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The Future of Baking

Final Project
Analyzing Trends
Tim Stock
Spring 2014

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The Future of Baking

  1. 1. The Future of Baking Malka Langermann
  2. 2. The everyday baker now has a greater knowledge of the workings behind baking, allowing them to be more involved in the process, and resulting in a less precise and more innovative way of baking. Hypothesis
  3. 3. Technology Health Millennial Impulse Forces3
  4. 4. Technology Force “Breville's smart sensor technology automatically adjusts the temperature and baking time to guarantee perfect, personalized results” - To bake a single cake an electrical oven uses roughly 2.O kWh, costing $.16 - Best Buy “helping to reduce oven energy by up to 20% and increase capacity by as much as 10%.” -
  5. 5. Health Force “The thought is a little indulgence is better than none at all.” - “40% of consumers now eat dessert twice a week or more.” - 2013 Dessert Consumer Trend Report “Little portions complement the ‘everything in moderation’ approach to dining...Sample-size desserts help diners manage their calorie and sugar intake, and still allows them to have a full-fledged dessert, less the guilt.” -
  6. 6. Millennial Impulse Force “millennials try not to “really think about it too much... just eat whatever I want when feel like it.” Unique and customizable desserts that may be shared are appealing to the demographic...” - “With millennials on a quest for taste adventures, they are more apt to explore new flavor combinations” -
  7. 7. Efficiency Honest Experimentation Forces Trends Technology Health Millennial Impulse
  8. 8. Efficiency Trend • Time saving • Labor saving • No Waste • Accurate • Guarantee ChefJet 3D Sugar Printer NASA Reflective Nano Emissive Coating for Ovens • Time saving • Labor saving • Cost reducing • Reduces carbon foot print •Recycling heat
  9. 9. Subculture “Techies” “This generation expects that every aspect of life will be quick, efficient, streamlined, available immediately...” -
  10. 10. Honest Trend “The thought is a little indulgence is better than none at all.” - “This is a great way to add layers of flavors without all the sugar ” - Seasons 52 Shot Glass Dessert, NY Lucama Smoked Salts Star Anise Pink Peppercorn Wild Blueberries Stevia • Mini • Portion • Share • Real ingredients • Less guilt • Labor-saving • Cost-saving • “Smart choice” • Everything in moderation
  11. 11. Subculture “Real Foodies” -
  12. 12. Experimentation Trend Donut Friend Customizable Donut Bar, LA • Unique • Blend • Personal • Customize • Innovation • Interactive Alder’s, NY, Root Beer Pudding Topped with Smoked Cashews and Root Beer Barrel Candies • Unique Combo • Sweet & Savory • Flavor • Experimentation • Fresh ingredients
  13. 13. Subculture “Maker Culture” “Libraries and museums are being turned into “Makerspaces," physical locations where people can come together to make.” - Huffington Post
  14. 14. Summary • Real fats, small in size, and therefore “better for you” • Real ingredients and substitutes that are still good for you • Not artificial • Products that waste less and have a guaranteed outcome • Exploring • New flavor combinations • Making everyday foods more interesting • Honestly Healthy Desserts
  15. 15. Client Williams Sonoma is a specialty retailer of home furnishings and gourmet cookware, selling onlythe highest quality, most-respected and stylish products.
  16. 16. Chuck Williams is known for providing the US with the latest baking technologies from Europe. His stores also introduce new and exotic ingredients from all over the world. In 2013, Williams Sonoma opened up cooking schools in store, aimed to teach everyday cooks how to master culinary techniques.
  17. 17. Client Opportunities Sell the latest Technology Sell new natural ingredients Lucama Smoked Salts Star Anise Pink Peppercorn Wild Blueberries Stevia Classes/Dinner parties for customers to get involved and try new things • Introduce the appliances in the culinary school Teach how to appropriately use real fats in moderation Recipes that incorporate interesting flavors
  18. 18. Thank you!

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Final Project Analyzing Trends Tim Stock Parsons Spring 2014


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