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Quotes from the Book 'Surviving in a Class With the “Most Difficult of Professors”'

Inspiring quotes from the book ''Surviving in a Class With the “Most Difficult of Professors”'

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Quotes from the Book 'Surviving in a Class With the “Most Difficult of Professors”'

  1. 1. SURVIVING IN A CLASS WITH THE “MOST DIFFICULT OF PROFESSORS” A Result-Oriented Approach in Dealing with Any College Course Quotes from the Book Philip K. Adu, Ph.D. Monique C. Adu, DO, FAAP
  2. 2. Surviving in a Class with the "Most Difficult of Professors": A Result-Oriented Approach in Dealing with Any College Course: A tangible and practical guide that can be used by any student to improve the way in which they learn, and handle challenges that are faced when dealing with difficult courses and professors. Key Features: Learners Survival Model: Our 5 simple and effective steps for individualized learning to help you proactively deal with any challenges that emerge when taking a course. Reflections: Specific guiding questions to help spark result-oriented decisions and steps as you take on your college courses. Story of Dianne: A real life story to illustrate the challenges one student faced in one of the most difficult college courses, let alone "most difficult of professors". Use her story to gain insight and learn great life lessons for triumph in academics and life. Actions: Practical steps to consider and actions you can take to improve your chances of success in any course. Words of Encouragement: Inspiring and uplifting statements within each chapter to help push you onwards in your journey. Intended Audience: Undergraduate students, as well as professors/instructors. A great resource for freshman orientation courses. About the Book
  3. 3. “I will dig deeper, and know that nothing is too far for prepared hands to reach” Chapter 1: Fact Finding
  4. 4. “I will not be discouraged, as some of the greatest of persons, faced storms before they met smooth seas” Chapter 2: Reconciling Expectations
  5. 5. “It is when I do not ask, and seek advice that I hold myself back” Chapter 3: Task Sharing
  6. 6. “I will not fear that which I do not know, but face uncharted territory, and become a seasoned navigator” Chapter 4: Assessment
  7. 7. “If I have made it this far, is there any telling of how further I can go?” Chapter 5: Lessons Learned and Skills Acquired
  8. 8. “It is not how long it takes us to accomplish our goals, but what we gain from our journey along the way” Chapter 6: Learners Survival Model
  9. 9. To Get Your Copy… Amazon Barnes and Nobles Walmart Xulon