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Let's Move It!


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Campaign proposal for The Cleveland Clinic

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Let's Move It!

  1. 1. Presented ByITS ADVERTISING
  2. 2. • Cleveland Clinic welcomed its first patient in 1921• The Clinic excels in both specialized medical care and comprehensive research and education.• Clinic programs are geared toward the community
  3. 3. • Increase awareness and participation in the campaign at the local level• Make Cleveland the healthiest city in the country• Focus on utilizing social media and emerging technologies as well as other paid, owned and earned media.
  4. 4. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES• Well known • Limited brand audience• Trusted participation worldwide in Let’s Move It!OPPORTUNITIES THREATS• Join “Go Green” • Competing movement campaigns• Help rejuvenate • Audience community barriers
  5. 5. • The Modern Mom• 35-45 years old• Married with children• Employed full time• Decision maker for her children and her parents
  6. 6. • Campaign Goals: • Behavior: Participate in Cleveland Clinic’s Let’s Move It! Campaign • Knowledge: Increase Let’s Move It! awareness• Campaign Objectives: • Behavior: Increase participation in Let’s Move It! By 10% in one year • Knowledge: Increase awareness of Let’s Move It! by 15% in one year
  7. 7. Direct Competitors Indirect Competitors• Michelle Obama’s • Jamie Oliver’s Food Let’s Move Revolution• University Hospitals • NikePlusBarriers Benefits• Too busy • Improvement in health• Not enough money • Bonding with family• Feels guilty • Involvement in• Doesn’t feel safe in community neighborhood
  8. 8. • We want modern moms to see participation in Let’s Move It! physical fitness activities as a priority for her family to have healthy habits, and as more important than neglecting herself because she is too busy taking care of everyone around her.
  9. 9. • Strategy: The Let’s Move It! Campaign has family and community based behavioral objectives of encouraging modern moms to engage in physical activities with their peers,neighbors and family members.• Tactics:The Let’s Move It! BrandLet’s Move It (Neighborhood)! Events
  11. 11. • Strategy:Teaming with Cleveland Clinic employees, community leaders, and volunteers the community-based focus of the campaign will be reinforced.• Tactic:Community Involvement
  12. 12. PRINT ADPOSTER AD Bus Stop Downtown signage w
  13. 13. • Strategy:To encourage participation, the Let’s Move It!campaign will offer a variety of incentives thatare appealing to the target audience and herfamily members.• Tactic:Most Mover’s Contest
  14. 14. • Strategy: The promotion of the Let’s Move It (Neighborhood)! events will begin with a kick-off event that invites the key publics to meet and interact with one another.• Tactic:Let’s Move It! Kick-off Event
  15. 15. • Strategy:Various forms of paid and owned media will be used to gain attention, raise awareness and increase participation in the Let’s Move It (Neighborhood)! events. • Tactics: Social Media Additional Media Strategies Advertising
  16. 16. (1) There is a 10% increase in Let’s Move It! Participation(2) There is a 15% increase in Let’s Move It! Awareness •Surveys •Focus groups •Media impressions •Internet/Mobile tracking •Press clippings
  17. 17. Media mix: Jan 2013 to Jan 2014Local newspapers Jan Feb March April and JanTV April May June July Aug SeptOnline newspapers Jan Feb March April and JanOutdoor April May June July and Aug
  18. 18. Thank you.