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2013 Technology Conference Program


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Published in: Education, Technology
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2013 Technology Conference Program

  1. 1. FBISD Educational Technology Conference Program 2013
  2. 2. he theme for this year’s FBISD 2013Educational Technology Conference could notbe more appropriate. “Leading & Learningwith Technology: Mission Possible” is not onlya catchy slogan, but must be a way of life forour educators and our students in the 21stCentury. In its fourth year, the TechnologyConference plays a key role in helpingeducators at all levels increase theirunderstanding of the function of technology ineducation. The conference provides us theopportunity to learn about the latest ineducational technology and offers a forum fordiscussion on a variety of technology-relatedtopics.Once again, this year’s conference will have engaging and informative sessions,dynamic speakers and presenters, and commercial exhibits featuring state-of-the-arttechnology. I want to thank our Educational Technology Department for planning thisexciting day of learning for us, and I encourage and challenge you to bring theexcitement and new ideas back to your jobs, campuses and classrooms for the 2013-2014 school year. Enjoy the conference!Charles E. DupreSuperintendent of Schools
  3. 3. n behalf of Fort Bend Independent SchoolDistricts Educational Technology Department, Iam pleased and honored to welcome you to the4th Annual Educational Technology Conference.Technology is an instrumental part of our districtsinstruction because of its ability to promotehigher order thinking and problem solving skills,impact student achievement in content arealearning, and prepare students for a globaltomorrow. The goal of this years conference is topromote the attainment of 21st Century LearningSkills and improve student achievement throughtechnology integration. By providing teachers,administrators, and central office staff withexceptional staff development, this goal can beachieved!The reality of teaching and learning in today’s society has become such that in order tocapture and engage the minds of our students, we must create a learning experience that isrobust and thriving. Currently, the Curriculum Department, in collaboration with theEducational Technology Department, is diligently working on a united front to all campuseswith top notch lessons and activities that will enable our students to be competitive in postsecondary education, the workforce, and beyond. It is the district’s goal to ensure that asstudents matriculate through Fort Bend Independent School District campuses, they receivea solid curricular foundation that ensures the attainment of 21st Century Learning Skills.Fort Bend Independent School District has outlined the following vision: “FBISD - a teachingand learning community with engaging and empowering experiences that prepare studentsto be active, creative, knowledgeable, and ethical participants in our globally networkedsociety.” The needs of today’s student require a global learning paradigm that will create astudent that is a conscientious thinker and takes ownership in their learning experience.FBISD campuses and classrooms are equipped with technological resources and tools thatwill enable each teacher to facilitate curricular goal attainment via technology integration.It is our commitment to technology integration that has created a culture of continuousprofessional development related to technology integration. Again, we welcome you toFBISDs 4th Annual Educational Technology Conference. Enjoy yourself, network, andconnect!Sincerely,Robert Calvert
  4. 4. Schedule & General InformationTime Event7:15 – 8:00 Registration8:00 – 8:10 Welcome8:10 – 9:10 KeynotePresentation9:10 – 9:20 Travel Time9:20 – 11:20 2 Hr. Session9:20 – 10:20 1 Hr. Session10:20 – 10:30 Travel Time10:30 – 11:30 1 Hr. Session11:30 – 12:20 Lunch12:20 – 12:30 Travel Time12:30 – 2:30 2 Hr. Session12:30 – 1:30 1 Hr. Session1:30 – 1:40 Travel Time1:40 – 2:40 1 Hr. Session2:40 – 2:50 Travel Time/IceCream2:50 – 3:45 ClosingPresentation/DoorPrizesImportant Reminders to our Participants…To ensure proper credit of your professionallearning experience, please adhere to thefollowing: Walk-ins will not be allowed. Admittance will not be allowed 15minutes after the start of a session,resulting in no credit being awarded. Individuals leaving more than 15minutes before the end of the sessionwill not receive credit for the class. Complete evaluations to view credithours awarded on your transcript. The participants signature on the rosteris the only documentation accepted asproof of attendance.Please note:Feel free to visit the featured conferencevendors during your lunch break.Presentation handouts are available on theconference website.Door Prizes will be given out following theclosing presentation.We hope you enjoy your professional learningexperience!Mobile Technology Conference website
