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Power BI with Essbase in the Oracle Cloud

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KSCOPE 2019 session with Opal Alapat on Essbase SAS in Oracle cloud with analytics from Power BI

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Power BI with Essbase in the Oracle Cloud

  1. 1. Essbase Data Insights with Power BI Session 8326
  2. 2. Session Agenda  Introductions  The Why  The What  The How  The Cool Stuff  Conclusion
  3. 3. Introductions Who are we?
  4. 4. About the Speaker - Kellyn @DBAKevlar Data Platform Architect, Microsoft • Multi-platform DBA, (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Informix…) • Oracle ACE Director, (Alumni) • Oak Table Network Member, (Oracle) • Idera ACE Alumni 2018, (MS) • Friend of Redgate 2019, (MS) • STEM education with Raspberry Pi and Python, including DevOxx4Kids, Oracle Education Foundation and TechGirls • Former President, Rocky Mtn Oracle User Group • Current President, Denver SQL Server User Group • Linux and DevOps author, instructor and presenter.
  5. 5. About the Speaker - Opal Vision Team Practice Lead, interRel Consulting • Oracle ACE Director • Oracle Certified Specialist (EPRCS & EPBCS) • ~20 years working with Oracle EPM/BI • ~15 years presenting technical and professional development sessions at conferences • ODTUG Kscope19 Conference Chair • Former ODTUG Board Director • Co-author/author of multiple books on Oracle EPM/BI Cloud: • Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud (EPRCS) • Planning & Budgeting Cloud (PBCS) • Analytics Cloud (OAC) @opal_epm
  6. 6. What this Session is NOT A bakeoff between Microsoft Power BI and Oracle Analytics Cloud A session to prove that one tool reigns supreme in features and functionality A sales pitch to buy one tool over the other
  7. 7. The Why Why did we do this?
  8. 8. Two geeks. Two rival products. Because we can.
  9. 9. Recent Microsoft & Oracle Cloud News
  10. 10. The What What is Power BI? What is OAC?
  11. 11. About Microsoft Power BI
  12. 12. Power BI- High Level  Analytics tool and service that offers interactive and paginated reports, dashboards and apps.  Connects to over 90 different data sources, including relational, flat files, web sites and big data.  Interface options similar to Excel to data science and machine learning capabilities for advanced users
  13. 13. The Basics  Perform direct access if datasets aren’t imported directly into Power BI.  Can clean, transform and refresh data inside of Power BI.  Using Power BI Gateway, connect to dozens of data sources  100’s of visualizations, including custom visualizations  Support for Data Analysis Expressions,(DAX) Python and R, etc.
  14. 14. Analysis Services, (Server) → Power BI Pro Power BI Premium Power BI Embedded Power BI Desktop Power BI Service → Azure Data Factory,  (SSIS)  Power BI Gateway  Databricks
  15. 15. Power BI Version Usage Pricing Model Power BI Desktop Personal Use, no sharing capability, no shared workspaces, etc. Free Power BI Pro Full Share rights with other Power BI Pro Users 1Gb dataset max, 8 refreshes per day. $10/month Power BI Premium Enterprise Level, share with any user in tenant, pro users are content creators. 10Gb dataset capability, 48 refreshes per day. $4995 per month, with dedicated capacity, parallel processing, on-premises PBRS. Power BI Embedded App development use Charge per embedded deployment Power BI Pricing
  16. 16. About Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase
  17. 17. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)  Essbase with Reporting & Analysis  Standard  Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS)  Data Visualization Desktop (50 licenses per OCPU)  Essbase  Standard +  Oracle Smart View  Oracle Essbase  Scenario Management, Sandboxing, Partitioning, Drill through for Essbase  Enterprise  Essbase +  Business Intelligence (dashboards)  BI Publisher  Day by Day Essbase StandardEnterprise Smart View BI Cloud DV Desktop BI Publisher DV Cloud Day by Day
  18. 18. Oracle Managed – Autonomous Analytics  OAC Classic = User managed OAC  Requires infrastructure setup and configure  Requires technical resources to support  Client managed application of patches, backups, etc.  Full access to instance, scripting  OAC = Autonomous Analytics Cloud  Introduced in May 2018  Oracle managed OAC instance  Set up and configuration much easier  Requires much less of technical resource to support  Oracle automatically applies patches  Many aspects locked down User Managed – More control Oracle Managed – Less Control Can’t run MaxL on server / no access to server NO CDFs Can’t change the server shape (number of OCPUs, memory) No control over when patching applied (currently prod and dev patched the same time) Able to run MaxL Able to created and use CDFs Start / Stop instance, Control patches and shape Change server shape as needed without interaction with Oracle
  19. 19. OAC Essbase  Multidimensional cubes are supported in the Cloud  Create cubes quickly from spreadsheets!  Multidimensional view of data through dimensions  Common grouping or hierarchy of master data (e.g. Organization, Product, Accounts)  Data is stored for fast analysis & reporting  Hybrid (default), ASO, and BSO supported  Powerful calculations  Granular security  Enterprise-wide analytics & departmental focused analytics  Partitioning, drill through  File based and SQL based dim builds and data loads  Sandboxing & Scenario Management
