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Konley Kelley Portfolio 2020

A portfolio of my creative work, contributions, and projects as an employee of Dallas College, member of professional associations, volunteer with non-profit organizations, and for personal enjoyment.

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Konley Kelley Portfolio 2020

  1. 1. Konley Kelley Portfolio 2020 Customers Served Garland Center InfoGraphic Garland Center Open House Garland Center Newsletter Garland Center Marketing Richland Presentations CNC Machine Operator Apprenticeship DCMA Leadership Academy Summer Instructor Showcase City of Garland M2L Flyer Garland Chamber Business Expo CRM Mock-up Leadership Garland Caricature CTC Ads Teambuilding TACE Habitat Garland Fundraisers CAF Education Officer CAF Graphics Zipline Carrier CAF Banners CAF Graphics CAF Newsletter Rosie the Riveter Webinars 3D Modeling Crossing the California High Sierras A portfolio of my creative work, contributions, and projects as an employee of Dallas College, member of professional associations, volunteer with non-profit organizations, and for personal enjoyment.
  2. 2. Proud to share the logos of many of the customers served by Richland Campus contract training under my watch,
  3. 3. Garland Center Infographic “Telling Our Story” Spearheaded the development of a marketing piece in conjunction with the Garland Center’s 10th Anniversary. Won second place in the Marketing Showcase at the Texas Administrators of Continuing Education (TACE) Conference.
  4. 4. Garland Center Open House One of the first Richland staff members to move to the new Garland Center. Responsible for much of the Open House planning, including creating this helpful map Currently officed with the Garland Chamber staff.
  5. 5. Garland Center Newsletter Garland Center Newsletter Editor from February 2012 to March 2016. Contributing writer and photographer. Published every other month and distributed to customer database. The newsletter includes feature stories, campus activities, instructor or staff spotlights, new program information, open enrollment schedules, photo albums, contact info, and a quote of the month.
  6. 6. Garland Center Marketing Designed independently or directed college marketing department in the creation of rack cards, postcards, chamber ads, program flyers, etc.
  7. 7. Richland Presentations Designed, personally delivered or team-delivered multiple presentations on behalf of the Richland Campus and the Garland Center. Presentations delivered: Client events Veterans Groups State Farm visit Garland Chamber Leadership Garland Richardson Chamber Dallas College Leadership Manufacturing Day TACE North Region TACE State Conference NCCET
  8. 8. CNC Machine Operator Apprenticeship Program On-site coordinator of the first CNC Machine Operator Apprenticeship Program in Garland. A second co-hort with partner, General Dynamics completes in early 2021. With TWC Commissioner representing Labor, Julian Alvarez Ball-peen hammer made by the apprentices
  9. 9. DCMA Leadership Academy Long term partnership with the Garland Chamber and Dallas County Manufacturers’ Association to deliver a DCMA Leadership Academy up to 2x per year. Dallas College contracts with the Garland Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber markets the class and invoices the customers (often new supervisors from DCMA member companies). Classes average 16 participants with a number of companies participating to date and many as repeat customers. Dallas College registers the attendees and delivers the training.
  10. 10. Summer Instructor Showcase Summer Instructor Showcase July, 2019 Directed team and designed marketing for first- ever Summer Instructor Showcase at the Garland Center, July, 2019. Great turnout and over $10K in new business opportunities.
  11. 11. City of Garland M2L Flyer Gave the City of Garland a hand one year by designing the marketing for the yearly “Managing to Lead” (M2L) program with training delivered by the Richland Campus.
  12. 12. Garland Chamber Virtual Business Expo Coordinated Richland Campus’ booth display and technology at the first ever Garland Chamber virtual Business Expo. Solicited the participation of several CE colleagues and President Eggleston. The theme of the event was “Candyland.”
  13. 13. CRM Mock-up Designed a CRM mock-up for Richland Campus Corporate Services (years ago), including many pages of the hierarchy and fields. MS Access was the only available tool at the time. I was unsuccessful shopping it around for free Access programming help. The Client Management System and the forms utilized for data entry became a useful tool for training Richland employees and other college staff doing contract training, business development, and program administration.
  14. 14. Leadership Garland Caricature Awarded the 2018 Leadership Garland Distinguished Leader Award. Member of Leadership Garland Class XXVI. Joined the Leadership Garland Prayer Breakfast Committee and twice-chaired the committee (the Garland Chamber’s 2nd largest yearly community event). Served as Chair of the Leadership Garland Steering Committee in 2018 and was a member of the nomination committee for the next LGDLA.
  15. 15. CTC Ads Vice-President of Corporate (Contract) Training Council. Chair of Marketing sub-committee. The CTC was formed by Dallas College employees overseeing contract training to create a unified message and brand when co-presenting at trade shows and events. Dallas College ran several ads I designed for the CTC in the Dallas Business Journal Directory and other publications.