  5. 5. Our Keynote Speaker is a former kindergarten teacher and school Director of Technology,Discovery Education’s Online Community Manager. Steve Dembo is a pioneer in the fieldof educational social networking. Among the first educators to realize the power ofblogging, podcasting, Twitter, and other Web 2.0 technologies to connect educators toone another and create professional learning communities, Dembo has been instrumentalin the explosive growth of the Discovery Educator Network and its online presence at In addition to demonstrating continuedinnovation in serving Discovery Education’s online community, Dembo continues to be aprolific blogger whose personal blog and companion podcast, Teach42, continues toserve as inspiration for tens of thousands of educators around the world. In 2009 his blogwas recognized as one of 20 Must-Read Education Technology blogs by ACE OnlineSchools and was nominated for Best Individual Blog and Best EdTechSupport Blog at theEdublog Awards. In addition, Dembo has been recognized as one of the top 50educational bloggers by Social Media Explorer. Dembo is also a dynamic speaker on thecapabilities of social networking, the power of educational technologies and Web 2.0tools, and the ability of digital content to empower teachers to improve studentachievement.Opening Keynote SpeakerBuilding Bolder Schools:It Doesn’t Hurt to Be First(10:30 am – 11:30 am)Target Audience: K-12Teachers, AdministratorsStorytelling for the YouTubeGeneration(12:30 pm - 1:30 pm)Target Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsExtreme Makeover: EducationEdition(1:40 pm- 2:40 pm)Target Audience: K-12 Teachers
  6. 6. Jim holds a B.S. in Biology and earned his Master of Sciencedegree in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems from theUniversity of North Texas. He taught junior high science andindustrial technology before serving the Arlington ISD as anInstructional Technology Specialist. In addition to presenting staffdevelopment sessions throughout the United States, he and his co-authors have written many books on technology integration,including Print, Cut, & Fold, Web 2.0, Google Earth, and more. He isalso the co-founder of Digital Goonies (, afree web service dedicated to bringing the best, free webapplications and tools to educators all over the world.Instructional Technology SpecialistJim HollandArlington, TexasSusan Anderson is currently an Instructional TechnologySpecialist in Arlington, TX, after being a CATE educator forseveral years. She uses her creativity to inspire teachers toincorporate innovations in technology into the classroom. Sheand her co-author have written several books on the topic oftechnology integration.Susan AndersonInstructional Technology SpecialistArlington, TexasPrint Cut and Fold ElementaryTime: 12:30pm-1:30pmTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersQRazy About Codes: QR Codes in the Classroom!Time: 10:30am-11:30amTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers, AdministratorsDigital Goonies: Adventures in Web 2.0Time: 9:20am-10:20amTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers, AdministratorsPrint Cut and Fold SecondaryTime: 1:40pm-2:40pmTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersNeed additional resources from Jim & Susan? Go to
  7. 7. Naomi Harm, Master of Education in Professional Development, ME-PD, best known as an 21st century educational technology literacyspecialist, welcomes every opportunity to share her expertise and bestpractices relating to technology infused teaching and learningenvironments. Her dynamic career focus includes many exciting andcutting edge jobs which include: an Intel National Senior Trainer,SMART certified trainer, certified online instructor, and managing herown "Innovative Educator" consulting corporation. Naomi providescustomized staff development technology workshops, grant writingexpertise, and designs and delivers online graduate coursework foruniversities. She also has a well-known specialty and expertise area ofdelivering motivational international keynote presentations focusing onemerging technologies, 21st century skills and assessments, mobilelearning technologies, and inspired and transformative educationaltechnology