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Muhammad ali


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Muhammad ali

  1. 1. Muhammad AliBy Julia Venegas
  2. 2. All of Muhammad Ali’s Family Sonji Roi was hisfirst wife Belinda Boyd was hissecond wife Veronica Porche washis third wife And Yolanda Lonniewas his fourth wifeMuhammadAli also had 9kidsHe had 7 girlsAnd 2 boys
  3. 3. Muhammad Ali’s NameMuhammad Ali’s real name was originallyCassius Marcellus Clay Jr. He legallychanged his name to Muhammad Alifrom Cassius Clay when he was 21years old.
  4. 4. How Many Fights Muhammad AliHad Muhammad Ali had61 fights total He won 57 fights He lost 4 fights outof all the fights
  5. 5. Rumble In The Jungle October 30,1974 Historic boxingmatch Ali VS Foreman Ali won in a knockout At one point in thematch Georgepunched Ali in thebody. Ali whisperedIs that all you gotGeorge?’”Foremanthought, yep that’sabout it.
  6. 6. Muhammad Ali Had To Pay ThePrice When Muhammad Ali refused to go tothe Vietnam war for religiousreasons, he was stripped from his beltand banned from boxing for 31/2 years. He was convicted by a jury for dodging thedraft. He inspired Martin Luther King Jr. to take astand against the war. His conviction was reversed by theSupreme Court.
  7. 7. Rumble in the Jungle click picture to view video
  8. 8. The End and Thank you Thank you for watching my Powerpointabout Muhammad Ali because everyone can learn some interesting factsabout him so thank you for watching the end.