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Kestrel CV & portfolio for Digital Consulting, Strategy, social media & e-commerce

Updated on June 2020

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Kestrel CV & portfolio for Digital Consulting, Strategy, social media & e-commerce

  1. 1. KESTREL LEE RI QIANG Executive Creative Director, Shanghai & Singapore Digital and data consultancy, Social Media, O2O, New Retail, e-commerce credentials:
  2. 2. Kestrel Lee: Digital and data consultancy, Social Media, O2O, New Retail, e-commerce, English & Chinese copywriting. • With 20 years of advertising experience, Kestrel Lee is a Shanghai-based Executive Creative Director for e- commerce, integrated and digital marketing. Starting as a English-Chinese copywriter at ad agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, BBH, Y&R, he made his mark at digital-led integrated agencies such as Arc Worldwide/Leo Burnett, FCBi, TBWA/Tequila, Sapient and ZENO/Edelmen. • A proven expert in social e-commerce, social media, search (SEO / SEM), gaming, video and mobile advertising, Kestrel Lee has led digital, social media and integrated campaigns for global brands such as Mars, Unilever, L’Oreal, HP, Apple, Microsoft, adidas, Volvo, Standard Chartered Bank. • Winning almost 100 digital and integrated awards at award shows such as One Show and Spikes Asia, Kestrel is an influential industry speaker at digital conferences in Asia Pacific, as well as being a digital advisor/trainer to Unilever, LVMH and L’Oreal Paris and many other brands in China and Asia. Recognized by Campaign Asia Pacific Digital A-list for ecommerce, he is a sought-after creative and strategist for brands keen on online-to-offline retail activation as well as e-commerce-driven brands. • “The work we do in China will drive innovation all over the world. Just glad that I’m there for the ride.” 李日强是位于上海 的执行创意总监,负责领导整合式广告,互动和电子贸易营销。他有19年在亚洲策划整合传播、社交媒体和数字营销活动的经验。他以一个传统文案的身 份,在盛世,BBH,麒麟广告的品牌营销广告公司活跃。但他事业的高峰是从2006开始转进互动,社交媒体,电子贸易和移动营销的国际互动和整合营销公司, 例如Arc Worldwide/Leo Burnett, TBWA/Tequila, FCBi等等。 李日强曾为多个国际品牌如玛氏、阿迪达斯、金牌马爹利、惠普等的策划多项广告活动而荣获接近一百个国际广告和互动奖项。除了为亚太欧莱雅和联合利华提供有关数字 传播的咨询,他还是Thoughtful China, Shanghai Business Bureau和China Adsmack的特邀顾问以及联合利华,LVMH,L‘O real Paris 和众多品牌的专业讲师。更多详情,请游览:
  3. 3. On the global advisory for the WARC Report (Previously the Gunn Report) on creative award show rankings 1 out of only 3 Asian creatives appointed:
  4. 4. Recognized by Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Digital A-List China for Ecommerce in 2016
  5. 5. Thought leader for New Retail, e-commerce and social media in China western-brands-need-to-know-before-joining- china-s-massive-ecommerce-economy/
  6. 6. Event Marketing Awards Campaign Asia 2020 • Gold | Best Sports Event | vivo ChinaJoy Esports vs AI • Gold | Best Digital Experience | Google Developer Day China • Bronze | Best Brand Experience B2B | Google Developer Day Bronze | Best Corporate Event | Google Developer Day China • Bronze | Best Media Event | Audi AI:ME Electric Car World Premier • Bronze | Best Game Changer | ICONIQ Electric car launch • Bronze | Best Digital Experience | ICONIQ Electric Car launch • Bronze | Best Brand Activation | Ubisoft Esports gaming • Shortlist | Best Trade Show/Exhibition/Conference | Google Developer Day • Shortlist | Best Trade Show/Exhibition/Conference | Ubisoft ChinaJoy • Shortlist | Best Use of Influencer | vivo X27 Experience the Beauty The Caples Awards 2020: Only China-based agency to be recognized in this global show • Shortlisted | Innovation | ICONIQ Electric car launch • Shortlisted | Ambient | ICONIQ Electric car launch Industry Accolades: Older awards in the appendix Event Marketing Awards Campaign CEI Asia 2019 • Gold | Best Production | Porsche Experience Centre • Gold | Best Trade Show | Ubisoft ChinaJoy • Silver | Best Integrated Marketing | Ubisoft ChinaJoy • Bronze | Best Creative Idea | Ubisoft ChinaJoy • Bronze | Best Game Changer | BASF ChinaPLAS • Bronze | Best