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Beyond tables and chairs: The Library as Facilitating platform


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Talk at LIBER LAG 2018 in Vienna. Text of talk:

Published in: Education
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Beyond tables and chairs: The Library as Facilitating platform

  1. 1. Beyond tables and chairs: The Library as facilitating platform Christian Lauersen The Royal Danish Library Mail: Twitter: @clauersen LIBER LAG, Vienna, April 20 2018
  2. 2. Is a (physical) library without books still a library?
  3. 3. What makes a great place?
  4. 4. The Library as place
  5. 5. ”A great library should be a workshop as well as a repository. It should teach the methods of thorough research, and cultivate in readers the habit of seeking the original sources of learning” - Justin Winsor, late 1800
  6. 6. Context Highly digital collection No books in physical library
  7. 7. Why Digital Social Science Lab?
  8. 8. An open platform for education and events on digital methods Hardware and software for harvesting, cleaning, analyzing and visualizing data A dynamic and aesthetically inspiring learning environment
  9. 9. Digital Social Science Lab Facilitation Learning Belonging Space
  10. 10. Hardware and furniture is not enough
  11. 11. The librarian The most valuable asset of the library place? It is not the chairs, it is not the tables It is the library staff and the users
  12. 12. Facilitation: Digital Methods Sessions, Data Sprints, network
  13. 13. Traditional learning vs. peer-to-peer learning The users as co-creator
  14. 14. A sense of belongingness
  15. 15. Why does it work? The Library Effect
  16. 16. Where you feel at home
  17. 17. Tell stories, empower thinking
  18. 18. An alternative to the classic learning setup
  19. 19. Support different kinds of learning
  20. 20. Thanks! Christian Lauersen Mail: Twitter: @clauersen Instagram: @librarylovestories The Library Lab: