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20 steps to drive content marketing success with SEO

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This presentation is about what I feel is the right way to do content marketing. A strategy first approach is essential to making sure you're not just going from campaign to campaign, instead you're building short-term impact into longer success. 

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20 steps to drive content marketing success with SEO

  1. 1. 20STEPS to drive content marketing success with SEO K E V I N G I B B O N S
  2. 2. LET ME tell you the story behind this…
  3. 3. CONTENT MARKETING can be a fantastic way to take your SEO to the next level...
  4. 4. In competitive sectors especially, you need engaging content and authority link reputation in order to compete at the top...
  5. 5. BUT Make sure you do it for the right reasons...
  6. 6. All organisations start with WHY, but only the great ones keep their WHY clear year after year.” S I M O N S I N E K
  7. 7. Your content marketing strategy, should start here
  8. 8. A content marketing strategy isn’t about one-off campaigns It’s about moving the needle where it really matters.
  9. 9. Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” A B R A H A M L I N C O L N
  10. 10. Strategy - we’re not ready to jump into the exciting ideas just yet, take time to build your plan of attack...
  11. 11. 01 STEP What does success look like?
  12. 12. TRAFFIC £ DIGITAL PR & SOCIAL MEDIA COVERAGE RANKINGS SOLID ON-SITE SEO & CONTENT STRATEGY Don’t fall into the trap of getting excited about coverage... without having a clear plan of how you can make £! Clearly define how you will measure success from the very start. Business Goals SEO & content marketing strategy
  13. 13. 02 STEP Get the right team in place
  14. 14. CONTENT MARKETING IS BROKEN DOWN INTO 3 MAIN CATEGORIES 01 Strategy 02 Creativity 03 Promotion Being aligned in all 3 of these areas is vital in order to hit the sweet spot of content marketing results.
  15. 15. Make sure you create an action plan based on these 3 key pillars of content marketing: 1 2 3 Strategy - SEO & content strategy Creativity - Outstanding content creation Promotion - Digital PR & social media coverage
  16. 16. 03 STEP SEO short-term wins - Almost every site I’ve seen has technical or on-site issues, that can be improved to make an impact to organic performance
  17. 17. following technical SEO recommendations to improve how Google was crawling and indexing the site. 305%increase in organic visibility
  18. 18. 04 STEP Competitor marketplace analysis - who’s winning, where and why?
  19. 19. Use tools like SearchMetrics for competitive analysis on organic visibility and market share, and then dig deeper - are they winning because they have better content?
  20. 20. 05 STEP Audit your existing content before you create anything new
  21. 21. § What content do you have already? § Can you improve it? § What worked best / what didn’t? § What has generated the most traffic in the past? § Where is the social engagement or links coming from? § Your internal site search could be a gold mine! § Give feedback to editors on content performance; social, traffic, links, pageviews etc… § Have you got an offline magazine? Newsletters?
  22. 22. 06 STEP Persona analysis - who are you targeting at each step of the journey?
  23. 23. Classic Purchase Funnel AWA R E N E S S Something sparks an interest – it meets a need or creates one. C O N S I D E R AT I O N People think about it and ask around A C T I O N People buy, join, share etc. § Awareness: Interesting, engaging, fun, entertaining, thought leading content § Consideration: targeted content around research based keywords § Action: to help people to buy, subscribe or navigate back to what they liked before
  24. 24. 07 STEP Build your content strategy - think short-term impact, long-term success...
  25. 25. 1. Improve top converting content from your PPC data, Google Search Console and analytics. 2. Perform a content gap analysis vs key competitors - what are you missing out on? Create it! 3. Focus on narrow topics - putting into keyword groups that drive the highest revenue and engagement. 4. Build a seasonalised editorial calendar, prioritised by value - focusing on topical subjects. 5. Measure and improve - building your key learnings back into how you can create future content.
  26. 26. Creativity – stand out from the crowd
  27. 27. 08 STEP Solve real problems that your customers and target audience face
  28. 28. Leverage tools to build insights on what keywords people are searching for. This can also be a great way to secure Google Answer boxes!
  29. 29. 09 STEP Research top performing content and build data-driven insights to give a newsworthy and credible hook
  30. 30. 10 STEP Run content brainstorm sessions to spark creative ideas