leadership. Naomi is truly passionate about building globalrelationships with educational technology leaders, while engaging inmeaningful and collaborative conversations to meet the needs oftodays diverse learners.Naomi HarmMobile Learning Devices:Empower Students to TakeOwnership in Their Learning(Secondary)Time: 1:40pm-2:40pmTarget Audience: 6-12 TeachersMonica Isabel Martinez is the Director of Professional Developmentfor the TCEA, a non-profit educational technology organizationserving educators across the globe. In this position, Monicadevelops and facilitates professional development on the mostcurrent technology trends for the purpose of improving teachingand learning through innovative processes. She has developedmany technology programs, some of which have been adopted bythe state of Texas, universities, and others that have been rolledout across the US. Monica has experience teaching students andprofessionals at all levels including elementary, secondary, andhigher education while working in the US, Mexico andGermany. Monica has a master’s degree in Educational Technologyand is also a Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer and Administrator.Monica MartinezDirector of Professional Development for the TCEATransforming Educationwith 21st Century Skillsand ICT LiteracyTime: 9:20am-10:20amTarget Audience: K-12Teachers, AdministratorMobile Devices in the ClassroomTime: 9:20am-11:20amTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsADMIN: Curators of Knowledge:Students’ New Role in theDigital Collaborative ClassroomTime: 10:30am-11:30amTarget Audience: AdministratorsADMIN: True Technology IntegrationTime: 12:30pm-1:30pmTarget Audience: AdministratorsBuilding and Growing YourProfessional Learning Network asan Educational LeaderTime: 12:30pm-1:30pmTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsCyber Safety and SecurityTime:1:40pm-2:40pmTarget Audience: K-12Educational Technology Literacy Specialist
  8. 8. EXPLORE9:20 - 11:20 (2 hr.)INDULGE9:20 - 10:20 (1 hr.)LEARN10:30 - 11:30 (1 hr.)ADMIN: Turbo Techies: The Best “Thinks” inLife are FreeADMIN: Whats New in SkywardADMIN: Curators of Knowledge: Students’New Role in the Digital CollaborativeClassroomGet Mobile with VBrick! ADMIN: ICE on the iPad ADMIN: Google Apps for AdministratorsBuild Your Own Course for Free with iTunesUCourse Manager50 Ways to Use Discovery Education StreamingADMIN: Seamless Tardy Prevention usingSkywardThe Showdown: iWorks vs. Microsoft Office onthe iPadOh the places youll go! Videoconferencing inFBISDWhat They See: The Different Views ofSkyward Family AccessFlip That Class... Broad"cast"ing your "screen"Uncovering the Mysteries of Using StoryKit inthe ClassroomADMIN: "I think theyre integrating..."Bringing true technology integration to yourcampus!Get moving with Mobi! Using iPads with Stations A World of Possibilities with Maps101Using Exploring Where & Why Investigating the Power of Turnitin.comThe Future of Learning Starts Now withAugmented RealityGetting Started with Gaggle! The Twitter Experiment: One Year LaterBrainPOP Basics and BeyondDiscovery Education and the iPad: LearningGone MobileMobile Devices in the Classroom 10 Things You Should Know about the FlippedClassroomAtomic Learning: Weve Got an AppYou Already Have the Answer! Create EngagingContent for StudentsHow bout them APPles? - Using free apps in theclassroomBuilding Bolder Schools:It Doesn’t Hurt to Be FirstBook Trailers on the Go: Using iMovie on theiPad"Flipping" for SMART – ElementaryAddressing STAAR & EOC withCompassLearning OdysseyFostering Critical Thinking and ActiveProducers in the Digital ClassroomGPS: Out and About with the CurriculumBYOD From the Eyes of a StudentExplore Quickly, Learn Differently withnetTrekker SearchApple Tour: Explore the possibilities of iPad,iPod touch, and MacbookCreating Online Assignments through yourSkyward GradebookSMART + BYOT = Cool Collaborations!NetSmartz WorkshopInvestigating Edmodo for Secondary StudentsA Beginners Guide to 21st Century EducationLight Years Beyond PowerPoint: Web-basedAlternativesDigital Goonies: Adventures in Web 2.0Hitching a Ride on the Edmodo Train:Edmodo for BeginnersGaming the Curriculum - How to Add GameElements to the ClassroomPutting the "I" Back in IWBConnect your Classroom to the WorldEquip Your iPad for Science with SPARKvueHD - A full-featured Science Application forthe iPadTransforming Education with 21st Century Skillsand ICT LiteracyLearning for Everyone: iPads in SpecialEducationUsing Gizmos to Enhance Science and MathInstruction10 More Reasons to Love EdmodoAtomic Learning 101QRazy About Codes: QR Codes in theClassroom!
