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Questions unit 1 to 6


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Published in: Education
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Questions unit 1 to 6

  1. 1. QUESTIONS UNIT 1- Hi. How are you?- I´m ___________. And you are?- Nice to meet you.- What´s your name?- What´s your telephone number?- What´s your email?- How old are you?- Where are you from?- What do you do?- Whose is this…?- Whose are these ..?
  2. 2. JOB CENTER FORMTITLE: Mr. Mrs. Miss MsFIRST NAME: ____________________MIDDLE NAME: __________________SURNAME: _____________________AGE: ___________________________NATIONALITY: ___________________MARITAL STATUS: ________________JOB: ___________________________DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER: ________EVENING PHONE NUMBER: _______MOBILE PHONE NUMBER: _________EMAIL: _________________________JOB CENTER FORMTITLE: Mr. Mrs. Miss MsFIRST NAME: ____________________MIDDLE NAME: __________________SURNAME: _____________________AGE: ___________________________NATIONALITY: ___________________MARITAL STATUS: ________________JOB: ___________________________DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER: ________EVENING PHONE NUMBER: _______MOBILE PHONE NUMBER: _________EMAIL: _________________________
  3. 3. UNIT 2UNIT 2UNIT 2UNIT 2WhoseWhoseWhoseWhose isisisis thisthisthisthis mobilemobilemobilemobile phonephonephonephone????IIII thinkthinkthinkthink itititit´´´´ssss GregGregGregGreg´´´´ssssWhoseWhoseWhoseWhose areareareare thesethesethesethese …?…?…?…?IIII thinkthinkthinkthink theytheytheythey´´´´rererere…………IsIsIsIs youryouryouryour folderfolderfolderfolder brownbrownbrownbrown????No,No,No,No, itititit isnisnisnisn´´´´ttttWhatWhatWhatWhat colourcolourcolourcolour isisisis itititit????ItItItIt´´´´ssss pinkpinkpinkpink andandandand purplepurplepurplepurplePresentPresentPresentPresent differentdifferentdifferentdifferent peoplepeoplepeoplepeople youyouyouyouknowknowknowknow::::----MyMyMyMy mothermothermothermother´´´´ssss////wifewifewifewife´´´´ssss namenamenamename isisisisTanyaTanyaTanyaTanya.... SheSheSheShe isisisis anananan architectarchitectarchitectarchitect....HaveHaveHaveHave youyouyouyou gotgotgotgot aaaa brotherbrotherbrotherbrother????Yes, IYes, IYes, IYes, I havehavehavehave/ No, I/ No, I/ No, I/ No, I havenhavenhavenhaven´´´´tttt
  5. 5. 1 What time is it on?It is on at 9 o´clock.I go shopping on SaturdaysAnd you?(play tenis / go to the cinema / hangout with friends / go jogging / gobowling / go shopping / read thenewspaper / go to the gym)Are you active?Yes, I am… / No, I´m notWhat do you do in your free time?I…When do you…?On…What time do you ______? (get up,have a shower, have breakfast, go towork, have lessons, get home, go tobed)How do you get to school?(never, usually, sometimes, always,etc)(I usually take a taxi.Use the underground / take a taxi /take the bus / ride a bike / walk / ride amotorbike / drive a car)How often do you _______’(do the washing up / Iron my clothes /Tidy the house / Take out the rubbish /Hoover / Cook / Wash the car / Do thewashing)UNIT 3
  6. 6. Where do you live?What´s your addrees?Do you live in a house or a flat?What´s your house / flat like?How do I get to _____?UNIT 4
  7. 7. UNIT 5I like vegetables very much. Do youeat vegetables?- No, I don´t like them.- What do you like?- I like…- Can I take your order?- Yes, I´d like…- Would you like…?- What would you like?
  8. 8. UNIT 5
  9. 9. UNIT 5Talk about the eating habits of peoplein your country.- What do people in your country havefor breakfast?- What do people in your country havefor lunch?- What do people in your country havefor dinner?- What is a popular dish in yourcountry?- What kind of fast food is popular inyour country?
  10. 10. UNIT 6
  11. 11. UNIT 6