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Social media FOR Schools

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Gone are the days of having to discuss the existence and importance of a social media presence for schools. Faculty, students, parents, stakeholders, potential families and employees, and a people-network, vital to your organization, are expecting interaction, curated information and just in time news updates. Who is the lead storyteller at your school? Social Media has changed the way we communicate, curate, archive and disseminate information. Schools no longer push out content as a one sided conversation. Who is overseeing what, when and how something is being said about your school? How do schools harness the power of social media and embed authentic, collaborative, and networked communication, learning and marketing?

Social media FOR Schools

  1. Social Media LeveragingthePowerofSocialMediatoTelltheStoryofyourschool SchoolSFOR
  2. ThereisNOsignofSlowingdown… The World is Changing Total Global Population Active Internet Users Active Social Media Users 7.18 Billion 2.03 billion 2.95 Billion ĥ h
  4. Overwhelmed you Will Be
  5. TheWorldwelivein isnotchangingback! WhatYearArewepreparingour Studentsfor? SilviaRosenthalTolisano HeidiHayesJacobs “ “ “ “
  6. Howareyoubuildingyourpersonalfollowing toleverageinstitutionalgoals? Are you Connected? connect Communicate learn stakeholders Branding Not only about Knowledge Where are your stakeholders communicating? Constant, relevant content creation! What do others say about your school? What do you want others to know about your school? What do we share? How do we share? Who do we share with? Filter Information Not what you know, but what you can do with it… Visual Literacy Participatory Culture
  7. 101 Social Media SocialMedia SocialMedia Tools&Platforms SchoolSFOR SocialMedia Strategy SocialMedia Hands-on
  8. 101
  9. Media isabout FORSchools Social StorytellingCurate,share,addvalue,teach& learn,makecontent& connectionsvisible&Visual DocumentTheJourney thengetstakeholdersto Spread yourstories !
  10. Mindsettoshiftthe shout out PowerWehavethe Publicsectorifwe TonySinanis&JosephSanfelippo ! viaSocialMediathe in“ThePowerofBranding”=TellingyourSchool’sStory thatkidsdoinourschools Great Things ofthoseinthe
  11. WhoistheLeadStorytelleratyourschool? Storytelling
  12. FORSCHOOLS Social Media VS.inSchools
  13. FORSCHOOLS Social Media VS.inSchools developingbestpractices HOWtosupportteachingandlearning connect,communicateand collaboratewithauthenticglobal audience preventingtheusebystudents regulatingtheusebyteachers preventingnetworksecurityissues, institutionaltransparency,cyberbullying Marketing&Branding addValue Sharingofbestpractices makeContentVisible&Shareable makingGlobalConnections CreatingInstitutionalMemory ProfessionalDevelopmentTool + + + -- - + + + + + + + + Curation + Outreach +ModelingForStudents +ModelforStudents
  14. Network Integrated Connected Whatdoesan & meanforschools? Culture Dissemination Amplification Open participatory Connected viaSocial Media
  15. Marketing Branding Outreach Learning ProfessionalDevelopment ModelingFORStudents 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 Recruiting Network Integrated Connected Whatdoesan & meanforschools? viaSocial Media
  16. Literacies Social Media Learning1
  17. The  ability  to  “read  and  write”  in   different  media.  Analyse  and  evaluate   messages  communicated  in  a  variety  of   media.   The  ability  to  go  beyond  decoding   languages  and  finding  a  spot  on  a  map.   Global  Literacy  involves  making  connecAons   and  meaning. The  ability  to  read  and  write  text. The  ability  to  find,  analyze,  evaluate,  tag,   categorize,  organize,  archive,  remix  and   create  new  informaAon. The  ability  to  understand  how  people   and  communicaAon  networks  work.   Being  able  to  craF  a  network  idenAty,   understand  network  intelligence  and   capabiliAes.    ģ ģ ĥ ĥ The  ability  to  be  an  ethical  ciAzen  in  the   digital  world.  Understand  the  “rights,   privileges,  habits,  acAons  and   consumpAon  paHerns  of  digital  content   and  communiAes.”      J J 21st CenturySkills & Literacies communicate Criticalthinking Collaborate create Connect BasicLiteracy Global Literacy Media Literacy Information Literacy Network Literacy DigitalCitizenship
  18. #AmplifiEDUTwitterChat Copyright:CanIuseit:Yes/No? ModelLessons:SocraticSeminar&TheBackchannel Global Connection: Connectyourstudents toexperts/Authors/Eye Witnesses
  19. InformationLiteracy Social Media Silvia Tolisano
  20. WhatisCuration?
  21. Global Literacy Social Media Ifyouwant globally connected Students,youneedglobally connectedTeachers
  22. SilviaRosenthalTolisano@langwitches Eric HellwegHarvard Business Review: Network Technology Network Intelligence Network Capability Network Identity Network Literacy
  23. Branding Social Media Personal& SchoolBranding 2
  24. Marketing Social Media 3
  25. othershowdoyouGet totell yourstoryandSHAREYOUR BrAND?