  9. 9. MOTIVATE12:30 - 2:30 (2 hr.)COLLABORATE12:30 - 1:30 (1 hr.)LEAD1:40 - 2:40 (1 hr.)Apple Tour: Explore the possibilities of iPad,iPod touch, and MacbookADMIN: True Technology IntegrationADMIN: ICE on the iPadADMIN: The Paperless AdministratorADMIN: Administrator RoundtableeInstruction clickers in the ClassroomADMIN: Whats New in SkywardADMIN:The Paperless AdministratorADMIN: "I think theyre integrating..."Bringing true technology integration to yourcampus!Response to Intervention for RTI TeamMembers and Campus AdministratorsMobilize Your Parent Night by Using TechnologyCreating Online Assignments through yourSkyward GradebookProblem-Solving with Google Earth WalksA World of Possibilities with Maps101Uncovering the Mysteries of Using StoryKit in theClassroomEquip Your iPad for Science with SPARKvueHD - A full-featured Science Application forthe iPadYou Should be in pictures: Using iMovie on theMac BookPrint Cut and FoldDiscovering 10 Tools for 21st CenturyTeaching and LearningThe Paperless Classroom: UpdatedAtomic Learning 101Broadcast Roundable Discussion32 Ways to use Google Apps in theClassroomiPromote LearningCreating Original Content for the Digital andFlipped ClassroomTI-Nspire - A Platform for Math and ScienceLearningNetSmartz WorkshopOrganize and Engage Your Students withGaggles Class PagesStorytelling for the YouTube generationBuilding Skills with Reflex MathWhat They See: The Different Views ofSkyward Family AccessBuilding and Growing Your Professional LearningNetwork as an Educational LeaderEdmodo Part Deux: Curriculum Integrationusing Digital ResourcesEdmodo Part Deux: Curriculum Integration usingDigital ResourcesExplore Quickly, Learn Differently withnetTrekker SearchBYOD From the Eyes of a StudentChromebook Pilot in the ClassroomMoving on Up!: Windows 7/Office 2010Cyber Safety and SecurityOh the places youll go! Videoconferencing inFBISDBrainPOP Basics and BeyondiAchieve Middle School Students ShowcaseCreate.Share.Engage: iPad Productivity AppsiAchieve Elementary School StudentsShowcaseConnect your Classroom to the WorldPebbleGo - An Overview About How to GetStartedIts Not Just the Tools: Creating a 21st CenturyTeaching CultureMeasuring Technology Skill Levels withAtomic LearningPebbleGo - An Overview About How to GetStarted10 More Reasons to Love EdmodoSMART + BYOT = Cool Collaborations!Unlocking the Evolution of 21st Century Learningwith Gale CengageYou Already Have It! Creating DigitalContent to Deliver to StudentsProductivity Tools to Empower YouHow bout them APPles? - Using free APPS in theclassroomExtreme Makeover: Education EditionThe Twitter Experiment: One Year LaterWhat the Digital Classroom REALLY Looks LikeMobile Learning Devices: EmpowerStudents to Take Ownership in TheirLearning (Secondary)The Amazing QRaceYou Already Have It! Creating Digital Content toDeliver to StudentsDiscovery Education and the iPad: LearningGone Mobile"Flipping" for SMART – SecondaryUsing Gizmos to Enhance Science and MathInstructionMoving on Up! Windows 7/Office 2010 Print Cut and Fold SecondaryBe sure to visitour vendorbooths duringlunch!Door Prizes willbe given outfollowing theclosingpresentation!
  10. 10. General Sessions & Workshops9:20am-10:20amCE Credit: 1"Flipping" for SMART - ElementaryPresenter: Heather LambTarget Audience: K-5 TeachersOh the Places Youll Go!Videoconferencing in FBISDPresenters: Katy Nagel, SherriPowell, Corlette Hill, Michele LylesTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsADMIN: ICE on the iPadPresenters: Lance Hollis, NickDennisTarget Audience: AdministratorsUncovering the Mysteries of UsingStoryKit App in the ClassroomPresenter: Shar ElsterTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsCreating Online Assignmentsthrough your Skyward GradebookPresenter: Chuck NguyenTarget Audience: 2-12 TeachersADMIN: Whats New in SkywardPresenter: Janice EisenTarget Audience: AdministratorsDigital Goonies: Adventures in Web2.0Presenters: Jim Holland,Susan AndersonTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,Administrators10 Things You Should Knowabout the Flipped ClassroomPresenter: Walter BenavidesTarget Audience: 6-12 TeachersInvestigating Edmodo forSecondary StudentsPresenters: Danielle Krantz,Dean Krantz, Melanie BatesTarget Audience: 6-12 TeachersInvestigating the Power ofTurnitin.comPresenter: Raphaelle CalvinTarget Audience: 6-12 Teachers,AdministratorsThe Twitter Experiment: OneYear LaterPresenter: Chris EpsteinTarget Audience: K-12Teachers, AdministratorsAtomic Learning 101Presenter: Kerry OlsonTarget Audience: K-12Teachers, AdministratorsGaming the Curriculum - Howto Add Game Elements to theClassroomPresenter: David McGearyTarget Audience: K-12Teachers, Administrators50 Ways to Use DiscoveryEducation StreamingPresenter: Brad FountainTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsHow bout them APPles? - Usingfree apps in the classroomPresenters: Chelsea Murray, BethHudson, Katie SchultheisTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersTransforming Education with21st Century Skills and ICTLiteracyPresenter: Naomi HarmTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorUsing Gizmos to EnhanceScience and Math InstructionPresenter: Aaron IngoldTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersGPS: Out and About with theCurriculumPresenters: Natalie Driver,Kay ColeTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,Administrators
  11. 11. ADMIN: Turbo Techies: The Best“Thinks” in Life are FreePresenter: Dr. Margaret PattonTarget Audience: AdministratorsGetting Started with Gaggle!Presenter: Kim RamseyTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersBuild Your Own Course for Freewith iTunesU Course ManagerPresenter: Karen PercakTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsYou Already Have the Answer!Create Engaging Content forStudentsPresenter: Nettie BriggsTarget Audience: K- 8 TeachersMobile Devices in the ClassroomPresenter: Monica MartinezTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsUsing Exploring Where & WhyPresenter: Larry BaloghTarget Audience: K-3 TeachersApple Tour: Explore thePossibilities of iPad, iPod touch,and MacbookPresenter: Maria HendersonTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersFlip That Class... Broad"cast"ingyour “Screen"Presenters: Tara Rocha, TaniaAndrewsTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersGet moving with Mobi!Presenter: Kim BrewerTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersFostering Critical Thinking andActive Producers in the DigitalClassroomPresenters: David Sebek, TroyDraytonTarget Audience: 6-12 TeachersBook Trailers on the Go:Using iMovie on the iPadPresenters: Stacie Boudrie,Monica NahasTarget Audience: 3-8 TeachersThe Showdown: iWorks vs.Microsoft Office on the iPadPresenters: Tanya Heard,Legita HollandTarget Audience: K-12Teachers, AdministratorsGet Mobile with VBrick!Presenters: Sandra McCubbin,Emily WisbrockTarget Audience: K-12Teachers, AdministratorsGeneral Sessions & Workshops9:20am-11:20amCE Credit: 2Conference Goals:-Empower educators to integrate technologyseamlessly into the curriculum-Provide educators with a variety of engaging,technology-rich learning opportunities-Create an organized environment for participants
