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IT-jutsu: mind effieciency and creativity for ninjas


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Albert (Garuda) will talk about productivity, state of genius and life balance. He'll share some Yoga and Ninjutsu knowledge applied to IT and Software Development. Real ninjas are concerned about their efficiency. They're using the best tools, training deadly techniques and sometimes changing the world with a single sword strike. Or a single line of code? The basis underneath soft skills and technical skills is nothing new in the Universe. Let's get inspired a bit!

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IT-jutsu: mind effieciency and creativity for ninjas

  1. 1. Albert Bushinsky (Garuda)
  2. 2. WHO IS “NINJA”
  3. 3. WHO IS “NINJA” Nin (忍) Jutsu (術)
  4. 4. You can create it
  5. 5. WHY?
  6. 6. Meaningfulness and motivation
  7. 7. Volatility of the Mind
  8. 8. +EV or –EV ?
  9. 9. + – Estimate EV ?
  10. 10. HOW?
  11. 11. YOGA Never give up Always let go ABHYASA VAIRAGYA
  12. 12. BUJINKAN BUDO TAIJUTSU Train hard Get feedback Expansion Contraction Pressure Relaxation
  13. 13. KEEP THE RYTHM
  14. 14. GURU
  15. 15. GURU
  16. 16. SHINDEN.LV
  17. 17. HOW?
  20. 20. TAIJIQUAN
  21. 21. HANDS-ON
  22. 22. • Rate • Assault • Explore • Collaborate
  23. 23. Open your mouth only is more beautiful than silence. if what you are going to say
  24. 24. This is Bill He is not an asshole
  25. 25. P.S. MIND REBOOT
  26. 26. Inspire others Dream more Write/plan more Read/learn more Clean your environment Sleep well Drink less alcohol Eat better food Exercise more HERE IS THE PLAN
  27. 27. It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop! CONFUCIUS ThankYou!