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Learning How To Learn: Let's talk about LEARNING, not technology!

Learning How2Learn- Change- Rethink-Amplify

We live in a time and space when it is is truer than ever that "change is the only constant”.

What are some cultural shifts in our fast changing world, that have an impact on our own learning as educators and leaders? How do we adapt to this in a school environment? Can we dwell on our experience and degrees as educators and continue to stay relevant? Learning how to learn might be the most important skill we did not learn when we were in school.

Do you have to be a tech guru to be literate in a digital world? Or are the ones who are self- motivated, life-long learners and the ones who are accepting of and embracing change the ones flourishing in the modern world? We will take a look at the urgency of shifting school culture to a culture of learning how to learn. Let's talk about LEARNING, not technology!

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Learning How To Learn: Let's talk about LEARNING, not technology!

  1. Let's talk about LEARNING, not technology! Learning How 2 Learn By Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano c eng ha hi et r am kn ify pl
  2. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano @LANGWITCHES
  3. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Network
  4. We Did NOT learn the most important Skill in school
  5. illiterate will not be read; the man who can’t he will be the man who has
 not learned Herbert Gerjuoy Tomorrow’s how to learn
  6. The Rules Have Changed!
  7. Our World is Changing fast and is NOT Changing Back!
  8. Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow
  9. the Change must how to Rethink Amplify 1 2 3 Challenge Opportunity Grow
  10. Change the 1
  11. The “Leave it to Beaver” Days are Gone...
  12. Generation Y Silent Generation Generation X Generation Alpha Generations
  13. CHANGE is not necessary... survival is optional... W. Edwards Deming
  14. Digital Footprint before Birth
  15. Swiping Generation Generation
  16. In Between Generation Their World & School Life is Different
  17. “ We live in a world where people can talk backBooks to their “ Stephen Duncombe
  18. Clay Shirky- Coginitive Surplus
  19. What will our grandchildren not Know ? Images licensed under Creative Commons Music Store Telephone- Map- Blockbuster- Yellow Pages- Encyclopedia-
  20. ! ! What will our grandchildren NOT know?
  21. its Readi ng Hab
  22. What About Privacy?
  23. What About Friends?
  24. Instant Connectedness
  25. Exponential Times
  26. If you don’t like ange, ch ing to like ou are go y evance irrel en lesski ev se Eric Shin
  27. Shifts in Culture, Affecting Education
  28. Conversations
  29. Heraclitus Change is the only Constant
  30. Tide of Change
  31. change If you focus on change, you will get results.” Jack Dixon “ If you focus on results, you will never
  32. 2 Rethink Learning
  33. POINT Rethink Learning- The McArthur Foundation
  34. ! What does it mean to be Educ ated
  35. Has Learning Changed?
  36. What does it mean to be Literate?
  37. What does it mean to be Digital Literate?
  38. Digital Age? Part ONE Threat New Means Is it a Or for LeArning?
  39. tion? nforma e get i e do w Wher How much will it c ost? we do re he W n? ar le
  40. Willingness to Reflect
  41. Willingness to Amplify
  42. We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know
  43. Pre-requisite for an Educator to thrive a of a Learner Mindset
  44. ty Pre-requisite for a School uni m to thrive m Co g Mindset Learnin a f o
  45. Infrastructure
  46. Self-Motivated SelfDirec ted
  47. Image licensed under CC by Connected Learning is much more than Plugging in
  48. Look at your MISSION STATEMENT
  49. Why?
  50. Don’t Like Technology
  51. Difficulty with Technology
  52. Comfortable with Traditional
  53. Why?
  54. Make it a PRIORITY... or Don’t...
  55. The Grand Divide
  56. Learning 3 Amplify
  57. POINT When you give your father an iPad…
  59. ...Yourself to the World
  60. ...Your Classroom to the World
  61. Amplify
  62. Amplify: CONNECTIONS
  63. Amplify: COMMUNICATION
  64. Amplify: COLLABORATION
  65. Amplify: CREATION
  66. Communicate Create Global Writing Media Citizenship Collaborate Critical Thinking Connect Network Information Reading Key Fluencies
  67. unconsciously adaptive LEARNFLOW effortlessly smoothly
  68. Annotexting
  69. Workflow & Learnflow
  70. Amplify Your Voice
  71. Bring in an Expert
  72. Mystery Skype
  73. Infographics
  74. Digital Learning Farm
  75. Authentic
  76. Real World Work
  77. Learn- Reflect-Share?
  78. Blogfolios
  79. They are waiting for us to catch up
  80. "you cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind"
  81. Can we Afford Baby Steps ?
  82. Relevance
  83. Urgency
  84. Play... Experience...
  85. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano @LANGWITCHES