  12. 12. ADMIN: Google Apps forAdministratorsPresenter: Steve HickmanTarget Audience: AdministratorsA World of Possibilities withMaps101Presenter: Terry KeramarisTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersAtomic Learning: Weve Got anApp For ThatPresenter: Kerry OlsonTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsEquip Your iPad for Science withSPARKvue HD - A Full-FeaturedScience Application for the iPadPresenter: Scott FieldsTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersLearning for Everyone: iPads inSpecial EducationPresenter: Kim BoydTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsADMIN: Curators of Knowledge:Students’ New Role in the DigitalCollaborative ClassroomPresenter: Naomi HarmTarget Audience: AdministratorsAddressing STAAR & EOC withCompass Learning OdysseyPresenters: Bella Gilbert,Jackie FairchildTarget Audience: 3-12 Teachers10 More Reasons to Love EdmodoPresenter: Kim WienkenTarget Audience: K-5 TeachersADMIN: Seamless TardyPrevention using SkywardPresenters: Walter McLoughlin,Samarity MillerTarget Audience: AdministratorsBYOD From the Eyes of a StudentPresenters: Katie Gallagher, AbbyLangston, Victoria WootenTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsDiscovery Education and the iPad:Learning Gone MobilePresenter: Brad FountainTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsHitching a Ride on the EdmodoTrain: Edmodo for BeginnersPresenter: Anna DavilaTarget Audience: 6 -12 TeachersExplore Quickly, Learn Differentlywith netTrekker SearchPresenter: Mark FebusTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsWhat They See: The DifferentViews of Skyward Family AccessPresenters: Pat Larsen, BarbaraBenzaia, Barbara BelterTarget Audience: K-12 teachers,AdministratorsA Beginners Guide to 21stCentury EducationPresenters: David McGeary,David YaffieTarget Audience: K-12Teachers, AdministratorsADMIN: "I think theyreintegrating..." Bringing TrueTechnology Integration to YourCampus!Presenter: Chad JonesTarget Audience: AdministratorsBrainPOP Basics and BeyondPresenter: Arturo GuajardoTarget Audience: K-8 Teachers,AdministratorsBuilding Bolder Schools: ItDoesn’t Hurt to Be FirstPresenter: Steve DemboTarget Audience: K-12Teachers, AdministratorsThe Future of Learning StartsNow with Augmented RealityPresenters: Natalie Driver,Kay ColeTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersGeneral Sessions & Workshops10:30am-11:30amCE Credit: 1
  13. 13. Light Years Beyond PowerPoint:Web-based AlternativesPresenter: Lisa McMillanTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsQRazy About Codes: QR Codes inthe Classroom!Presenters: Jim Holland,Susan AndersonTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsNetSmartz WorkshopPresenter: Shannon PosernTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsSMART + BYOT = CoolCollaborations!Presenter: Heather LambTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersPutting the "I" Back in IWBPresenters: Jennifer Mitchell,Katie MarchenaTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersGeneral Sessions & Workshops10:30am-11:30am Cont’d.CE Credit: 1
  14. 14. 10 More Reasons to Love EdmodoPresenter: Kim WienkenTarget Audience: K- 5 TeachersUncovering the Mysteries of UsingStoryKit in the ClassroomPresenter: Shar ElsterTarget Audience: K-8 TeachersBroadcast Roundable DiscussionPresenters: Sandra McCubbin,Emily WisbrockTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,Administrators"Flipping" for SMART -SecondaryPresenter: Heather LambTarget Audience: 6 -12 TeachersADMIN: Whats New in SkywardPresenter: Janice EisenTarget Audience: AdministratorsTI-Nspire - A Platform for Mathand Science LearningPresenters: Patrick Fariss,Sarah BaugussTarget Audience: 6 -12 Teachers;AdministratorsA World of Possibilities with Maps101Presenter: Terry KeramarisTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersADMIN: ICE on the iPadPresenters: Lance Hollis, Nick DennisTarget Audience: AdministratorsConnect your Classroom to the WorldPresenter: Chad JonesTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsUnlocking the Evolution of 21stCentury Learning with Gale CengagePresenter: Jennifer ChoiniereTarget Audience: 6 -12 Teachers,AdministratorsStorytelling for the YouTubeGenerationPresenter: Steve DemboTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsADMIN: True TechnologyIntegrationPresenter: Monica MartinezTarget Audience: AdministratorsIt’s Not Just the Tools:Creating a 21st CenturyTeaching CulturePresenters: David Yaffie andBaines Middle School TeachersTarget Audience: Administratorsand teachers seeking to establishor enhance a “21st CenturyTeaching Culture” at theirschools.BYOD From the Eyes of aStudentPresenters: Katie Gallagher,Abby Langston, Victoria WootenTarget Audience: K-12Teachers, AdministratorsADMIN: The PaperlessAdministratorPresenter: Matthew MilnerTarget Audience: AdministratorsBuilding Skills with Reflex MathPresenter: Aaron IngoldTarget Audience: K-8 TeachersCreate.Share.Engage: iPadProductivity AppsPresenter: Kim BoydTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsBuilding and Growing YourProfessional Learning Networkas an Educational LeaderPresenter: Naomi HarmTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsYou Already Have It! CreatingDigital Content to Deliver toStudentsPresenter: Nettie BriggsTarget Audience: K-8 TeachersGeneral Sessions & Workshops12:30pm-1:30pmCE Credit: 1
