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Space planning & interior design in an effective way


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Space planning is one of the most important aspects for usage of space effectively and efficiently whether you are constructing a new official building or a residential home.

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Space planning & interior design in an effective way

  1. 1. Space Planning & Interior Design In An Effective WaySpace planning is one of the most important aspects for usage of spaceeffectively and efficiently whether you are constructing a new official building ora residential home. It also helps you to accommodate special processes andwork flows as well as to create a desired image and atmosphere in the home orthe office according to the specific needs and the requirements. There arevarious processes involved in it such as interior designing, space & schematicfurniture plan or preliminary diagramming etc. Now, you can imagine howimportant space planning works from residential as well as commercialperspectives is. So, it should be done in a very professional and effective way sothat maximum utilization of the available space could be done.No one can ignore the fact that space is one of the precious assets for anybodywhether they are individuals or entrepreneurs. The prices of lands have beenincreasing along with the time for many years. So, the prices of residential &commercial buildings are also increasing continuously. In such circumstances,it’s one of the most important things to utilize the space as maximum aspossible. For this, there are various professionals who use to provide this work.You must enquire their skills and experience before hiring them. Some of theskills and knowledge which are required for space planning professional are asfollows:  Preliminary diagraming  Familiarity with regulations and building codes  Knowledge of interior detailing, materials and finishes  Spatial design ability and skills  Space and schematic furniture plans  Delineation and presentation skills  Knowledge of ergonomics  Expertise in selecting and specifying FF&E  And many more…Thus, you can say that design professionals have very important role in spaceplanning according to the client’s special needs and requirements. They use toblock out interior spatial areas, define pattern of circulation as well as developplans & layouts for furniture and equipment placements. They also considervarious design parameters including the client’s project’s priorities & goals,
  2. 2. space allocation criteria, standards of furniture, the client’s organizationalstructure & relationships, building codes & access for the disabled, work flow &circulation. Their works also involve security & privacy issues, designconsiderations, the constraints of building system interface & fixed buildingelements as well as flexibility of accommodating future space needs.There are large numbers of space planning professionals as well as interiordesign experts but you should always consider the above mentioned facts beforeavailing their services for residential as well as commercial perspectives.KCS Designs - We Specialized In Space Planning, Graphic Design and InteriorDesign. We Have Offices In Pretoria and Johannesburg. For more informationplease Visit: