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An Overview of Microsoft Teams Architecture | Kushan Lahiru Perera

Architectural overview of Microsoft Teams session conducted in Office 365 developer boot camp held in New Jersey.

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An Overview of Microsoft Teams Architecture | Kushan Lahiru Perera

  1. 1. An overview of Microsoft Teams Architecture
  2. 2. Agenda
  3. 3. How we work has changed NO WTH E N Employees work on 2x more teams now than they did five years ago1 1 Source: 2009, 2014 US IW Survey
  4. 4. Ineffective collaboration has real costs Agility Takes longer to make and execute decisions Quality Worse decisions due to incomplete data Innovation Discoveries aren’t leveraged in other areas
  5. 5.  Designed for the cloud  Agility at scale  Amplify the value of O365
  6. 6. Office 365 Groups Chat-based Workspace Mail & Calendar Voice, Video & Meetings Sites & Content Management Enterprise Communities & Social
  7. 7. When to use What? INDIVIDUAL GROUP TEAM ORGANIZATIONDEPARTMENT Audience (Internal or External) © Copyright Avanade 2016 GENERATIONALPREFERENCES GenX(1965-1979) Millennial(1980-1997) GenZ(1998-2020)BabyBoomer(1946-1964) PRIORITY/TIMESENSITIVITYAD-HOC/LOWURGENT/HIGH MyAnalytics Office 365 Video SharePoint Intranet OneDrive for Business Team Sites (Office 365 Groups) SP Publishing Site Delve Boards Skype for Business Call or Instant Message (IM) Skype for Business Online Meetings Skype Broadcast Microsoft Teams Bots and Connectors Yammer (All Company and Groups) SharePoint Team News Outlook Email Size Grows Information Sensitivity Age of User
  8. 8. Azure Office 365 platform and services Skype InfrastructureTeams Services Teams Clients
  9. 9. Lets dig little deep into Teams
  10. 10. Des Moines Bay Dublin 2Microsoft Confidential Hong Kong Singapore Amsterdam AMERICAS EMEA APAC Tap into the global availability of Microsoft Teams 181Markets 19Languages
  11. 11. Information Protection Chat service Microsoft Teams O365 Information Protection tools  eDiscovery  Legal Hold  Compliance content search  Archive  Retention  Audit Logs  Email  1:1 chats  Group chats  Channel messages  SharePoint Files  OneNote  OneDrive for Business O365 substrate
  12. 12. workspace Extensible platform Build apps with a rich set of capabilities to enable these higher-performing teams
  13. 13. Reach your users in their chats, channels, notifications, and personal workspace Available now Bots Help users get tasks done in conversations Connectors Post rich updates to channels Tabs Surface rich content within Teams Office Store Drive engagement by submitting your app to the Office Store Actionable Messages Add rich interaction to your connector cards Activity Feed Engage users via feed notifications Compose Extensions Allow users to query and share rich cards in conversations Available in Developer Preview
  14. 14. ChannelsTeams Organization IT General Project #1 Project #2 Project #3 Operations Administration Sales HR Java Rec. .NET Rec
  15. 15. Rich surface area for your app As simple as hosting your existing web app Your services, experience, & users
  16. 16. Push rich interactive cards into channels Users can take quick actions like comment, select options, set a date Uses incoming webhook API
  17. 17. Notify users personally via the activity feed Same API as sending bot messages Deep link straight into tabs
  18. 18. Bots make it easy for users to interact with Team conversations or 1:1 Built using Microsoft Bot Framework
  19. 19. Register and submit your app today to the Office Store Your app will be ready in the Developer Preview once approved
  20. 20. Call to action Go to Check out our starter project Review our Design guidelines 
  21. 21. Enterprise Collaboration Cloud Services Client Side Frameworks SharePoint
  22. 22. Thank you!