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Vodafone customer satisfaction survey


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Vodafone customer satisfaction survey

  3. 3. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY SEMESTER V (2009-10) ORIENTAL COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT BACHELOR OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, ANDHERI (WEST), MUMBAI. DECLARATION I MOHAMMED ASIF KHAN student of TYBMS (2009-10) hereby declare that I have completed this project on VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY. The information submitted is true & original to the best of my knowledge. 3
  4. 4. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Student Signature MOHAMMED ASIF KHAN CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Mr. MOHAMMED ASIF KHAN Of TYBMS has successfully completed the project on VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION STRATEGY under the guidance of PROF.AFTAB SHAIKH. Project Guide Principal PROF.AFTAB SHAIKH D.B KADAM 4
  5. 5. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Course Co-Ordinator PROF.KOLKARNI External Examiner T.Y.BMS. 200 MARKS PROJECT TOPIC: “VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY”. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: It is a pleasure to thank all the people who directly or indirectly in many ways have assisted me in my project related studies and 5
  6. 6. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY contributed in the making this project. process of Firstly, I would like to thank my project guide PROF.AFTAB SHAIKH for his support, co-operation and fruitful discussions during my research on the topic -“VODAFONECUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY.” Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to all my college and in particular to the coordinator of Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS); Mrs. A. MARTINA, for providing me such an interesting topic for my university project and their by supporting, and cooperating with me during my project. 6
  7. 7. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This project is based on telecom sector as the telecom sector is growing at a very good pace. The telecom company which I have selected for my project is VODAFONE. The reason behind selecting Vodafone is its various schemes in product & service category & also its future policies where the company is coming out with lots of new & affordable schemes for its customers. Vodafone is a UK based company & has various branches all over the world. The company was started in the mid 70‟s & since then it has never looked back. The products & services offered by Vodafone is of a very high quality & also at an 7
  8. 8. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY affordable rates. They have various plans for various customers depending on the status of the customers. Vodafone has various product categories ranging from chargers, internet, mobile phones, headsets & headphones & many more. In the service category it has internet services which include broadband internet & PC internet services. Apart from the products & services normally offered they also came out with some interesting &unique product like the I phone. This was one of the biggest events in the history of Indian telecom industry. The phones were available at around 32000-36000 Rs which has a unique feature called as 3G system. 8
  9. 9. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Vodafone also came out with cell phones for the poor which were a part of their social responsibility toward the poor class people of the society. The phones were available in the range of 1000 Rs -1500 Rs which was one of the successful strategies of Vodafone. According to the 2002-2008 data VODAFONE captures the market with 17.56 % & is at the 3 Rd position just after Bharti with 24.69% & Reliance with 17.68%. Vodafone also came out with one of best& most attractive advertisement which no one has ever seen before called as “VODAFONE ZOO ZOO‟S”. This advertisement was a part of VODAFONE‟S marketing strategy to boost its sales during the IPL 2 season. This was one of the master moves by VODAFONE to introduce ZOO9
  10. 10. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY ZOO during the IPL 2 season which was a “SUPER-HIT”. VODAFONE is planning to come with its own accessories stores which would be a one-time shop for its customers wherein the customers will get all the products under one roof. Vodafone‟s future plan is to become no.1 telecom company by the year 2010-2011 which does not seems to be very difficult keeping in mind the progress it has made in the last 5 years. Vodafone has added around 5 million subscribers in the year 2008-2009 which makes it the 3rd largest telecom company in the world. Vodafone has joined hands with one of the world largest& the best car racing company F1 MCLAREN MERCEDES 10
  11. 11. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY to host the 2 day event. This is the part of the promotion strategy of Vodafone to become the worldwide leader in telecom industry. Vodafone is also the official sponsor of the England Cricket Team for the N power test series. It has also shaken hands with the most popular football tournament UEFA CHAMPIONSLEAGUE football which is a part of the promotional strategy of Vodafone. 11
  14. 14. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY CHAPTER V 67 5 FUTURE OF VODAFONE 6 CONCLUSION 69 7 BIBLIOGRAPHY 70 CHAPTER I WHAT IS TELECOMUNICATION Telecommunication is the transmissions of signals over a distance for the purpose of communication. In modern times this process almost always involves the sending of electromagnetic waves by electronic transmitters but in earlier years it may have involved the use of smoke signals drums or semaphore lines. 14
  15. 15. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY HISTORY OF TELECOMMUNICATION: The history of telecommunication began with the use of smoke signals & drums in Africa the America & parts of Asia. Smoke signals In the 1790‟s the first fixed semaphore systems emerged in Europe however it was not until the1830‟s that electrical telecommunication systems started to appear. This article details the history of telecommunication & the individuals who helped make telecommunication systems what they are today. Early telecommunication included smoke signals & drums. Drums were used in natives like Africa, New Guinea & South America & smoke signals in North America & China. In 1792 a French engineer Claude Chapped 15
  16. 16. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY built the first visual telegraphy for semaphore system between Chile & Paris. This was followed by a line from Strasburg to Paris. SOME OF THE MOST POPULAR TELECOM COMPANIES IN INDIA: A.P TELECOM A.P.-telecom officer's service telephone numbers can be viewed by clicking the concerned telecom district. A.P. telecom circle is serving the whole state of Andhra Pradesh including the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. ASC ENTERPRISES LIMITED (ASCEL) Ascel is a multi venture corporate heralding the "convergence" era in our country, focusing on nationwide retailing of time (telecom, information & learning, media, 16
  17. 17. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY entertainment) products &services, satellite and digital wireless communication ventures for provision of infrastructure, services and solutions among other initiatives. AIRCEL Popular provider in Tamil Nadu BANGALORE TELECOM Bangalore telecom system is a communications window to the rest of the world. Offer a wide range of telecom services from basic telephone service to high speed data circuits. BHARTI ENTERPRISES Established in 1985, Bharti has been a pioneering force in the telecom sector with many first sand innovations to its credit, ranging 17