  15. 15. Apple Tour: Explore thePossibilities of iPad, iPod touch,and MacbookPresenter: Maria HendersonTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersOrganize and Engage YourStudents with Gaggles Class PagesPresenter: Kim RamseyTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersThe Paperless Classroom: UpdatedPresenters: Matt Lyons, YolandaClarkTarget Audience: 6 -12 Teachers,AdministratorsProblem-Solving with Google EarthWalksPresenters: Jennifer Mitchell, KatieMarchenaTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersYou Should Be In Pictures: UsingiMovie on the Mac BookPresenter: Jennifer CrowTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsCreating Original Content for the Digitaland Flipped ClassroomPresenter: Walter BenavidesTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersResponse to Intervention for RTITeam Members and CampusAdministratorsPresenters: Anne Howard, Dr.Robert ConlonTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorseInstruction Clickers in theClassroomPresenter: Kim BrewerTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersAtomic Learning 101Presenter: Kerry OlsonTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsChromebook Pilot in the ClassroomPresenters: Kevin Hodges, Lisa McMillanTarget Audience: 6 -12 Teachers,AdministratorsThe Amazing QracePresenters: Sherri Powell, DavidaAlexander-GreenTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersPrint Cut and FoldPresenters: Jim Holland, SusanAndersonTarget Audience: K-5 Teachers,AdministratorsProductivity Tools to EmpowerYouPresenters: Tara Rocha, TaniaAndrewsTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsMoving on Up! Windows 7/Office2010Presenter: Steve HickmanTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsEdmodo Part Deux: CurriculumIntegration using Digital ResourcesPresenter: Anna DavilaTarget Audience: 6-12 TeachersOh the Places Youll Go!Videoconferencing in FBISDPresenters: Katy Nagel, Sherri Powell,Corlette Hill, Michele LylesTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,LibrariansWhat the Digital Classroom REALLYLooks LikePresenter: Brad FountainTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsMobilize Your Parent Night byUsing TechnologyPresenters: Pat Shoffit, LeaBarksdale, Juan Seguin Teachers,StudentsTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsPebbleGo - An Overview AboutHow to Get StartedPresenter: Norm BerningTarget Audience: K-3 Teachers,LibrariansGeneral Sessions & Workshops12:30pm-1:30pm Cont’d.CE Credit: 1General Sessions & Workshops12:30pm-2:30pmCE Credit: 2
  16. 16. ADMIN: AdministratorRoundtablePresenter: David McGeary(moderator)Target Audience: AdministratorsADMIN: The PaperlessAdministratorPresenter: Matthew MilnerTarget Audience: AdministratorsYou Already Have It! CreatingDigital Content to Deliver toStudentsPresenter: Nettie BriggsTarget Audience: K-8 Teachers32 Ways to use Google Apps in theClassroomPresenter: Kevin HodgesTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsBrainPOP Basics and BeyondPresenter: Arturo GuajardoTarget Audience: K-8 TeachersMobile Learning Devices: EmpowerStudents to Take Ownership in TheirLearning (Secondary)Presenter: Naomi HarmTarget Audience: 6-12 TeachersADMIN: "I think theyreintegrating..." Bringing TrueTechnology Integration to YourCampus!Presenter: Chad JonesTarget Audience: AdministratorsDiscovering 10 Tools for 21stCentury Teaching and LearningPresenter: Rachelle WootenTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersUsing Gizmos to EnhanceScience and Math InstructionPresenter: Aaron IngoldTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersCreating Online AssignmentsThrough Your SkywardGradebookPresenter: Chuck NguyenTarget Audience: 2 -12 TeachersExplore Quickly, LearnDifferently with netTrekkerSearchPresenter: Mark FebusTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersMeasuring Technology SkillLevels