  16. 16. Teambuilding Legendary Richland faculty member, Luke Barber wrote the book Work Like Your Dog. He tells us to have joy in our work and be playful just like your family pet at home. I’m not shy about rallying the troops for a teambuilding exercise. I’ve led, coordinated or participated in many such events with our group and delivered presentations for Richland new employee orientation sessions. Richland used to hold an annual “Souper Bowl.” This was a very competitive soup tasting contest with a theme. The year we did “commercials,” I led our team to victory for best soup and theme. I had worked for the ad agency that created the Energizer Bunny  We won best theme 3x. Zorro (me) with Richland Command Spanish instructor, Tommy Marion hosting “Zorro’s Black Bean Fantastico Soup” I made sure we had a holiday card and year-in-review message for our clients, trainers, colleagues and community friends every year. Our team also delivered gifts to our clients as a token of appreciation for their business. ***I used Photoshop to add staff that weren’t available for the holiday picture.
  17. 17. Texas Administrators of Continuing Education (TACE) With Dr. William Draves, President of LERN Member of TACE for over 10 years. For many years, carpooled with Richland’s Dean of CE to attend conference planning committee meetings. TACE presenter and panelist more times than I can remember. Elected TACE North Region Representative in 2015. Chaired two North Region meetings. Elected TACE Vice-President in 2017. Chaired two state conferences. Elected TACE President in 2019. TACE Conference Logo Designs TACE President’s Letter just before we made the call to cancel the 2020 Conference. National Council of Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) conference NCCET presenter LERN conference LERN Contract Training Certification (CCT) LERN Certified Program Planner (CPP) Member LERN Contract Training Advisory Group
  18. 18. Habitat Garland Fundraisers Board member of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Garland from 2010 to 2016. Served as Vice-President and Interim President before rolling off the Board. Led or supported multiple fundraising efforts. Board member during the planning, design, construction and opening of a ReStore in Garland. Flyer design for Habitat fundraisers My daughter, Katie, singing with the Joshua Experience. Color Fun Run
  19. 19. CAF Education Officer Member of the Commemorative Air Force and the B-29/B-24 Squadron since 2010. The Squadron maintains an airworthy WWII B-29 Superfortress, B-24 Liberator and several ancillary aircraft. Qualified scanner on both aircraft and have toured many times. Elected the first Squadron Education Officer in 2018. Plan monthly member event programming and special educational activities at fly days and other venues. Provide cockpit tours of the aircraft. Developed content and a presenter for annual B-29 and B-24 Ground Schools.
  20. 20. Zipline Carrier Designed and built a 12 ft. WWII aircraft carrier educational activity. The USS Hornet CV-8 is a WWII aircraft carrier famous for the Doolittle Raid and Battle of Midway. Kids land miniature aircraft attached to a zipline on a target pattern. The ship is on wheels (which can make landing more exciting in high seas). Recently we added a Landing Signal Officer (LSO) activity and a fellow Squadron member created a home- built video game.
  21. 21. CAF Banners Designed and arranged printing for two durable educational banners that are affixed to the B-29 and B-24 when they are on static display. The banners tell the history of the aircraft and answer many of the questions commonly posed by the public to our touring crews, so they can focus on other needed tasks. 15 ft. 13 ft.
  22. 22. CAF Graphics I design airshow posters, tour posters, challenge coins, pins, coffee mugs, magnets, t-shirts, etc. Whatever is needed for marketing, fundraising, Squadron members and our Px. I enjoy doing this.
  23. 23. CAF Newsletter I have been the CAF B-29/B-24 Squadron Newsletter Editor since September, 2012. I solicit stories and photographs as well as writing my own features on veterans, Squadron members, WW2 history and aviation. The Flyer averages around 30 pages an issue. The Flyer newsletter has been published since the 1970s. In my time as Editor, I have added 72 issues to date that chronicle the rich history of this Squadron and our historic aircraft. CAF The Flyer archive.
  24. 24. Rosie the Riveter I arranged a photo shoot and created this postcard for my friend, Lisa Foster, our Squadron’s “Rosie the Riveter” living history performer. I also designed two banners for Lisa and found a pro-bono printing partner. Lisa is a part-time Spanish and ESL instructor at Richland Campus. Several years ago, I joined Lisa for a presentation “American Women in WWII” for the Richland Campus Emeritus Program. Today, Lisa is pursuing her private pilot’s license and is the Executive Officer of the new CAF WASP Squadron.
  25. 25. Webinars During the pandemic, I updated a webinar called “Modeling History in 3D” and delivered it to the Richland Emeritus Program. I collaborated with our B-29 pilot, Al Benzing, to deliver a second webinar to the CAF and later to the Richland Emeritus program about our B-29 “FIFI” on her 75th birthday. You can view the webinars at the links below: Modeling History in 3D FIFI 75th Birthday xMTIwMjBytNR579oHjw&t=2
  26. 26. 3D Modeling I’ve taught Photoshop and 3D modeling for the Richland Campus. My artwork includes several award winning pieces. Last year, I successfully 3D-printed one of my models and am very interested in learning more about 3D printing software and tools. 3D-printed Bell X-1 “MACH BUSTER”
  27. 27. Crossing the California High Sierras with Marmot Bob I had the pleasure of working with my father, Dr. Robert H. Kelley, on a photo book about his history of backpacking the California High Sierras. Next up…a webinar 