  18. 18. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY from being the first mobile service in Delhi, first private basic telephone service provider in the country, first Indian company to provide comprehensive telecom services outside India. COMMSOUTH Commsouth was founded in Chennai, in the mid nineties; Commsouth has grown steadily and established sound positions in the mobile telephony and telecom management software market. CELLEBRUM Cellebrum is a company of M Corp global group with interests in the field of telecom solutions, office automation and information technology and value added services. Asia‟s leading valueadded mobile services and solutions 18
  19. 19. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY provider on platforms like sms ivrs / wap / gprs / ussd etc. / CRICKET COMMUNICATIONS Cricket is the operating subsidiary of leap wireless international, a customer-focused company providing innovative mobile wireless services targeted to meet the needs of customers who are under-served by traditional communications companies. ESSAR GROUP The Essar group is one of India‟s largest corporate houses with interests spanning the manufacturing and service sectors in both old and new economies: steel, power, shipping, constructions, oil & gas and telecom. 19
  20. 20. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY IDEA CELLULAR India's leading GSM mobile services operator, idea cellular has licenses to operate in 11 circles. With a customer base of over 17 million, idea cellular has operations in Delhi, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttaranchal, Haryana, UP-west, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala. Idea acquired spice telecom which was operating in Karnataka and Punjab. Idea cellular footprint currently covers approximately 45% of India‟s population and over 50% of the potential telecom-market. As a leader in value added services, innovation is central to idea's vas factory. It is the first cellular company to launch music messaging with' cellular jockey', 'background 20
  21. 21. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY tones', 'group talk', a voice portal with 'say idea' and a complete suite of mobile email services. INTERNET & MOBILE ASSOCIATION OF INDIA The internet & mobile association of India (IAMAI) is a not-forprofit industry body registered under the SOCIETIES ACT, 1896. Its mandate is to expand and enhance the online and mobile value added services sectors. JP MOBILE, INC. JP Mobile is a solid, wellestablished company, a true pioneer in the enterprise mobility market. They are a privately held company with solid financial backing. They offer sure wave mobility suite, a comprehensive wireless mobility 21
  22. 22. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY solution for enterprises, carriers, system integrators and independent software vendors.13 LOOP MOBILE Loop mobile (BPL mobile now rebranded as loop mobile), represents growth with continuity. While we constantly work towards giving our subscribers a better network, innovative products and a superior mobile telephony experience, our subscribers can be assured of the same focus and commitment in providing the best network coverage, billing accuracy, and an unmatched personalized customer service. MTNL DELHI MTNL Was Set Up On 1st April, 1986 By The Government Of India To Upgrade The Quality Of Telecom 22
  23. 23. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Services, Expand The Telecom Network, Introduce New Services And To Raise Revenue For Telecom Development Needs Of India S Key Metros Delhi, The Political Capital And Mumbai, The Business Capital Of India. MTS - SHYAM TELECOM Sistema Shyam teleservices limited is a joint venture company between sistema of Russia and Shyam group of India. Currently they operate in the states of Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Bihar, West Bengal and Jharkhand. RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS Reliance Communications has a reliable, high-capacity, integrated (Both Wireless and Wire line) and 23
  24. 24. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY convergent (Voice, Data and Video) digital network. It is capable of delivering a range of services spanning the entire infocomm (Information and Communication) value chain, including infrastructure and services for enterprises as well as individuals, applications, and consulting. RELIANCE INFOCOM Reliance Infocomm will offer a complete range of telecom services, covering mobile and fixed line telephony including broadband, national and international long distance services. SHYAM TELECOM LIMITED Shyam telecom is pioneer in Telecom Industry. It has revolutionized the industry with development of innovative products. Shyam group 24
  25. 25. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY commenced its operations in 1974 to introduce up-to-date telecommunication technology. SONY ERICSSON Sony Ericsson mobile communications offers mobile multimedia consumer products for people who appreciate the possibilities of powerful technology. SPICE TELECOM Spice telecom the brand name of spice communications limited is presently operating cellular phone services in the states of Punjab and Karnataka. Considered as one of the best providers of mobile telephony in India. TATA INDICOM Tata teleservices ltd offers its products and services to customers 25
  26. 26. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY across India under the name of "Tata Indicom". Tata teleservices limited is India‟s leading private basic service operator. TELEMATIC ENGINEERS (P) LTD. Established in 1993, the TEPL network spans across the central western India, with service and distribution centers of its own. Since its establishment, TEPL has been foremost in bringing global technology to the Indian market. TOUCHTEL A Bharti group company landline, DSL in metros offering VIDESH SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED VSNL incorporated on April 1, 1986 under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 to take over the activities of the erstwhile overseas 26
  27. 27. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY communication services (OCS). The company operates a network of earth stations, switches, submarine cable systems, and value added service nodes to provide a range of basic and value added services. VODAFONE ESSAR Vodafone Essar in India is a subsidiary of Vodafone group plc and commenced operations in1994 when its predecessor Hutchison telecom acquired the cellular license for Mumbai. Vodafone essar now has operations in 16 circles covering 86% of India‟s mobile customer base, with over 34.1 million customers. YOUR BILL BUDDY Your bill is your onestop solution for finding the best mobile plan in market for yourself. 27
  28. 28. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Also you can send free sms to your friends. CHAPTER II ABOUT DOT: DOT stands for department of telecom. It was started in the year 1992-93.The department is presently headed by Prof M.N. Srirangaraju, who is supported by a team of qualified & dedicated staff members. On the forefront of development & with the advent of technological revolution & quantum development in the field of electronics & communication due to myriad complexities of the e-world it was inevitable for the evolution of 28
  29. 29. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY another field to make a distinct identity of its own. Thus the ball of development was set into motion & the telecommunication field gradually assumed a role of preeminence which is shared by few other engineering disciplines in the modern world. The Department established in the year 1992 emphasized in providing quality education with the practical aspects of learning given ample importance .The department encourages tech-savvy Projects which Whet the students appetite for technical exploration. TRAI: 29
