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Tra am versailles2012_ea


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Tra am versailles2012_ea

  1. 1. Our Ideal School
  2. 2. Where will be it ?Our ideal school will be in L,A,Lina: I like this city because its the city of angels !Nadia: Its a famous city !
  3. 3. Well have the beach in front of the school,Lina: I could swim ! I like it !!!!!Nadia; I prefer tan !
  4. 4. As you know, its sunny everyday in L,Aso we could do a lot of outputs with our school,Also,it will be next to gardens and parks,Lina: We could relax and listen to music after school,Nadia: Im agree with Lina,
  5. 5. And they will be a shopping centerLina: I love shopping !!!Nadia: Its a good activity !
  6. 6. How will it be ?We imagine our school bigger than french schools,Our school will be not a boarding school, It will nothave assembly, It will not have Pledge of allegiancetoo, Our school will have a cafeteria,
  7. 7. In our school there are many clubs:-sport clubs: -drama club:-music club: -support school:-art club: -dance club:Gardening club:Cooking club:Lina:I would like to do dance club and sport club,Nadia: Me, Id like to do music club and art club,
  8. 8. We will not have to wear uniforms but well wantsome colors in our emblem and our mascot,It will be a tiger, His name will be Bowser,Lina: I love tigers becausethey are stronger than me !!!!!!Nadia: I love Bowser !!
  9. 9. RULES•School opens at 9 a,m and closes at 4 p,m,•Must have 1 hour of homework,•Always have on us our correspondence book,
  10. 10. Cafeteria•Cafeteria is between 12 a,m and 1 p,m,•Everybody must have his lunch,If its not the case they will buy their lunch toDistributors,
  11. 11. Timetable•2 hours of Arts•3 hours of Sciences•3 hours of Spanish•4 hours of English•2 hours of French•3 hours of Maths•4 hours of Sports•2 hours of History and Geography•2 hour of Music•1 hour of TechnologyTheres options: Latin, reinforced subjects,,,Lina: Our timetable will be very good !!!Nadia: Ill want a timetable like this,
  12. 12. It Was Our Ideal School