Outdoor Event | Porsche Sportscar Day Agency of the Year Campaign 2019 Finalist • Greater China Experiential Marketing Agency of the Year | Freeman China ECI China International E-Commerce Innovation Association 2019 • Innovative Agency of the Year | Freeman China Asia eCommerce Awards Marketing Interactive Hong Kong 2019 Silver | Best Solutions – Consumer Communication | Ubisoft China Joy ECI Awards International E-Commerce Innovation Association 2019 • Marketing Innovation for New Retail | Ubisoft China Joy • Marketing Innovation | Porsche Experience Centre • Business Model Innovation | BASF ChinaPLAS
  7. 7. Event Marketing Awards Campaign CEI Asia 2018 • Gold | Best Brand Experience – B2C | Changi Airport T4 Marketing Events Awards Marketing Interactive Singapore 2017 • Gold | Best Event Production | BMW 5 Series Launch Singapore APAC Excellence Awards Communication Best of Show 2018 Excellence | PR & Communications | Ubisoft ChinaJoy Marketing Excellence Awards Marketing Interactive Singapore 2018 Bronze | Event Marketing | Porsche Sportscar Together Day BYTE Award Advertise Review China 2018 Marketing Effectiveness | Benchmark Award | Ubisoft ChinaJoy MAwards Marketing Creativity Meihua Net China 2018 Best Interactive/ Experiential Marketing | Porsche Experience Centre Marketing Events Awards Marketing Interactive Singapore 2018 • Silver | Best Event - Arts & Culture | Porsche Sportscar Together Day • Bronze | Best Event - Branding | Porsche Sportscar Together Day • Bronze | Best Event - Venue Experience | Changi Airport T4 Industry Accolades: Older awards in the appendix
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. STARBUCKS CHINA New Retail activation via O2O WeChat mini app gifting:
  11. 11. STARBUCKS CHINA New Retail activation via Alipay Social Commerce gifting:
  12. 12. CASE STUDY: LAUNCH OF AUSTRALIA’S LIFE-SPACE PROBIOTICS VIA TMALL ECOMMERCE, WECHAT, WEIBO & BABYTREE WITH KOL & VIDEO MARKETING Campaign achievements: •Fastest Growing Digestive Health Brand In Australia •Number 1 in social media buzz in China •Number 1 best selling brand on Alibabaʼs Singles Day 2017 for health supplements and mother-baby product categories YouTube case video: 5rQ Chatbots case study: Case study on Youku: Mjg0MjM2OA==.html
  13. 13. Helped made Australiaʼs Life-Space the best selling brand during Singles Day 2017 for health supplements & mother-baby product categories
  14. 14. Helped made Australiaʼs Life-Space Best selling brand during Singles Day 2017 for health supplements & mother-baby product categories
  15. 15. 17 LES GIRLS LES BOYS DIGITAL & CHINA MARKET ENTRY CONSULTANCY Les Girls Les Boys, created by Agent Provocateur founder Serena Rees - focuses on the the teen and post 1990s crowd with laid-back, sexy casuals and pared back streetwear that make up the line's 100-piece collection. The brand is new to China’s unique millennial culture and social commerce eco-system. It needed a brand consultancy partner skilled in new retail and social commerce. To enhance its new bed-to-street fashion culture, we are providing consultancy on social commerce. And successfully delivered the consultancy with high client satisfaction
  16. 16. 18 BRANDING & NEW RETAIL CONSULTANCY SHANGHAI | CHINA Bringing Out The Best Of Scottish Whisky Culture Glenfiddich is a true family whisky. William Grant made his first spirit in 1887. Over 5 generations later, it is still family run. Today, Glenfiddich is the world’s most awarded single malt and one of the best selling whisky in the world. We helped William Grant & Sons develop a brand building exercise, focusing on post 1980s consumers. This is to develop a fan economy to drive word of mouth advocacy, backed by social commerce listening, so that the brand can earn media in social and PR channels. GLENFIDDICH
  18. 18. 20 BRANDING & NEW RETAIL CONSULTANCY SHANGHAI | CHINA VI Development and Contents Management GLENFIDDICH
  19. 19. 21 BRANDING & NEW RETAIL CONSULTANCY SHANGHAI | CHINA China Bartender Competition 020 Event GLENFIDDICH