  31. 31. Brainstorms should also be prepared - start individually, and then each share ideas as a group to discuss and refine. Keep a digital bank of ideas - not everything is content that should be created today, but it’s worth keeping in mind for future campaigns.
  32. 32. 11 STEP Create the best on-site content on the internet for a given topic
  33. 33. If you want to rank number one in Google, you need to deserve to be there.
  34. 34. 12 STEP Leverage creative campaigns for big content ideas & PR coverage
  35. 35. UK Search Awards 2016 Winner: Best Use of Search in Travel § Strategy: We identified three clear themes to generate content campaigns to different target influencer groups: fashion, movies and food. § What we did: We developed a series of creative data- driven guides and ran a blogger event to involve influencers and engage with Expedia’s target audience. § Results: Across our campaigns, we generated coverage from over 125 authority publishers, with a significant impact on organic-search-converting keywords and traffic to key target landing pages.
  36. 36. Promotion – Become an Authority Within Your Industry
  37. 37. 13 STEP Get publishers excited about your content with digital PR coverage
  38. 38. Agreeing an exclusive with a publisher in advance can help to get their buy-in. e.g. “did you see this article on the I saw you did something similar last year, perhaps you’d like to cover this?” But make it 100% clear who the original source is!
  39. 39. 14 STEP Work with influencers to maximise outreach success
  40. 40. For a street food campaign, we invited top London food bloggers to our Leather Lane office and gave them a lunch to remember... § Identify who the top publishers and influencers are within your niche - then you can learn from: § What they’re doing § What type of content they like § What they don’t like § Who their original sources are (who influences the influencers)
  41. 41. 15 STEP Build influencer profiles to build credibility & attract publisher writing slots
  42. 42. § We built a content strategy focused around key topics, hiring nutritionists & building up their writing profiles to provide authority content. § We secured coverage from 93+ authority health and fitness publishers, with regular writing slots on HuffPost, Men’s Fitness and Cosmo (also featured in magazine). § This generated a 144% YoY increase in organic search traffic!
  43. 43. 16 STEP Build an engaged audience of potential customers
  44. 44. 01 Identify – who is your target audience and where can you find them? 02 Acquire – acquiring traffic to your content, across marketing channels. 03 Nurture – provide content your readers love, in a content hub environment you control. 04 Engage – by providing consistently great content, the goal to continually create outstanding & engaging content. 05 Capture – provide useful content to build your audience of email subscribers, social followers and re-targeting lists. 06 Grow – build real loyalty and advocacy with your readers. Increasing sales down the customer journey.
  45. 45. 17 STEP Push content further with paid amplification to get the ball rolling
  46. 46. Paid social can build credibility and get you get in front of publishers - the popularity of this post we ran for Bloom & Wild helped us to open doors to secure digital PR coverage for an Easter campaign.
  47. 47. Measure – prove your work has been a big success
  48. 48. 18 STEP Report on success to show real impact and business value
  49. 49. TRAFFIC £ DIGITAL PR & SOCIAL MEDIA COVERAGE RANKINGS SOLID ON-SITE SEO & CONTENT STRATEGY Visualise the revenue impact to organic traffic by building key insight reports in Tableau Demonstrate monthly and year-on-year organic search growth. Measure and report on organic keywords and groupings. Showcase your digital PR coverage and metrics. Reduce SEO errors and improve indexing.
  50. 50. 19 STEP Build upon your successes and learn from the failures to recycle content into fresh new ideas
  51. 51. NOW you’re ready to get started…
  52. 52. 20 STEP Your blueprint to SEO & content marketing success
  53. 53. A N A L Y S I S R E S U L T S Persona analysis TechnicalSEO audit & implementation Competitor marketplaceanalysis Editorialcalendar roadmap Ideation (Research/insights & brainstorming) Promotion (Digital PR, influencer outreach, audience building & paid amplification) Creativity (On-site content & creative campaigns) C O N T E N T M A R K E T I N G S T R A T E G Y C R E A T I V I T Y & P R O M O T I O N Insight Implementation Performance Benchmarking goals & KPIs Organic traffic & new customer acquisition Content audit and gap analysis
  54. 54. Thank you for listening. K E V I N G I B B O N S @kevgibbo
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This presentation is about what I feel is the right way to do content marketing. A strategy first approach is essential to making sure you're not just going from campaign to campaign, instead you're building short-term impact into longer success. 


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