  30. 30. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY TRAI stands for Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. TRAI was established in the year 1997in pursuance of TRAI (Ordinance) 1997 which was later replaced by an act of parliament to regulate the telecommunication services. Some of the major recommendatory, regulatory & tariff setting. FUNCTIONS OF TRAI Functions of TRAI are to make recommendations on the need & timing for introduction of new service provider ensure compliance of terms & conditions of license, effective management of spectrum, lay down the standards of quality of service to be provided by the service providers &ensure the quality of service & conduct the periodical survey of such service 30
  31. 31. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY provided by the service providers so as to protect interest of the Consumers of telecommunication service, ensure effective compliance of universal service obligations notify the rates at which telecommunication services in India shall be provided under this act etc. Recently in exercise of powers conferred by Provision (K) (1) of Section 2 of the TRAI Act, the Central Government, Vide Notification no S0 44(E) dated 9 the January 2004, has notified Broadcasting & Cable services to be telecommunication service. RECONSTITUTION: I (Amendment) Act, 2000 had led to reconstitution of the authority. It consists of one Chairperson, two 31
  33. 33. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY SOME IMPORTANT & INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT VODAFONE Vodafone is the third largest company in this country by market capitalization. This is remarkable because Vodafone is a relatively new company. Most of the other companies in the FTSE 100 (Largest 100 companies in the UK) have been around considerably longer. Most people in this country instantly recognize the Vodafone logo and know what the company does. Vodafone supplies customers with mobile telephone facilities including text, games, music, mobile TV, and internet services. In 2005 Vodafone had around 16 million UK customers, employed over 33
  34. 34. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY 11,500 people across call centres, offices and retail shops. The NAS is less well-known. It is a national charity working with children, adults, and families affected by autism, and those professionals who work alongside them. Autism is a complex lifelong developmental disability affecting an increasing number of children in the UK. The term autism covers a wide range of behavioral and communication difficulties. For example people with autism find everyday social interaction very difficult. Their ability to develop friendships is generally limited as is their capacity to understand other people's emotional expression. People with autism can often have accompanying learning disabilities but everyone with the 34
  35. 35. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY condition shares a difficulty in making sense of the world. The NAS champions the interests of people with autism and provides services appropriate to their needs. Around 535,000 people in the UK have autistic spectrum disorders and 2 million parents, carers and friends are affected. Understanding of the condition remains limited. 35
  36. 36. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY HISTORY OF VODAFONE: Vodafone is the world's leading international mobile communications company. Currently it has operations in 25 countries across 5 continents and 40 partner networks with over 260 million customers worldwide. DURING 1980’S Vodafone made the UK's first mobile call at a few minutes past midnight on 1St January 1985.Within fifteen years, the network was the largest company in Europe and the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. By the turn of the century, almost every second UK citizen had a 36
  37. 37. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY mobile – and a third of them were connected to Vodafone. The Vodafone story is one of investment, innovation and awardwinning customer service. Above all, it‟s one of growth and the ability to deliver the tremendous benefits of mobile communications, not just in the UK but worldwide. 1982 • The Racal electronics group wins its bid for the private sector UK cellular license. It sets up the Racal telecoms division and names the new network „Vodafone‟ to reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones. Based in Newbury, the company has less than 50 employees, all in one building. 1985 37
  38. 38. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY • The Vodafone analogue network is the first cellular network to launch in the UK, and the first call is made from St Katherine‟s dock in London to Newbury on 1 January 1985. 1987 • Vodafone is recognized as largest mobile network in world. the the • Vodata is created as the „voice and data‟ business to develop and market Vodafone recall, the voicemail service. • Vodapage is launched, providing a paging network that covers 80% of the UK population. 1988 38
  39. 39. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY • Racal telecomm plc floats on the London and New York stock exchanges. 1989 • Paknet is formed as a joint venture between Racal telecom and cable & wireless. VODAFONE DURING 1990’S: 1991 • Racal and Vodafone demerge. And the Vodafone group is listed as an independent company on the London and New York stock exchanges. • Vodafone and telecom Finland make the world‟s first international roaming call. 39
  40. 40. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY • Vodafone launches its digital (GSM) mobile phone service – the first in the UK. 1992 • Vodafone and telecom Finland sign the world's first international GSM roaming agreement. 1993 • Vodafone group international is formed to acquire licenses and supervise overseas interests. • Vodafone opens street store. its first high 1994 • Vodata is the first network operator in the UK to launch data, fax and sms services over the digital network. 40
  41. 41. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY • Vodafone joins the global star consortium to develop and launch a low earth orbiting satellite mobile phone service. 1996 • Vodafone is the first network operator in the UK to launch a prepay analogue package. • Per second billing on the digital network is introduced, as well as options to buy „bundled‟ minutes and make off-peak local calls to landlines. 1997 • Chris gent succeeds Sir Gerald Went as chief executive officer of Vodafone group plc. 1999 • Vodafone air touch plc is created as a result of a successful merger 41
  42. 42. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY between Vodafone group plc and air touch communications Inc. • On 5 January Vodafone connects the five million customers in the UK. VODAFONE DURING 2000’S: 2000 • The acquisition of Mannesmann Ag almost doubles the size of the Vodafone group making it the largest mobile telecommunications company and one of the top ten companies, by market capitalization, in the world. • Vizzavi is launched, a 50/50 joint venture between Vodafone air 42
  43. 43. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY touch and vivendinet to deliver a multi-access branded internet portal for Europe. • Vodafone acquires the largest available 3g license in the UK. In parallel with the development of 3g, Vodafone announces its intention to offer GPRS (general packet radio service) to UK corporate customers. • The global star satellite communications service is launched in the UK. 2001 • Vodafone introduces messaging to its networks. instant • Vodafone makes the world‟s first 3g roaming call between Spain and Japan. 43