  20. 20. Current OAC Essbase Pricing *Everything is expected to change this month
  21. 21. Pre-Recorded Demo: The Underlying Essbase Cube
  22. 22. Pre-Recorded Demo: The Essbase Data
  23. 23. The How How do you connect Power BI to Essbase Cloud?
  24. 24. Power BI Architecture AD Sync Datasets Dashboards Reports Power BI Service O365 Groups Power BI Personal Gateway Power BI DesktopPower BI Gateway Datasources Datasources Direct Query Refreshes Azure Service Bus Relay Publish DesktopServer Datasources
  25. 25. Connection Steps  ODBC, (Database Only)  Export Data as Excel and Load Offline as Cube  Export Data as CSV and Load Offline as Table  Web Scraping  Rest API, using Data Direct
  26. 26. Export Option
  27. 27. Import Data to Power BI  As a Table  Power BI Desktop → Get Data → CSV/txt → browse to file → import →Rename Table  As Cube  Power BI Desktop → Get Data → Excel → browse to file → import --> Bring each table into data view: Remove first nine rows Make (new) first row column names Remove storage column Create Dimensional Date table to support cube
  28. 28. Data Direct Docker Container  Download docker image  Create docker container with proper port settings  Log in: docker exec -it dd_OAC "bash" Install Docker Container to host Rest API
  29. 29. Connect to Web Source  Power BI Desktop → Get Data → Web:  <Oracle Application Cloud URL>:Port:hdpui  Login with credentials as you would for OAC  Web document with tables to connect to  Choose to import or direct query  Click OK  Massage data as you would in Excel Cube steps
  30. 30. Benefits of Each  Data Direct Rest API allows with real time interaction with data.  Excel cube export allows for multi-dimensional model and use of m- code to build template, (repeatable on each new load.)  Table export as CSV gave cleanest, simplest view of data to work with. Required least massaging of data to get working model.
  31. 31. Data Refresh Options  Data Direct- Direct query, but often the connection failed and same with import refresh. This was due to timeouts on network and web portal.  Exports, Excel and CSV- create shared file location and create script to refresh on regular interval of export of data. Power BI user can click on “Refresh” in interface to update data.
  32. 32. The Cool Stuff What cool things were discovered?
  33. 33. Power BI – The Cool Stuff • Ability to create visualizations, calculations and measures in just a matter of minutes. • Add graphics, backgrounds and professional reports easier than working with Excel. • Datasets can be refreshed on regular basis, but also stored as part of report with other pro users or in the cloud. • Can create multi-tab, interactive reports or build out paginated/pixel-perfect reports with Power BI Report Server options. • Using Predictive Analytics, even someone unfamiliar with the data, (like Kellyn) could easily derive value and understanding.
  34. 34. Power BI Output
  35. 35. Power BI Output cont.
  36. 36. Power BI Output cont. Demonstrate trends over time.
  37. 37. Export Data Refreshes • Source to folder can be designated in Power BI • Regular interval of exports can be performed to this folder. • Refreshing the report will update the data in the Power BI reports, etc. • Power BI Gateway can be used to connect to the folder to the web service. • Less overhead than the Rest API, both technical and network wise.
  38. 38. #!/bin/bash mv ~/<dir with file>/Sales_*.csv Sales_pbi.csv LD=~/<dir with file drop>/Sales_pbi.csv RD=/home/www # Path to SSH ID file (private key) ID=~/.ssh/id_rsa USER=username HOST=<scphost>.com BD="$LD/`date +%F`" mkdir $BD $USER@$HOST:$RD/. $BD Automate Script Refresh
  39. 39. OAC Essbase – The Cool Stuff • Fast, central data mart able to pinpoint and retrieve data quickly • Can be integrated directly into Excel (using Smart View) to perform ad hoc analysis against data and to create grid reports, while leveraging native Excel features • Can connect to a wide variety of data sources, and the list is expanding! • Direct integration with databases, harnessing both the power of multi- dimensional in addition to relational • Offers its own set of charting and dashboarding tools within the OAC suite that can visualize and explore data quickly
  40. 40. In Summary What did we learn?
  41. 41. Conclusion Power BI offers an option to provide or enhance existing analytics from exported data sets with OAC Essbase, even for the novice user, at a very low cost.
  42. 42. Lessons Learned  Data is data – any good tool will find a way to connect to it  Analytics tools do not always speak each other's languages, but the fundamental concepts are relatively the same  Although Oracle now has multiple partnerships with Microsoft, that does not extend to all products – tread carefully
  43. 43. Questions? Reference Power BI File Download Links: Table: Cube:

KSCOPE 2019 session with Opal Alapat on Essbase SAS in Oracle cloud with analytics from Power BI


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