  20. 20. Porsche After sales WeChat servicing platform: Challenge Due to stiff car market competition in China, Porsche needed to engage its current clientele to build brand loyalty beyond the car purchase. Strategy Research has shown that it is 6 times easier to get more business from existing clients as compared to new clients. To engage customers, the agency focused on identifying an occasion, which impacts Porsche drivers the most like when they send their cars for servicing with Porsche. Their whole day may be disrupted. Idea Introducing the “Porsche VIP day” program. The day starts when a Porsche driver in China utilizes the WeChat app to book a day to send their car for servicing. The driver can then select a specific “away-from-the-car” ecommerce package i.e. spa, fishing or yoga promotions to have a great day. The agency launched an integrated campaign with print ads, radio commercials, outdoor billboards, Website, WeChat, eDM, SMS, POSM and in-store showroom communications. PORSCHE CHINA: LAUNCHED DEALER-AFTERSALES WECHAT E-COMMERCE PLATFORM
  22. 22. TAYLORMADE CHINA SITE WITH SOCIAL, MOBILE, SEARCH, ECOMMERCE INTEGRATION The new Taylormade China luxury brand site comes with its own CMS website for easy content/page updates that also support brand consistency with a standard site template. This can be reused for future websites hosted in other countries with some adjustments for these markets, such as language, social networks display and aggregation, destination page for buy products, login and signup backend.
  24. 24. UBISOFT 2019: E-SPORTS via O2O gaming activation
  25. 25. UBISOFT 2019: E-SPORTS and Social Commerce via O2O event activation
  26. 26. UBISOFT 2018’s E-SPORTS and Social Commerce via O2O event activation
  27. 27. STARBUCKS CHINA New Retail activation via O2O WeChat & Drone Delivery sampling:
  28. 28. 30
  29. 29. 31
  31. 31. Education shopper missions Insight shopper missions Emotional shopper missions Feedback shopper missions Challenge shopper missions REGISTER Babybox Baby Tree BBS Official Wechat Aug 17 to Dec 24 2016 Education mission UNILEVER ECOMMERCE, SOCIAL MEDIA AND SHOPPER ACTIVATION WITH VIDEO MARKETING
  34. 34. Continental Tires China: integrated ATL & online advertising campaign in 2013 Case study: Website: Web film:
  35. 35. Results • Dove Gifting sales grew by 226% during that period (i.e. 50% of the sales for all Dove chocolates). • 3,272,391 unique impressions on major social networks i.e. 765% of the KPIs. • Campaign content brought 848,359 click through traffic from social networks. • 47,683 retweets of campaign content on major social networks. • 34,328 comments on Ma Jin’s project on major social networks. • Campaign became a leading search trend titled “Carriage boy”. • Reported in the newspapers without paid media budget. • Lastly, a happily married couple. Campaign Objectives • Drive Dove chocolate gifting sales in the 3 weeks before Chinese Valentine’s Day. • Raise brand awareness during the campaign period to protect market share. • To rely on earned and social media due to no paid media budget. Background • As China became a first world country, some traditional festivals have become overlooked by its increasingly cosmopolitan population. • This was the case with Chinese Valentine’s Day on 6 August 2011. It honors a legend of a cowherd who can only meet his fairy wife across a bridge of flying herons over the starry milky way once every year. Solution • To create a love story online based on the insight that young lovers search online in the weeks before Chinese Valentine’s Day for inspiration to express their love. • To create this tribute to true love, the story was told via relevant and fun content updated and spread organically daily through Sina Weibo (similar to Twitter). • This real life story sought to raise brand affinity between Dove gifting and Chinese Valentine’s day to raise top of mind brand recall during Valentine’s day purchases. • Through social media