  44. 44. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY 2002 • Vodafone trials its global mobile payment system in the UK Italy and Germany. • Vodafone launches the first commercial European GPRS roaming service. • The Vodafone group foundation is launched. The group and its subsidiaries plan to contribute £20 million to community programmers, guided by the group social investment policy. • Vodafone launches Vodafone live! & mobile office, two new consumer and business propositions. • Arun Sarin is selected to succeed Sir Christopher Gent as Chief Executive of Vodafone group plc. 44
  45. 45. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY 2003 • Vodafone lives! attracts 1 million customers in its first six months. • Orange, telephonic moviles, tmobile, and Vodafone form a new association to drive interoperable mobile payments. 2004 • Vodafone launches its first 3g service in Europe with the vodafone mobile connect 3g/gprs data card. • Vodafone lives! With launched in 13 markets. 3g is 2005 • Vodafone simply is launched, giving customers new, easy-to-use voice and text services. 45
  46. 46. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY • Vodafone introduces passport, a new voice roaming price plan. 2006 • The number of Vodafone lives! Customers with 3g reach 10 million. MANAGEMENT OF VODAFONE NEW CEO OF VODAFONE: 46
  47. 47. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY VODAFONE ANNOUNCES NEW CHIEF EXECUTIVE Vodafone group plc today announces that, after five years in the role, Arun Sarin will be retiring as chief executive at the end of the company‟s AGM on 29th July 2008. He will be succeeded by deputy chief executive Vittorio Colao. Arun Sarin became chief executive in July 2003 and over the last five years has led the company through a period of significant change, both strategic and organizational. Under his leadership Vodafone has developed and implemented a new strategy to become a total communications company, which is already delivering results. As part of its strategy Vodafone has also expanded into emerging markets 47
  48. 48. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY including Romania, Czech Republic, Turkey, and most recently, India where Arun Sarin led the acquisition of Hutchison essar, which is the largest foreign investment made in the country. In portfolio management, during this time the company also disposed of its businesses in Japan and Sweden, together with interests in Switzerland and Belgium. In Europe the new strategy has delivered innovative products, improved revenue and significant cost reduction. Organizationally the company has been structured to take advantage of its significant global footprint by becoming an integrated business with a clear distinction between global and local activities. 48
  49. 49. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY During his time as chief executive the company has also grown its proportionate customer base from 120 million to more than 260 million globally and over this period Vodafone has consistently delivered strong results. Returns to shareholders over this period have also been very positive with dividends increasing from 1.69p to 7.51p, an increase of more than 400%. He has also built a new senior management team and taken the lead on major industry issues, including mobile broadband and internet services. COMMENTING, CHAIRMAN SIR JOHN BOND SAID: “Arun has done a tremendous job as chief executive. He has led the company with distinction and navigated Vodafone through a period 49
  50. 50. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY of rapid change. He has developed a new strategy for the business and significantly expanded our footprint in emerging markets. The acquisition in India was very well timed and executed. The board has a great deal to thank him for and i would like personally to thank him for all he has done for the business and wish him and his family all the best for the future. In Vittorio Colao we have a fine successor and I am looking forward to working with him in his new role.” ARUN SARIN SAID: “It has been a privilege to lead Vodafone for the last five years and to have been involved in the company for such a long time. I feel that I have accomplished what i set out to achieve, particularly 50
  51. 51. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY in developing and implementing a new strategy. I am very proud of what Vodafone and its 71,000 people have achieved and the good momentum we have in the marketplace. I know that the business is in capable hands with Vittorio Colao. Having worked with him for many years I know that he has the experience and vision to take Vodafone on to future success.” Vodafone group plc also announced today that non executive directors Michael Boskin and Jurgen Schrempp will not be seeking re-election at the AGM. Michael Boskin joined the Vodafone board in 1999 on Vodafone‟s merger with air touch communications Inc, having served for a number of years previously on the air touch board. Jürgen Schrempp became a director of 51
  52. 52. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Vodafone in 2000 when Vodafone completed its acquisition of Mannesmann, having been a member of Mannesmann‟s supervisory board before then. Sir John bond said: “I would like to thank Michael and Jürgen for their contributions and for the different and important perspectives each has brought to our board. Both have served with distinction and i am very grateful for their tireless work on our board committees, especially Michael‟s chairmanship of the audit committee. Jürgen has, at one time or another, been a member of each of our principal board committees. We wish them both well in the future.” ARUN SARIN 52
  53. 53. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Arun Sarin, aged 53, graduated from the Indian institute of technology with a BS in engineering in 1975. In 1978 he gained a MS in engineering and a MBA from the University of California, at Berkeley. He started his career as a management consultant before moving, in 1984, to pacific Telesis group in San Francisco. Commencing in corporate development, he was instrumental in the company acquiring the first cellular licenses in the us as well as winning the first cellular license in Germany and a PCN license in the UK. He was subsequently appointed CFO and chief strategy officer at pacific bell, before moving on to become vice president and general manager, San Francisco bay area 53
  54. 54. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY telephone company, a pacific bell division with 12,000 employees. Following the demerger from pacific Telesis of the mobile and paging businesses to form air touch communications, Arun was appointed senior vice president corporate strategy and development where he developed and implemented a growth strategy encompassing partnerships and acquisitions, which included the merger with us west‟s wireless business. On becoming president and CEO, air touch international, Arun was responsible for the acquisition of wireless licenses in several overseas territories and establishing the management teams of these new ventures. 54
  55. 55. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY He then became president of air touch communications where he was responsible for managing the cellular and paging operations in 14 countries and was a key negotiator in the successful merger of air touch with Vodafone group plc. Within the combined business, Vodafone air touch plc, he was appointed CEO US/Asia pacific region, managing the group‟s operations in the US, Asia and Australasia. In addition, he headed the global mobile internet division, responsible for the introduction of wireless internet services. In 2000, with the successful merger of Vodafone air touch‟s us businesses with those of bell Atlantic and GTE to form VERIZON wireless, arun, whilst maintaining 55
