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Ethical fashion lecture


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Ethical Fashion Lecture

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Ethical fashion lecture

  1. 1. “Immaterial aspects of fashion will become celebrated as raw materials become scarcer. The material components of fashion will be treated with greater reverence and respect for the same reason.” -Kate Fletcher
  2. 2. “I do not think the eco/organic/fair trade movement is a trend. I think it is the beginning of a major shift in consciousness in the fashion business.” Julie Gilhart, fashion director and Senior Vice President of Barneys, NYC
  3. 3. “This is not about the new colour for spring. It’s actually about the new direction of our industry” Stella McCartney Vegan and animal friendly designer.
  4. 4. 7.1 million consumers think ethical clothing is quite / very important but find availability poor or very poor. Ethical Clothing Report, Worldpanel fashion, TNS 2007 p.17
  5. 5. Non – ethical fashion can be called…
  6. 6. Fatal Fashion
  7. 7. Fashion Victims in the Bangladesh Garment Industry – two recent tragic events… • Tarzeen Factory Fire • 24th November 2012 • 117 People Died • 200 Injured • Rana Plaza Collapse • 24th April 2013 • Over 1000 People died • 2515 Injured
  8. 8. Bangladesh Fashion Industry • $19 USD Billion Industry • Approx 4 million people • Of which 3.4 million are women • 78% of Exports are Garment related • Over 5000 Factories • A high level of non compliance to paying a living wage.
  9. 9. Garment workers are asking for $104.72 a month, which would almost double the current minimum. To get to that number, they created a monthly budget that, they figure, is the bare minimum. This would increase the cost of a T- Shirt by approx 20 cents Do you think you could still afford to Buy one ? As a result, on December 1st, 2013 the minimum wage rose to $68.00 a month , amazingly an increase Of 77% from existing minimum ($14 per month).
  10. 10. Fashion Revolution
  11. 11. Landfill Fashion
  12. 12. Fast Fashion
  13. 13. Fast facts: Approximately 50,000 tonnes of fabric are wasted each year during manufacture, which goes straight to landfill. Around 40% of world fabric production is cotton. Cotton uses approximately 8000 litres of water for 1kilo of cotton. Pesticides used on cotton harm people, wildlife and the environment. These pesticides can poison farm workers, drift into neighboring communities, contaminate ground and surface water and kill beneficial insects and soil micro-organisms.
  14. 14. Ethical Fashion Examples…
  15. 15. • Sustainable Fashion • Green Fashion • Environmentally Friendly / Eco Fashion • Carbon Neutral Fashion • Organic Fashion • Vegan Fashion / Compassionate Clothing • Fair Trade • Slow Fashion • Locally / handmade • Zero Waste / O Waste
  16. 16. Dragstar// made local
  17. 17. For further information on Ethical Fashion…
  18. 18. *Handy hint: A great ethical fashion magazine {which is carbon neutral and made in Queensland, Australia} is…Peppermint Magazine!
  19. 19. *Sold in fabulous bookstores & newsagents everywhere!
  20. 20. “Zero Waste Fashion is part of a larger picture of beauty for everyone, that Fashion is capable of being the source of.” - Timo Rissanen
  21. 21. Check out Timo Rissanen’s Zero Waste Thesis at UTS Library // main desk…
  22. 22. The Ethical Consumer Guide has an ethical clothing app… *Search “Shop Ethical” in App Store *Go to the website: *Or you can order a small paper book copy.
  23. 23. Oxfam 3 Things campaign
  24. 24. Great websites to check out: Fair Trade Australia & NZ Ethical Clothing Australia Ethical Fashion Forum
  25. 25. Questions…