann571-236-7929info@kathyherrmann.comwww.kathyherrmann.comLinkedIn