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Shahena Tours and Travels

                          Company Profile

              We committe...
Company Profile
             We committed to fulfill your manpower demand

  Human intellect sha...

       •   To deliver a service that you can count on

       •   To provide you with a service tha...

Our Services
We extent the following services to our principals with utmost sincerity.



Functional Distribution of Work flow

Recruiting Section

   •   To obtain Recruiting permission fro...

  •   To arrange all travel documents of the passengers and to make final departure list
      to co...

Some of our valuable Clients
                          Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A.)

Awoidah Mu...

                                    State Of Qatar

China State Construction Engineering Corp. W...
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STT Company Profile

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STT providing overseas Manpower Recruitment Solutions from Bangladesh.

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STT Company Profile

  1. 1. Shahena Tours and Travels Company Profile www. We committed to fulfill your manpower demand
  2. 2. Company Profile We committed to fulfill your manpower demand Human intellect shapes the world with beautiful constructions and planning activities. Introduction Shahena Tours & Travels is a joint venture to procure man powers from one country for another around the world. Specially we have vast connections in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Far Eastern for supplying and recruiting man powers. Shehena Tours & Travels is a government approved Recruiting agency bearing license No. RL-896, which attained a good reputation over years with reliable and guaranteed services offered to esteem foreign employers as well as local authorities. There are vast resource of man powers in Bangladesh who are energetic, hospitable and trustworthy. We recruit skilled and semi-skilled workers as well as fresh ones who are getting proper training and education as per standard of foreign demands. We have separate training and education centers for unskilled work forces in Bangladesh. Our aim is to satisfy our customers. We are committed to fulfill your demand with sincerity and devotion. It will be highly appreciated if you deem it necessary to contact us for your requirements regarding manpowers. Bangladeshi Labor overview Bangladeshi workers are generally Religious, loyal, friendly, responsible, dedicated, reliable and hardworking; they usually respond to jobs at any kind and they are conscious of their self-respect. The availability of manpower in Bangladesh is in excess of its national needs or its capacity to absorb. So, Bangladesh is in a benevolent position of helping other developing countries where acute shortage of manpower is stumbling block to the implementation of development plans. Our Specialty Shahena Tours & Travels provides full staffing services to the manpower industry. The services provided ranges from skilled, semi skilled work forces and office personnel in different disciplines. We give words and keep it at any cost. That is the secret of our success and we always work in a very high standard level. Given our approach our aims and objectives are:
  3. 3. • To deliver a service that you can count on • To provide you with a service that offers value for money • To Provide you with a well tailored recruitment service that will deliver High Quality personnel & service • To ensure that constant flow of communication is maintained • To ensure that our staff meets all necessary standards including Employment Standard Acts and all other related standards within their disciplines • To ensure that all personnel sent to work are up to date with their trainings Given our partnership approach, we aim to achieve high service standards. These include: • Delivering services within required time • Trying closely match staff with positions available • Ensuring that our Consultants are well informed of your requirements in order to make successful manpower placements • And above all we keep our promises and committed to care our customers choice with sincerity and devotion Why STT For Your Recruitment Solutions We are interested to work with you and followings are essential features of our service • You can contact us at any time 24 hours a day whenever you want • We will respond within 20 minutes and endeavor to supply the required staff immediately, often at short notice and in all kind of emergencies • We will not charge for staff transport at whatever the case unless specifically requested on a particular situation • We will not charge for short notice bookings • All personnel report to work with an identity Card and in appropriate uniforms or dress code • We make regular courtesy calls and visits to all our clients' establishments in order to identify staffing requirements well ahead of time • We advertise regularly in appropriate journals and other media • We can offer advice and assistance with the recruitment of permanent staff from Bangladesh and Middle East • We provide our service with a view of service continuity in mind when making placements to your establishment by maintaining as much as possible the same pool of staff
  4. 4. Our Services We extent the following services to our principals with utmost sincerity. Selection We select sufficient number of candidates of the required number of each trade and arrange for interview and final selection by the employer. We expect that the principal’s representative would be available during final selection and we shall provide all the facilities for the trade test at our cost and responsibilities within the specified period. During selection of semi-skilled and skilled personnel, we conduct trade test covering specific trade by a competent craftsman testing board. This includes both theoretical and practical tests as follows: A) Theoretical knowledge including language. B) Identification of work position and handing of tools related to their trade C) Identification of equipments and materials used in the specific trades D) Detailed knowledge of trade workmanship. TRADE TESTING AND SELECTION PROCEDURES Our trade testing facilities are fully equipped and staffed by suitably qualified personnel. Our resident engineers and