  56. 56. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY a non-executive directorship of Vodafone air touch plc, became CEO of info space, a provider of mobile internet content and directory services. In 2001 he joined ACCEL-KKR telecom; a telecom investment and management business, where he evaluated numerous opportunities in the telecommunications industry around the world and oversaw the acquisition of bell Canada‟s yellow pages business. In April 2003 he became CEO designate of Vodafone group plc and assumed the post of chief executive on July 30th 2003. Prior to becoming chief executive, Arun had been a non-executive director of the GAP Inc, the 56
  57. 57. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Charles Schwab Corporation Cisco systems inc. and In July 2005, he was appointed to the court of directors at the bank of England. Vittorio Colao 57
  58. 58. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Vittorio Colao, aged 46, was appointed chief executive, Europe and deputy group chief executive of Vodafone group plc in October 2006. Vittorio holds a business degree cum laude from Bocconi University and an MBA with honors from the Harvard business school. Between 2004 and 2006 he was chief executive officer of RCS media group in Milan, a leading media group, publishing newspapers, magazines and books in Italy, Spain, and France. Prior to that, Vittorio held the post of regional CEO, south Europe, Middle East and Africa, of Vodafone group plc, and he was an executive director on the main board. Before the Vodafone acquisition, Vittorio 58
  59. 59. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY was COO and CEO of Omnitel Pronto Italia, now vodafone Italy. Vittorio spent the early part of his career (1996-98 and 1991-96) at Mckinsey & co, where he was a partner in the Milan office, working on media, telecommunications and industrial goods. He headed the finance practice, and was responsible for the office recruiting of consultants. Vittorio worked in 1989/1990 for Morgan Stanley investment bank division, in London, and Mondadori, the Italian publisher. Vittorio has been a non-executive director and member of the remuneration committee of Ras insurance, then listed on the Milan stock exchange (now merged with allianz se), and was previously a non-executive 59
  60. 60. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY director and remuneration Finmeccanica, chairman of committee 60 the of
  61. 61. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY CHAPTER IV PRODUCTS & SERVICES OFFERED BY VODAFONE: PRODUCTS CATEGORY: 1. CHARGERS: Stay connected wherever you are with the nokia travel charger. It's handy when you're camping, flying or on the go. It's also ideal if you forget to keep your phone fully charged. With most nokia phones now packing cameras, organizers and email, this 61
  62. 62. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY nifty gadget will come in handy for more than just talking. And because it's small, you can pack it in your bag and forget about it - until you run out of juice. 2. CONNECTIVITY: Get a great signal at home without leaning out of the window thanks to the Vodafone access gateway. 62
  63. 63. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY The gateway simply plugs into your broadband line, boosting your 3g signal right through your home. It's also small, so you'll hardly notice it's there. Want to share your signal with friends and family? If they're on Vodafone you can - up to four people can use the gateway at once. Vodafone access gateway works with any 3g phone. You'll also need a home broadband line, with a minimum speed of 1mbps. The Vodafone access gateway is also available from just 290 RS a month with select pay monthly offers; please pop into a store for more information. 3. HEADSETS & HEADPHONES: 63
  64. 64. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Get a great signal at home without leaning out of the window thanks to the Vodafone access gateway. The gateway simply plugs into your broadband line, boosting your 3g signal right through your home. It's also small, so you'll hardly notice it's there. Want to share your signal with friends and family? 64
  65. 65. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY If they're on Vodafone you can - up to four people can use the gateway at once. Vodafone access gateway works with any 3g phone. You'll also need a home broadband line, with a minimum speed of 1mbps. The Vodafone access gateway is also available from just 290 a month with select pay monthly offers; please pop into a store for more information. 4. FLEX ARM CRADLE: 65
  66. 66. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Talk in your car - while your hands stay firmly on the wheel. The Vodafone car cradle is designed for any handset. Just attach the suction cap to your windscreen, or clip the cradle to your air - vent. No mess. No tools. No hassle. Once the cradles attached, twist the bendy arm for the perfect position. It's as easy as that. Simple and safe, the must-have accessory is, at just 567 RS, very affordable too. 5. MEMORY CARDS: 66
  67. 67. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY When you need to pack even more into your phone, choose the SanDisk 4 GB micro SD memory card. It has the same dimensions as the 2 GB card, but lets you carry loads more tunes and photos. With space for up to 1,000 tracks, there's enough room in this tiny device for all your favorites. You can also store, view or transfer photos and video clips - safely and easily. Slim, powerful and ultra compatible, the 4 GB micro SD memory card is the ideal companion for your phone. SERVICES: Vodafone‟s new telecoms management service simplifying the management of fixed and mobile telecoms services. 67
  68. 68. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Vodafone Global Enterprise- – The division of Vodafone which manages the communications needs of the largest multinational companies worldwide – announces the launch of Vodafone telecoms management, a new service which combines and simplifies the management of fixed and mobile telecoms. Vodafone telecoms management is a fully hosted service designed to remove the operational complexity of managing the telecoms environment for multinational businesses. Underpinned by Vodafone‟s global support and service level agreements, the service will give multinationals greater visibility and management control over their 68
  69. 69. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY telecoms expenditure, as well as improve the quality of service delivered to employees. The offering will also deliver a single, online management view of both their fixed and mobile telecoms services. Vodafone consultants will work with customers to assess and scope their current telecoms vendors and services, then develop a management plan aimed to deliver greater efficiency and reduce costs. ADDITIONAL KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: • A single online view of spend across all telecoms providers. 69
  70. 70. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY • Full visibility of telecoms assets such as mobile and fixed devices. • Ability to control mobile devices. and manage • Capability to secure, lock remotely wipe mobile devices. and • Visibility of telecoms vendor contracts and the current contract status The online management portal is tailored to each organization to ensure that it interfaces with their existing company processes. For example, the service provides an employee self-service portal, enabling employees to order new mobile devices and update their profiles. The process of ordering a device and the type of device that an employee is allowed to order 70