with Atomic LearningPresenter: Kerry OlsonTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersDiscovery Education and theiPad: Learning Gone MobilePresenter: Brad FountainTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersCyber Safety and SecurityPresenter: Monica MartinezTarget Audience: K-12Extreme Makeover: Education EditionPresenter: Steve DemboTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersiPromote LearningPresenter: Dana CoxTarget Audience: Teachers, ClubSponsors, LibrariansEdmodo Part Deux: CurriculumIntegration using Digital ResourcesPresenter: Anna DavilaTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersMoving on Up!: Windows 7/Office2010Presenter: Steve HickmanTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsiAchieve Elementary SchoolStudents ShowcasePresenter: Karen PercakTarget Audience: K-5 TeachersEquip Your iPad for Sciencewith SPARKvue HD - A full-featured Science Applicationfor the iPadPresenter: Scott FieldsTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersPebbleGo - An Overview AboutHow to Get StartedPresenter: Norm BerningTarget Audience: K-3 Teachers,LibrariansSMART + BYOT = CoolCollaborations!Presenter: Heather LambTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersGeneral Sessions & Workshops1:40pm-2:40pmCE Credit: 1
  17. 17. What They See: The DifferentViews of Skyward Family AccessPresenters: Pat Larsen, BarbaraBenzaia, Barbara BelterTarget Audience: K-12 Teachers,AdministratorsNetSmartz WorkshopPresenter: Shannon PosernTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersPrint Cut and Fold SecondaryPresenters: Jim Holland, SusanAndersonTarget Audience: K-12 TeachersThe Twitter Experiment: OneYear LaterPresenter: Chris EpsteinTarget Audience: K-12Teachers, AdministratorsThe FBISD Educational Technology Department thanks the followingbusinesses and organizations for their in-kind donations.General Sessions & Workshops1:40pm-2:40pm Cont’d.CE Credit: 1SkywardFoodaramaDenny’s-Missouri CityApplebee’sAtomic LearningDiscovery EducationHouston Museum of NaturalScienceBJ’sBaskin RobbinsPepperoni’sWhataburgerISCorpBlack WalnutBrookstreet BBQChick-fil-ACarino’sCasa OleSpring Creek BBQChampion TechnologiesBerryhillBee’s Creek GrillCorelli’sGrimaldi’s
  18. 18. Be sure to visit our vendor booths during lunch!A Special Thanks To Our Conference Exhibitors!We appreciate you being here today…
  19. 19. Sandra McCubbinKim WienkenStacie BoudrieLegita HollandSherri PowellTara RochaGwyn TouchetEmily WisbrockRachelle WootenFBISD Educational Technology DepartmentFBISD’sConferenceCommitteeMichele LylesNancy VoldingTania AndrewsNatalie DriverNancy GoralskiYvonne JacksonMonica NahasTara RochaRachelle WootenDana FishKim BoydKay ColeKristi DurhamDanielle KrantzDean KrantzJeannie LangstonTanya PercyVonda WashingtonRachelle WootenPete YackusAllegra McGrewLea BarksdaleJennifer CrowAnna DavilaAva MathisKaty NagelYolanda YoungTanya HeardDavid YaffieKristi DurhamRonnie EdwardsJamie GeisBrenda GeorgeLynn GlasperAlfred HollandChristine PontbriandVonda WashingtonLisa McMillanDavida Alexander-GreenBryan BullardMarilyn ChapmanKay ColeNatalie DriverBrenda GeorgeAbby GrobeJeannie LangstonChristine PontbriandCalvin EugeneGlen GreenEdward OregbesanCommunicationsHospitality RegistrationSchedulingAdministratorSet-UpA special thanks to the above-mentioned who committed the past year to making the2013 FBISD Educational Technology Conference a great experience for all participants!!http://www.fbisdedtech.com2013 Ed Tech Conference Committee ChairpersonCorlette Hill
  20. 20. http://www.fbisdedtech.com________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  21. 21. http://www.fbisdedtech.com________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  22. 22. Fort Bend Independent School District2012-2013 BOARD OF TRUSTEESPresidentJim RicePosition 3Vice-PresidentPatsy TaylorPosition 5SecretaryBruce AlbrightPosition 4Grayle JamesPosition 2Susan HohnbaumPosition 1Dave RosenthalPosition 7Jenny BaileyPosition 6Charles Dupre, SuperintendentDr. Phillys HillAssistant SuperintendentRobert CalvertChief Information OfficerDr. Tracy Hoke GinsburgChief Financial OfficerDr. Javier VillarrealAssistant SuperintendentMax CleaverChief AuxiliaryServices OfficerBeth MartinezChief Human ResourceOfficerRhonda McWilliamsAssistant SuperintendentDr. Mary JacksonChief Academic OfficerNancy PorterChief CommunicationsOfficerMichael McKieAssistant SuperintendentCynthia RinconGeneral Counsel