listening, the agency identified interesting prospects who had tweeted on Weibo that they wanted to do something special for their girlfriend. • Ma Jin, an established industrial artist, was identified as an ideal prospect due to his declaration of love and his part art works • SapientNitro Shanghai offered to help fund his tribute to love via an art piece made from Dove gifting products, while helping him to tell his story of love on Sine Weibo. • We asked Ma Jin to ask via social media to help finish his artwork for heart-shaped containers like Dove’s gift boxes, which are the most commonly found in China • His request and the content uploaded to his Weibo social media page spread like wildfire among netizens. It was very successful in raising brand affinity between Dove chocolates gift boxes and Chinese Valentine’s Day. Dove Chinese Valentine’s Day campaign:
  36. 36. Dove Gifting campaign: Bringing social gifting to life via Augmented Reality Campaign background: With the growing affluence of the Chinese consumers, people grow so used to giving and receiving gifts that gifting has lost its meaning. As the leading chocolate brand in China, Dove sees this decline in meaning as gifting as a key challenge to its strong market share in the chocolate gifting category. Campaign Solution - Use Augmented Reality (AR) to bring Dove gifting to life as each Dove chocolates gift box can now come with a tailor-made gifting experience for the sender and recipient. - By allowing customization of 3D visual, photo, animation and messaging experiences, gift senders can create an interactive e-card or message to complement their Dove chocolates gifts to recipients. The recipient can share a video or pictures of his or her gift experience via social networks. - To promote this new brand-driven digitized product experience, the agency provided creative direction and ideas across TV channels, point-of-sales, outdoor, online videos, social media, ePR, websites plus iOS & Android mobile platforms. Campaign Results -The viral video had more than 3.2 million views in Dec with over 130,000 topic click-throughs in all major China forums in the first week! App downloads were over 100,000 with over 1 million Weibo tweets about this new gifting experience. -Over 3.1 million participants used this AR enhanced gifting platform to create brand-driven 3D gifting experiences from 5 Dec 2011 to Feb 2012.
  38. 38. PARKSON DEPARTMENT STORE’S ONLINE-TO-OFFLINE SHOPPER ACTIVATION IN CHINA “We are pleased with Kestrel’s team who launched our online to offline shopper marketing campaigns using social media and in-store event activation for our 60 departmental store in China. They did a great job in this new area of marketing.” – Lim Shea Lee, Senior Manager, Marketing, Parkson Department Stores, China. Xmas O2O mobile commerce case study: atch?v=gFtuFujNSZ0
  39. 39. PARKSON DEPARTMENT STORE’S ONLINE-TO-OFFLINE SHOPPER ACTIVATION IN CHINA “We are pleased with Kestrel’s team who launched our online to offline shopper marketing campaigns using social media and in-store event activation for our 60 departmental store in China. They did a great job in this new area of marketing.” – Lim Shea Lee, Senior Manager, Marketing, Parkson Department Stores, China. VIP card launch O2O mobile commerce case study: atch?v=UAb3pfaCxgU d_XOTQwOTM2MTM2
  40. 40. 42
  41. 41. University of Technology, Sydney’s Student KOL ACTIVATION campaign
  42. 42. Regional and Southeast Asian work examples from 2009 to 2014
  43. 43. Case study:
  44. 44. Blackberry Southeast Asia 2013: Dream App Factory social-mobile campaign
  45. 45. Adidas Trophy Raiders Facebook gaming campaign for Southeast Asia Campaign video: Deployed on adidas’ global Facebook page:
  46. 46. Martell VSOP – The Ultimate Start-up Space Entrepreneur Challenge: Case study video: For viewing in China:
  47. 47. Martell VSOP brand was associated with the older Chinese-speaking crowd. To engage English Singaporean speakers, we gave a challenge: "If you have 760 square feet of shop space at Clarke Quay, what would you do with it?" Entrepreneurs were asked to send in their start-up ideas as videos and Martell VSOP was able to successfully engage them, while transforming them into brand advocates. This drew the attention and support of venture capitalists for startups while key entrepreneur bloggers aggressively blogged about the campaign and getting their fans to support the campaign. This was a clear seismic shift to a more progressive and entrepreneurial brand perception for Martell VSOP. Campaign accolades as digital lead: - Free monthly coverage by 100 blogs, forums and social networks with large followings in Singapore. - 26.3 million search results for the phrase “ultimate start up space” with a 40% jump in search traffic. - 29,442 accumulated fans on Facebook and 60,111 followers on Twitter - 2.4 million unique views on all social media. - Developed a creative take-over of the Facebook group page via a self-created Facebook banners: 4Mh0 Martell VSOP – The Ultimate Start-up Space Entrepreneur Challenge: Case study video:
  48. 48. HP Toyama campaign 2007: Digital-led Integrated campaign video: For viewing in China: The most successful award winning user generated content campaign of 2007 in Asia with over 18,000 search results on Google.
  49. 49. APPENDIX Industry awards, workshop & consultancy recommendations
  50. 50. Kestrel Lee: Shanghai-based Executive Creative Director: integrated & digital marketing “Thanks for your great presentation last week and its very impressive. I have heard a lot of positive feedback about you, your interesting insights and perspectives. And there did a lot of people asking for your slides to share. And the survey data also shows quite positive. Thank you for your great efforts in it!” Jasmine GONG, People Development Manager, LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics (Shanghai) Company Limited for LVMH Digital Summit 2017 “Kestrel was a guest speaker for the two 2011 L'Oreal Asia-Pacific seminars on Digital Marketing, targeted at our senior marketers and PR (Director level). His talks on digital creativity were both insightful and inspiring to our 50+ participants with exciting and relevant real cases, as well as strategic guidelines on how to build truly creative Digital campaigns.” March 6, 2012 Hélène Bach-Harrison, Asia-Pacific Learning Manager, for L'Oreal's Asia Pacific Digital Marketing 2.0 Seminar, 16 Aug & 1 Nov 2011, in Shanghai: “Kestrel yet again gave a superb presentation on gamification at the Gaming Australia conference in Sydney last week, and then on creating tension and passion in mobile marketing. One of the participants commented that it was "the best presentation on gamification I have seen." August 28, 2012 Rosalind Wade, General Manager, Beacon Events, Organiser, Gaming, Racing and Wagering Australia, 22 Aug 2012 “Kestrel made an amazing contribution to TEDxVictoriaHarbour with a witty talk perfect for the closing act of a great event. Thanks for pulling it together last minute and sharing the ideas of tension and passion in the tourism industry - it was perfect!” May 25, 2012 Yvette Jong, Founder/Director, Craft House LLC, TEDx Organiser, TEDx in Hong Kong in 18 May 2012 “Kestrel has done a fantastic job by leading one of our sessions at the Online Reputation Excellence Asia Masterclass. All our delegates love him completely! His unique and engaging way of presentation has carved a deep impression on the audience and contributed greatly to the success of our event. Thumbs up Kestrel!” June 23, 2011 Sharon Tan, Project Director, Crown Leadership International Group, Online Reputation Excellence Asia” Masterclass in Singapore, 2011