  71. 71. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY will be in line with each company‟s set approval guidelines, policies and work flows. “In this tough economic environment our customers are urgently seeking ways to reduce cost and simplify their processes,” said Nick Jeffery, director, Vodafone global enterprise. “Very few global organizations have a complete and accurate view of their fixed and mobile telecoms landscape. Our telecoms management service has been developed in direct response to this need.” INTERNET: MOBILE BROADBAND: MOBILE BROADBAND VIA YOUR PHONE Feel the freedom. Use the internet your way – with full access to VOIP 71
  72. 72. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY services like SKYPE™, and peer to peer services like file sharing. With mobile broadband via your phone, you get a whopping 5 GB each month. Simply use your phone as normal – and if you have a 3g phone, connect it to your laptop to turn your phone into a broadband modem. Before you get started, you might need to make a few changes to your phone‟s settings – your user manual will have all the details. Add mobile broadband via your phone – for £20 a month • 5 GB a downloads month – ideal for big • VOIP and peer to peer services – get full access to SKYPE™, file sharing and lots more 72
  73. 73. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY • One plan for everything – you don‟t need a separate USB modem device. Just use your phone instead38 HOME BROADBAND: Vodafone home broadband gives you high-speed internet access and inclusive anytime landline calls for just 812 RS a month. With no hidden catches, our customers say its better value than their previous home broadband package. What do I get? • Super fast broadband connection (up to 8mb) with unlimited usage 73
  74. 74. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY • Inclusive calls to UK landlines any time • 25% off calls to UK mobiles •Free 24/7 UK-based telephone support •Broadband modem and micro filters included all for just 812 Rs per month. 30-Day money back guarantee We‟re so confident Vodafone at home is better value for money than your current broadband package; we‟ll give you a 30-day money back guarantee. Call us to find out more. What about VAT? 74
  77. 77. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY VODAFONE TOP’S THE LIST IN THIS CATEGORY ABOUT THE MOST POPULAR VODAFONE ZOO-ZOOS: SOME INTERESTING ZOOS: FACTS ABOUT ZOO On first look, these “Zoo Zoos” in Vodafone TV ads may resemble animated cartoon characters with an alien look or simply a stupid egghead character with disproportional white bodies and black dots for eyes and mouth. But the interesting 77
  78. 78. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY part is that Zoo Zoos are not animated characters but are actually slim women actors from local Mumbai theatres, dressed in white costumes that are stuffed with foam to portray the characters. These characters are named Zoo Zoos and are created by O&M. These ads were directed by Prakash Varma and were launched during the ongoing IPL 2 series. They are human beings who were made to wear body suits. “The design of the characters is such that one gets fooled into thinking it is animation,” shrugs Rao, which was indeed the very illusion that had to be created. “In a sense, it is „live‟ animation!” He quips, 78
  79. 79. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY referring to the fact that it was all shot live. To create large heads they used a material called Perspex, which was again stuffed with foam. Also, they casted only women and children to play the zoo zoos so that the thin hands and legs made the heads look even bigger. SPONSORSHIP VODAFONE’S PARTNERSHIP WITH MCLAREN MERCEDES SERIES: As title sponsor and official mobile partner of the „Vodafone McLaren Mercedes‟ team, Vodafone is raising its association with Formula 1 to the ultimate level. We have committed to a long-term agreement, starting in2007. 79
  80. 80. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY The sponsorship demonstrates Vodafone‟s ongoing commitment to the Formula 1 world championship, a sport which continues to deliver massive global television coverage and which has significant appeal for Vodafone‟s consumer and business customers around the world. The title sponsorship including the team name „Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes‟ and „official mobile partner‟ of the team gives Vodafone; dominant title sponsorship branding on the cars, drivers' and pit crews' overalls and helmets. As we enter into this exciting new partnership the associative rights acquired provide unique 80
  81. 81. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY opportunities that will continue to raise brand awareness through the team name and branding. The team partnership delivers a powerful integrated marketing platform through advertising, hospitality, mobile content, handset offers and promotions and through innovative activation will encourage preference and loyalty amongst Vodafone‟s customers. VODAFONE WITH UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Vodafone is in its second season as official partner and official mobile network of the UEFA Champions‟ League, the world's largest annual football competition. Vodafone is delighted to be at the forefront of Europe‟s premier club 81
  82. 82. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY competition. After the successes of last season's UEFA champions league sponsorship and the agreements announced in April to sponsor the UEFA cup final and UEFA super cup, Vodafone is looking forward to strengthening its position as a brand passionate about the beautiful game. The UEFA champions‟ league is the world's greatest club football competition. During nine months of every year, Europe‟s top 32 clubs battle it out for the trophy that proves they're the best of the best. It's a sponsorship that delivers considerable value to Vodafone and is highly relevant to most of the Vodafone operating companies. Football is the most popular sport in the world. Huge numbers of 82
  83. 83. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Vodafone customers are passionate about football and sponsorships help to convert this passion into a business relationship. The partnership enables Vodafone to deliver content including video highlights packages and goal alerts from all UEFA champions league matches to football fans on the Vodafone live! With 3G consumer service. VODAFONE TIE-UP WITH RADIO CHANNEL FEVER 104: Vodafone tied up with Radio channel FEVER 104 wherein the channel provides with cash prizes of up to 1 lakh or more which is another promotion strategy adopted by Vodafone which was a success. VODAFONE SPONSOR OF ENGLAND CRICKET TEAM: 83
  84. 84. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY As our sponsorship of the England cricket team comes to a close, we‟ve got an impressive lineup to celebrate the 12th and final year of the partnership. This summer England will once again embark on the quest for victory in the ultimate test of any England cricketer as they take on Australia in the N power ashes series; and as a Vodafone customer, you can be with us the whole way. VODAFONE SOUNDBITES Vodafone sound bites explore every aspect of the global music scene. Featuring international artists‟ interviews at gigs and festivals, bands‟ fantasy group line-ups, preshow rituals and performers describing their first time on stage, the programmed brings an 84
  85. 85. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY authentic behind the scenes insight into the world of music. Vodafone sound bites are available on TV, via a website ( and on mobile ( as a series of twenty one, three minute shows. The website and mobile service carry additional footage, as well as editorial and news elements. Uniquely the programmed is available in seven languages on MTV in Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, the UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and on the MTV European feed, covering sixteen countries! 85
