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Social media for government and public sector organisations


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Social media for government and public sector organisations - this is a presentation I am giving at the Digital Government World Summit on 17 June 2013 in Ireland.

As these notes are a short overview if you have any questions about how to introduce social media into your public sector organisation and specifically some of the new trends I reference in this presentation you can contact me at

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Social media for government and public sector organisations

  1. 1. The Social EnterpriseTrends In Social TechnologiesFor Government on TwitterDigital Government World 2013#enttechirlPhoto credit http://
  2. 2. KrishnaDe.comThe Emergence Of The Social BusinessImpacts On The Culture Of An OrganisationThe use of social technologies is not only applicable to the communicationsfunction, it can help you become more agile, connected and transparentPhoto credit
  3. 3. KrishnaDe.comWe Need To Ensure That GovernanceAnd Policies Are In PlaceSocial media policies integrate with policies you have in place alreadyFind resources at credit
  4. 4. Develop Your P.O.W.E.R Use the P.O.W.E.R plan to audit and evaluate how effectively yoursocial media activities are integrated into your communicationsPhoto credit
  5. 5. Review your analytics to understand what device people are using toaccess your online content and develop a plan to ensure it is accessibleAre Your Online CommunicationsMobile Ready?The device we choose to use is often driven by the context includingwhen we search and where we are searching fromPhoto credit
  6. 6. It is essential that we integrate engaging visual contentwhich will also help encourage online sharingPhoto credit
  7. 7. Enhance your Twitter content by using Twitter Cards for multi mediacontent and through using the Vine app for 6 second videosRich Media Can Enhance YourCurrent Social Content PlanPhoto credit
  8. 8. Turning information into infographics, instructographics andinfoposters will make it easier for the public to understand itPhoto credit Your Data And InformationEasy To Understand
  9. 9. It is essential that we integrate engaging visual contentwhich will also help encourage online sharingMake Your DocumentsEasily AccessiblePhoto credit
  10. 10. KrishnaDe.comGoogle Plus Enables TargetedCommunications, CommunitiesAnd Live Video StreamingWhile it may not be an immediate priority, it will be importantto proactively manage your Google Plus Page
  11. 11. The platform is increasing in use by consumers and is becoming anincreasingly important source of traffic for some websitesPinterest Enables The Sharing OfVisual, Video And Audio ContentPhoto credit
  12. 12. KrishnaDe.comSocial curation tools include Delicious, Eventifier,RebelMouse. Scoopit and StorifyUse Online Content AggregationAnd Curation ToolsTo Save Time and Resources
  13. 13. In the US there are a list of social technologies and tools that have federal–compatible Terms of Service agreements – Instagram is not one of themDetermine Which Platforms YouApprove For UsePhoto credit
  14. 14. Make Your Content Easy To SharePhoto credit your content to be shared from your websiteand use platforms that enable others to embed your
  15. 15. KrishnaDe.comAre You Monitoring The ReputationOf Your Services And Your Department?92% of Irish consumers will share negative experiences with each other23% are influenced by negative online comments (Source – Accenture Connected Consumer Study 2013Photo credit
  16. 16. KrishnaDe.comEmbedding Of New CapabilitiesAnd Empowering Employee AdvocatesDevelop and embed new capabilities in your organisation to support continuity planningand consider how you could enable and empower your people to be brand advocatesPhoto credit
  17. 17. Ensure your risk and crisis management plans to take into account how you can usesocial technologies both as an early warning system and to share your communicationsPhoto credit Digital CommunicationsInto Your Communications And CrisisManagement Plans
  18. 18. KrishnaDe.comManage Your Personal Digital FootprintYour reputation and personal brand is impacted by your online presenceEnsure you are proactive in using it to support yourself professionallyPhoto credit
  19. 19. Let’s stay in contact onGoogle Pluswhere I share social business trendsJust ‘Click’ on the image below to add me to your Circles
  20. 20. If you found this presentation of interestplease look left and click to share thepresentation with your networkThank you!