other staff at his facility have a through understanding and experience of all aspects of industry in general and experience in particular with multinational companies, which not only makes them sensitive to client’s requirements but also be familiar with international standards. Upon confirmation by the employer of their requirements, mobilization of applicants will immediately be initiated by the agency to man-pool as many candidates as possible through advertisement in the daily news paper, provisional recruitment, by going to the job site and through our trusted sub agents. It is our usual system to pre-screen the applicants before lining up them for final interview either in our own trade test center or govt. approved vocational training center. It is after such exhaustive short listing and upon client’s approval, that personnel are considered eligible for our data bank a great time over! Issuance of passport To ensure correct passport is most important to dispatch manpower. However, normally we need two weeks time to obtain passport. Medical check-up After selection, the candidates are sent for medical examination to the respective clinics approved by the host country. Flight schedule We always forward the flight schedule to employer at least 7 days in advance of schedule date. Any changes always are notified immediately.
  5. 5. Functional Distribution of Work flow Recruiting Section • To obtain Recruiting permission from BMET immediately after receiving Demand letter, Power of Attorney and other relevant documents from the employer subject to proper verification of visa advise from Embassies in Dhaka. • To mobilize the people of recruitment within shortest possible time through countrywide network & through advertisement in Newspaper • To arrange interviews for selection of candidates. • To prepare list of the selected candidates. • To direct the selected candidates for medical check-up and to collect the medical reports for the individual candidates. Receiving Section • Passports, Police Clearance Certificate, Medical Reports along with photographs to be received and checked properly • Preparation of list as per category and hand over to the concerned section along with passports and other relevant documents to process visa form. Visa processing Section • Processing the visa forms, forwarding letter and contract form etc. • Submitting the documents to the concerned Embassy for Visa stamping. • Collection the passports after visa stamping from the Embassy. Immigration Clearance Section • Filling up Bio-data and completing all formalities regarding undertaking NOC, Security Bond. Contract papers and FCAD accounts for all the selected candidates. • Submitting all documents including passports to the BMET for immigration clearance. • Handover all documents to the personnel section after obtaining such clearance from BMET. Personnel Section • Preparation of Personnel file for each and every candidate. • Collecting of signature of the candidates in the register and also to procure individual undertaking on judiciary stamp paper. • To prepare the flight list of the candidates on priority basis and to handover the same to the dispatch section. Dispatch Section • It is our great pleasure that we have a sister concern named Memory Air Travels (Member of ATAB). To handover the list of the necessary group wise, to the Manager of our Travel Agency Memory Air Travels for the reservation and ticketing. • Collection of Tickets from the Travel Agency. • Filling up Health/Embarkation Cards.
  6. 6. • To arrange all travel documents of the passengers and to make final departure list to complete briefing etc. • To arrange boarding card of the candidates after fulfilling the customs and immigration formalities at Airport. • To send Fax with details to the Principal/Employer well in advance of the flight. • To send the final Fax/Telex message to the Principle/Employer just after boarding the flight to receive the employees from the Airport on arrival. Graphical Work Flow
  7. 7. Some of our valuable Clients Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A.) Awoidah Muflah Dolih Al Sobiti Jeddah Bandar Abdullab Soad Al Thliyon Riyadh Mashari nayef Bin Mohomod Al Ruois Makkah Abdullah Bin Ali Bin Mohammad Al Zorudi Dammom Rohmah Au Bin Yeahyen Al Zahroni Jeddah Ewa Z Mohammed Joher Al Shahon Riyadh Hotem bin Motloque Bin Salem Al Hozemi Jeddah Fozel Bin Ali Bin Mohammad Al Mohdwi Dammom Hoson Bin Boqer Bin Abdullah Al Matowoh Dammom Ahmod Khaled Bin Abdul Aziz Al Ublan Dammom Abbas Bin Mansur Bin Eso Al Abdul Goni Dammom Hosanin Bin Ahmed Bin Au Shoer Dammom Abdul Moin-Al-Mosifoy-Al-Korishy Jeddah Ewez Haul Ewaz Al-Hapli Makkah Riyodh Ahmad Hosan Al Mustafo Dammom Bodor Noser Ibrahim Al-Saqir Dammom Foroous Au Tofozzal Hossoin Riyadh Abdur Rabman Badiul Bin Abdur Rahmon Al Zayed Dammom Arifur Robmon Bodiul Alam Jeddah Mohomm Ad Ali Isa Al Mukhter Dammom Noor Ahmad Mohammad Ba Huciros Jeddah Ali Salman Mansur Al Mohasana Dammom Ibrohim Muso Ahmad Ibrohim Dammom Ahmod Hummad Abed Abed Al Usaimi Jeddah Abdul Qader Bin Abdur Rahman Bin Mohammod Al Ziloni Dammom Obaid Soleh Hosan Al Zahroni Jeddah Abdul Bin Au Bin Ahmad Almurik Dammom Wolid Ahmod Ibn Said Al Qahtani Jeddah Yasmin Saleh Bin Murshed Al Rafyei Dammom Abdullah Hamd Bin Abdur Rahman Al Zoyed Dammom Mohammad Au Bin Isa Al Mukhtar Dammom Zober Bin Hasan Bin Mi Al Suror Dammom Nasir Bin Ahmed Bin Atiyo Al Jahroni Riyadh
  8. 8. State Of Qatar China State Construction Engineering Corp. W.L.L. Maho Al Khaleej Contracting Co. W.L.L. Al Arabe Trad And Contracting Co. Extreme Piling Tech. W.L.L. Qatar Building Engineering Co. Noors Engineering W.L.L. Global United Development W.L.L. Al-Ajjaj Limited Co. W.L.L. Al- Huda Construction Engineering Co. W.L.L. Raku Engineering Co. W.L.L. United Arab Emirates (U .A.E.) Eros Electronics Al Shirawi Air-Conditioning Co. L.L.C. Al Seer Trading Agencies DUBCO Construction L.L.C. Al Tamimi Construction L.L.C. Eastern Contracting Contact Us Head Office Qatar and Dubai Representative 120, DIT Extn. Road (4th floor) Kazi Shahnoor Ashraf Habibullah Menson, Fakirapool, Dhaka-1200 Overseas Director Email:, Shahena Tours & Travels , Mobile: +974 563 8032 Web: E-mail: Phone: +880-02-935 5105, 9356454 Fax: +88-02-935 5105

STT providing overseas Manpower Recruitment Solutions from Bangladesh.


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