  86. 86. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY EFFORTS TAKEN TO BOOST SALES BY VODAFONE (THEZOO ZOO SERIES): Vodafone‟s new series of advertisements feature lovable white, large-headed creatures that have attracted more than 28,500 fans on face book. “They are so cute,” “they remind me of Casper who was my favorite cartoon.” But for all those who think the zoo zoos are animated, here‟s the shocker: they are real people in costume. 86
  87. 87. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Rajiv Rao, Executive Creative Director (South Asia) of Ogilvy & Mather, the agency that handles Vodafone advertisements, said: “we wanted to make real people look as animated as possible.” Bangalore-based nirvana films shot the ads in Cape Town, South Africa, just in time for IPL. Said Prakash Verma, nirvana‟s owner and director of the zoo zoo campaign: “our actors were small-bodied, thin women covered in layers of white fabric. Each facial expression was made of rubber and pasted on the actors.” In about 10 days, O&M completed the campaign shooting two-three films a day, each selling a product or a service offered by Vodafone. A 87
  88. 88. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY dozen more films are the league progresses. expected as The characters, which look like distant cousins of the Pillsbury dough boy, were enacted by professional ballet artists in white body suits. “What makes them so endearing is that they are innocent people living in a simple world unlike ours, who laugh loud when they laugh. And who seem to be in an in-between world of animation and reality,” said Mr. Rajiv Rao, executive creative director, O&M. A film shot at 20 frames per second made the zoo zoo‟s movements hurried and comical. Of the29 different zoo zoo ads created for the IPL, there will be a new one every day. 88
  89. 89. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT VODAFONE LAUNCHES PHONES FOR THE POOR From now onwards millions of people all through the world could access mobile phones for the first time with the release of Vodafone‟s first ultra-cheap own-branded phones. It is said by the company that these phones are cheap enough for poor people to have. Plus the Vodafone 125 and225, released recently, are aimed at expanding the availability of affordable mobile phones in increasing markets. The mobile produced for phones have been Vodafone by Chinese 89
  90. 90. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY manufacturer ZTE Corporation- the first handsets resulting from an agreement between the two companies announced in December. They will come into view first on Vodafone networks in Egypt, Romania and South Africa. The Vodafone 125 and 225 are reported to be consisting with a similar set of basic features, although the 125 has a monochrome display whereas the 225‟s display is colour. Vodafone is also planning to open access to mobile services for more people in countries where mobile networks are the most viable and cost-effective communications service available. The phones are said to be coming with the price tag of around 1200-2500. 90
  91. 91. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY HAPPY TO HELP: This is an online 24*7 helpline service for the customers of Vodafone. This provides help to the customer queries related to the products & services like VAS, talk time, recharge & etc. CUSTOMER CARE CENTRE: This is one of the best way of maintaining a healthy customer relationship adopted by VODAFONE. They have their own customer care centre‟s all over India wherein the customers directly come to the centre‟s regarding the problems they face related to the products & services. 91
  93. 93. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY “We are delighted to announce that the iphone 3g will be available in India from august 22, 2008. It will be available in 8gb & 16gb models, priced at Rs 31,000 and Rs 36,100 respectively.” And this is just the cost of apple hardware - you will have to pay extra for data and voice plans. Airtel will also introduce iphone on the same date but I don‟t think if an iphone 3g is worth that kind of money. 49 Now that Vodafone officially announced the price of iphone, a local rep. Shared details about the different tariff plans available for Vodafone customers of iphone in India. 93
  94. 94. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Unlike blackberry, Vodafone offers no "unlimited data" plan for iphone users. That means if you exhaust your monthly data usage limit, be prepared to shell out an extra Rs 5 per MB of data exchanged. The monthly rent for iphone will range from Rs 500 to Rs 1000 depending on your internet requirements. The lower plan will provide you with 50 MB of free data usage while the upper 1000 plan provides 600 MB of data usage. The above plans are for customers with a postpaid connection. If you want to go for a prepaid iphone connection, there‟s an iphone data card available for a monthly rent of Rs 100 but without any free data usage. 94
  95. 95. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY The sms and local / std call charges on iphone will more or less be the same as existing tariffs offered by Vodafone. Let‟s do some maths. If you are heavy web user, the overall cost would work something like this- Rs 36000 (for handset) + Rs 12000 (yearly rent) + call charges + extra data charges + taxes. Contrast that with a blackberry curve from airtel - Rs 23000 (for headset) + Rs 6000 (yearly rent with unlimited data) + call charges + taxes. VODAFONE’S TIE-UP WITH B.E.S.T & RAILWAY’S: As a part of the customer relationship management Vodafone came out with a unique plan of providing its customers with utmost 95
  96. 96. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY ease of paying their bills on the railway platforms & in the buses. The customers were have to visit the respective centres of their area to pay the bills which was time consuming & required some effort. Because of the initiative taken by Vodafone postpaid customers are very much relaxed that they do not have to visit the respective centre‟s to make the payment. COMPARISN BETWEEN VODAFONE & LOOP MOBILE LOOP MOBILE: Loop mobile strives for customer satisfaction and business success in the telecom service field. Apart from offering prepaid, post-paid, roaming, voice sms and push mail services in the wireless industry, 96
  97. 97. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY this mobile service company also provides other values-added services. The communications service company gives an itemized bill, which a detailed bill is accounting the outgoing calls, sms, subscribed services and other such details. The customer of the mobile service company also gets missed call alerts through sms alerts, when the phone is switched off or is out of the coverage area/range. Mobile answer phone service or voice mail service is available for customers not able to attend calls, and if activated allows the caller to record his/her message. Call conferencing also offered by BPL communication, which a conference between two or more persons. 97
  98. 98. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Other services such as clip, which identifies the caller; popular roaming, which allows special roaming without any deposit in India and STD/ISD facility to make national/international calls are provided by the mobile service company. Emergency STD/ISD services, which provide access to STD/ISD calling without any deposits for 20 minutes, clir to secure the customers‟ numbers from being reflected on caller‟s mobile and fax/data and internet options are also the other value-added services offered by the communications service company. BPL communication offers national roaming that allows the customers to get incoming calls while traveling in India and international roaming to get 98