  51. 51. 2018: Asia Pacific Marketing Excellence Awards -Brand Relationship – Best of Category -Viral Communications – Shortlist -Story Telling - Shortlist -Customer Journey – Shortlist 2018: Mawards Bronze: Best Interactive/Experiential Marketing Award: 2018: O2O Effective Marketing Benchmark Case Award, BYTE awards 2017: 1 award at Dragons of Asia Life-Space 2017: Judge at the Caples Awards 2016 Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Digital A-List China for Ecommerce 2015-2017: Judge at the Dragons of Asia award show Digital, integrated and print awards from 2000 - 2018 2015 Campaign Asia Agency of the Year for Experiential Advertising 2015: Dragons of Asia Finalist for: -Best product Launch or Re-launch -Best Brand Trial or Sales Generation Campaign 2013: Gold award - Excellence in Social Media Marketing at Singapore's Marketing Excellence Awards for Blackberry App Factory campaign 2013: Asia Pacific Marketing Congress “Appies” award: DOVE AUGMENTED REALITY GIFTING EXPERIENCE 2013: 1 Multicultural App Category winner at South by South West's Appy Awards: Asia’s only winning app entry. 2009-2012: Three campaign features in Contagious magazine 2012 (Dove), 2010 (Martell) & 2009 (HP)
  52. 52. 2011: 2 Finalists at Asian Effectiveness Marketing Awards: - Best integrated marketing campaign - Best small budget marketing campaign 2010: 3 Wins at Asian Effectiveness Marketing Awards - Gold Medal - Promotions Marketing - Silver Media (Outdoor) - Promotions marketing - Bronze Medal - Beverages: Alcoholic 2010: 1 AWARDS (Australia) Finalist - integrated campaign 2010: 1 Shortlist - best integrated campaign, Beijing’s Digital Media Awards 2010: 1 Bronze at Spikes Asia - Event & Field marketing: Only digital/integrated campaign win from Singapore. 2010: 2 awards at the Singapore Creative Circle Awards: Only integrated campaign to win in Singapore a. Bronze for Integrated Promotional campaign b. Bronze for Integrated Communication Campaign 2008: One Show finalist in the integrated campaign category: Asia’s only winning finalist in the integrated category, alongside McCann’s Halo “Believe” campaign, BBDO/Big Spaceship ’s HBO Voyeur campaign, Crispin’s BK Freakout campaign. 2008: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze & 2 Digital Finalists at Spikes Asia/ Asia Advertising Awards 2008: 4 wins at the Asia Interactive Awards: - Gold for Best Consumer Site, - Silver for Best Visual Website Design - Silver for Best Use of Animation, - 1 Bronze for Best Use of Sound. 2008: 3 Bronze New York Festivals awards for site, email and mobile advertising Ranked among Campaign Brief Asia’s top 1000 Asian Creatives for 2007-2008 due to awards for digital work. 2008: Singapore’s only winning entry at the New York Festivals Innovative Awards. Digital, integrated and print awards from 2000 - 2020
  53. 53. 2008: 1 Official Honoree and 1 Nomination at the Webby Awards. 2008: 1 Singapore Effies’ online finalist for HP Toyrama. 2008: 2 Silvers (Singapore’s only winning entries) at the Horizon Interactive Awards. 2007: 2 awards for Best hardware microsite & outstanding microsite wins at the Internet Advertising Awards. 2007: 2 Silvers at Hong Kong's 2007 Digital Media Awards for Integrated and Digital categories. 2007: 3 Silvers and 5 Bronzes at the Singapore Creative Circle Awards for HP campaigns: My agency, Arc Worldwide/Leo Burnett, won the most awards in the digital category. 2007: 1 Interactive Finalist at 2007 Golden Drum for HP Toyrama 2007: Singapore Effies Finalist for HP Inkjet Crayons Campaign. Digital, integrated and print awards from 2000 - 2020 • 2006: 1 People Choice Award for Singapore’s Ink Awards for Print campaign category. • 2006: 1 Bronze award for the Singapore’s Ink Awards campaign category. • 2006: 1 Bronze for the Singapore Outdoor Advertising Festival: Postcard (Campaign). • 2005: 1 Print Finalist for Singapore’s Ink Awards for Del Monte snacks. • 2004: 1 English print finalist in the New York Festivals. • 2003: 1 Finalist in the Singapore Creative Circle Awards. • 2002: 1 Best of Category (Citibank) and 1 finalist (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) at US-based EMA Creative Excellence awards for recruitment advertising. • 2001: 1 Finalist at New York Festivals for outdoor (Public Service) category.