  26. Managehowdoyou whatotherssayaboutyour Brand ?
  27. and disseminate it quickly Shareable Content willweighheavilyonbrand'sbeingableto ! Develop Huffington,”Here’sHowSocialMediaMarketingWillChangein2015 MichaelPrice Iwanttoveryheavilyemphasizeisthat successinsocialmediain2015andbeyond
  28. Content CREATION Social Media
  29. Supporta Cause B uild & C em ent Relationships feelconnected define themselves entertain 5 Key Reasons Why People Share ๏80/20 - Add Value to Readers/ Self Promotion ๏Storytelling ADMISSION & RECRUITING ๏Documentation ๏Commonly Asked Questions ALUMNI ๏Lists ๏Curation ๏How-To PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS MANAGERS ๏appeal to emotions ๏Throwbacks/Nostalgia to increase ๏Make data visual & digestible ๏What/Why/How? Develop Shareable Content asaSchool Marketing
  30. ContentCREATION Social Media 135590 followers 300Retweets 1482Re-Shares
  31. VisualContentCREATION Social Media Images Videos infographicsMemes presentations Screenshots sketchnotes
  32. Images
  33. Getotherstospread/share Ikea Appealtoemotions Images
  34. Pinterest
  35. Presentations
  36. Snapchat LifeEventStories Videos
  37. 150StoriesinLessThanaMinute Videos
  38. EvianWater Videos
  39. Videos HowtoUseAugmentedRealityApp?
  40. Memes anelementofacultureorsystemofbehaviorthatmaybe consideredtobepassedfromoneindividualtoanotherby nongeneticmeans,especiallyimitation.
  41. Visualization infographics
  42. FromtheClassroom Examples
  43. Visualize the Learning Process Digital Portfolios in PE International School in "By creating their e-portfolio, students add pictures, reports, videos and reflections that show not only their performance but also their development in Physical Flavia Mizukawa and Leandro Poersch
  44. Building Content Graded-AmericanSchoolof Mark Engstrom "Curating information has become a critical skills as part of information literacy. The ability of finding, evaluating, analyzing, remixing, organizing and archiving information is more important than ever in the information overload era. The amount of information we are confronted with and that is being thrown at us is Curators of Information
  45. TEDx Club & Event Lincoln School, Buenos Josefino Rivera, Jr. TED-Ed Chats have several benefits: listening to multiple international perspectives sharing your expertise with other educational stakeholders extending pedagogical Journey to Breaking Down Classroom Walls
  46. Breathe Life and Personality into Toys Toy Photography International School of Curitiba Joyce Lourenço Pereira How would you " Image #1: Depict one of the themes from a novel Image #2: Depict your favorite scene from the novel, be sure to incorporate your favorite quote
  47. Re-Thinking Rubrics Nexus International School of Singapore Stephanie Thompson
  48. FromProfessionalDevelopment Examples
  49. Professional Social Media VS. Personal Outreach 4 Sharing
  50. Communication
  51. Academic Social Media Vs. SocialSharing
  52. SocialVS.Academic
  53. 5 Recruiting
  54. Professional Development 6
  56. Modeling 7 FORStudents&Faculty
  57. ModelingFORStudents7
  58. @ayetsko @amarisobregon ModelingFORFaculty 7
  59. Tools&Platforms Social Media
  60. Social Media Streamlining Hub Blog Tweet Facebook Pinterest drivetraffic MakeConnections SparkConversations EncourageSharing ReferBack Link CreateaCohesiveCampaign
  61. Social Media TipstomakeyourLifeEasier… Tweetdeck Customized URLShortener TweetScheduler
  62. StrategySocial edia
  63. StorySocial Media Stasis based on Nigel Watts “Eight-Point Story Arc” Trigger Quest Surprise CriticalChoice Climax Reversal Resolution
  64. Everyday,_____.Oneday,_____. Becauseofthat,_____.Becauseof that,_____. Untilfinally,_____.” Emma Coats basic story structure via Austin Kleon
  65. StrategySocial Media
  66. Blog AASSA Tags Categories Subscribe
  67. @aisEagles @IntlSchAmst@GradedBR
  68. conference American School of Bombay PublishedBooks OnlineAcademy Research&developmentSite
  69. Expectations Set a Policy Privacy Transparent consider ShiftinMindset Set Accessibility consider
  70. Set a Policy
  71. Set a Policy
  72. Consider Acceptable UsePolicy Responsible UsePolicy vs.
  73. socialmediaguidelines bySteveAnderson
  74. byDr.AleCouros& Dr.KatiaHildebrandt
  75. Hands-on Social Media
  76. Identity Protect your
  77. Identity Protect your
  78. Profile Let’swriteyourSocialMedia 160characters 160characters 200-1500characters
  79. Profile Let’ssetupyour TwitterAccount name @username bio profileimage Link
  80. Tweet Let’swriteyourFirst 140characters WhatisyourstoryasanEducator?
  81. HowDoyou Connect withtheRightPeople? Speaktothem harvest #hashtags&profiles
  82. Connections Let’sgrow @AASSA_SA #CPChat #globaled #L4LAASSA facetoFace
  83. theworldyou’reaRockStar… Telling Marketingis Showing theworldyou’reone ContentMarketingis RobertRoseChiefStrategyOfficeratContentMarketingInstitute " "
  84. Visual Let’sCreatea ChooseaQuote toshare SharetheMostimportantthingyoulearnedtoday Typorama School’sMission
  85. ReadingRecommended