  99. 99. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY incoming calls outside India. while traveling Offers post-paid, prepaid, roaming, voice sms and push mail services. The post-paid service offered by the mobile service company has several plans to attract customers. These plans include PAISA VASOOL on BPL mobile at reduced call rates, sms and mms, talk more with BPL mobile, which is a group plan for the family and friends at reduced call rates, national family and friends, which offers 60 per cent discount on std airtime for calls to any one mobile number and night plan. Under the prepaid scheme, the communications service company offers MOTS RCC 399 with outgoing 99
  100. 100. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY calls free on BPL and zone advantage, which allows the customer to pick any of the 15zones, like home, office, college and so on, in order to enjoy some special privileges of calling and sending sms. The night pack allows customer to make calls at minimum rates and the sms bundle pack is offered by BPL communication at very low rates. Roaming with MOTS allows one to subscribe for national and international roaming. E-mails may be unanswered in the inbox and in the present competitive world, quick decision are highly essential. The push mail offered by the mobile service company allows one to access mails even while traveling. The push mail supports Microsoft exchange, lotus notes, SMTP and imap/pop3 servers. 100
  101. 101. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY PROBLEMS FACED BY LOOP CUSTOMERS: BILLING PROBLEMS: I have 2 mobile numbers from BPL mobile. I have given auto pay from my credit card so as to there is no delay in bill payment. This was working fine till November 06. Since December every time BPL comes back saying that my bank declines the payment i had check with my bank they are saying that my card is in active mode has large limit than BPL mobiles bill still BPL disconnects my connection. This has happened 5-6 times. I have a confirmation from my bank that there is no problem in my card. I have written to BPL at least 10times but none of their senior level people looked in this I am 101
  102. 102. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY suffering even monetary losses due to this & frustration. It feels like they want to harass you. I have very clean record of bill payment & not even a late payment as I have always kept my bill payment on auto pay. I have submitted this auto pay to their Maladgallery but I don‟t know why their operations dept or customer care dept are not able to solve this. My sincere request to all new mobile connection buyers to read through my complaint. BY AJAY PATANKAR REDUCING BALANCE WITHOUT ANY CONFIRMATION: 102
  103. 103. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY I was in Germany for about two months during which barring one or two numbers no one could reach me despite activating international roaming on my cell. This caused a lot of inconvenience and I had to pay additional money to make phonecalls. But then on 9th November suddenly my balance went off from Rs. 2,500 to a negative balance after sending and receiving one sms. I logged a complaint on the online system for which I receive two apparently unique complaint numbers doc-c11117465 and doc-c-111121812 which itself speaks a lot about the complaint management system. After returning when I called the absolutely useless help desk and explained the situation to several executives over and over again, 103
  104. 104. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY they finally gave me the two numbers on which apparently i had spoken. I tried both these numbers here locally from my land line- one number is out of service and the other is a fax line. First of all i could not receive any calls while i was in Germany and then these numbers that were given by the help desk are not even functional numbers. I am really annoyed now and it‟s getting worse because today I have had another debit of Rs. 99 for activating an inactive international roaming. BY D RANADE BAD SERVICE: I am given prepaid subscriber, I had my documents 3 days back, 104
  105. 105. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY after that they send me a message your request could not proceeded please call mobile assist 0n 555, after that last night they suspended my both prepaid line, when i visit Mahimgallery they said signature is not thereon application form , I signed on application & they promise me that my line will be activated within an hour but still it is suspended so please i request do not use BPL mobile. Now i have already taken airtel card & I am not going to use BPL anymore. Airtel & Vodafone is best. COMMENT BY SHAILESH PATIL PROBLEMS FACED BY VODAFONE CUSTOMERS: Anyone experiencing problems with Vodafone today, no sms and cannot 105
  106. 106. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY receive any calls, through to CS. cannot get Chris No problems in derby. Could be a local problem. CHAPTER V FUTURE OF VODAFONE: VODAFONE SUGGESTS FUTURE ANDROID PHONE: Vodafone have confirmed that their currently looking at developing more and radio phones to complement their new HTC magic handset, and that some future android devices could appear without Google. 106
  107. 107. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY In an interview with, Vodafone‟s Rachel Williams revealed that whilst the HTC magic arise bundled with all the well-known Google services future android handsets may feature a basic package allowing networks to integrate their own clients‟ software instead. Williams also went onto confirm that more Vodafone android phones were likely in the future, “we are looking at other android devices by joining the open handset alliance it shows our commitment (to ranging other devices using Androids)”. VODAFONE APPLICATION STORE COMING SOON: Vodafone on May 12 2009 announced plans to open their own application stores for third party application 107
  108. 108. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY that will be made available across a wide variety of mobile platforms VODAFONE COMPLETES HUTCH ACQUISITION: On day when Indian conglomerate Essar threatened legal action against Hutch-Essar deal Vodafone‟s CEO Arun Sarin met Communications & IT Minister Dayanidhi Maran & briefed him on the company‟s future plans for India. The British telecom major won the bid to acquire the stake of Hutchison Telecom in India‟s fourth largest mobile operator Hutch – Essar. Essar sources said the company is considering legal action over the 108
  109. 109. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY deal on account of it being ignored in taking key business decisions. Essar is concerned over Vodafone‟s move to forge ahead with plans like networks sharing without consulting it first. “This is just the beginning Maran told PTI about the Hutch-Vodafone deal. India‟s telecom growth story is really interesting. Once the tele-density crosses 25 per cent, the growth curve will become even steeper. Maran hoped that the number of mobile users in India which is currently 150 million would touch 250 million by end of 2007 & 500 million marks in the next 3 years. CONCLUSION: 109
  110. 110. VODAFONE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY Vodafone with the help of its correct marketing strategy & quality products & services at an affordable price is one of the world‟s leading telecom companies with the customer base of over 250 million & the future plans & policies of Vodafone will help the company to achieve its target of adding 500 million by the end of 2010. 110