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Swagger 2.0: Latest and Greatest


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A look at the latest from the Swagger team, including a Swagger 2.0 overview, the Swagger Editor, and design-first API development using Swagger 2.0

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Swagger 2.0: Latest and Greatest

  1. 1.   The  Latest  and  Greatest   James  Higginbotham   @launchany  
  2. 2. SWAGGER  –  OVERVIEW  
  3. 3.   Swagger  is  a  simple  yet  powerful   representa<on  of  your  RESTful  API.    
  4. 4. Drives  API  Documenta>on  
  5. 5. Without  Swagger  Defini>on  
  6. 6. With  Swagger  Defini>on  
  7. 7. Swagger  Structure  -­‐  Info  
  8. 8. Swagger  Structure  -­‐  Paths  
  9. 9. Swagger  Structure  -­‐  Security    
  10. 10. Swagger  Structure  –  Security  Types  
  11. 11. Swagger  Structure  -­‐  Defini>ons  
  12. 12. Swagger  Data  Types  
  13. 13. Swagger  is  much  bigger  than   Swagger-­‐UI  
  14. 14. Swagger  Ecosystem  
  15. 15. Beyond  Interac>ve  Docs  
  16. 16. Beyond  Defini>on:  Visualiza>on   Swagger.ed     hMps://­‐browser-­‐swaggered  
  17. 17. Swagger  2.0   u  Released  last  year   u  Evolve  the  JSON  syntax   u  Add  support  for  human-­‐friendly  format   u  Vendor  extensions  support  
  18. 18. From  Reverb  to  SmartBear  
  19. 19. Community  Contribu>ons  Growing!  
  20. 20. New:  Community-­‐Driven  Website   u  New  website  underway  –  hMp://   – Github  driven   – Pages  have  a  “View  Source  on  Github”  link   – For  the  community,  BY  the  community   – Feel  free  to  contribute  content  
  21. 21. June  6  Release   u  SmartBear  tools  now  have  2.0  support  throughout   u  Swagger  JS/UI   –  Now  upgrade  older  versions  of  Swagger  2.0  before  processing   –  Major  rewrites  of  the  underlying  libraries  of  these  projects   u  Core  and  Codegen   –  Completely  rewriMen  in  Java  (used  to  be  Scala)   –  BeMer  extension  mechanism  to  allow  for  core  customiza>ons   –  Codegen  has  new  templates  (Swic,  Perl,  updated  JAX-­‐RS)   u  Governance   –  Crea>ng  an  open  governance  model  for  the  spec   –  Will  involve  other  companies  and  individuals   –  S>ll  figuring  out  the  exact  model  (before  the  end  of  June)  
  23. 23. Design  First  API  Approach  
  24. 24. Design  First  API  Lifecycle   u  Design  the  API  contract   u  Mock  the  API  for  valida>on/collabora>on   u  Test  for  compliance/completeness   u  Build  the  implementa>on   u  Deploy   u  Manage   Fast  feedback  loops,  collabora>ve  development  
  25. 25. Swagger  Support  for  Design-­‐First   u  Swagger  always  top-­‐down  capable   u  However,  tooling  focused  on  boMom-­‐up       u  History  of  fragmented  tool  ecosystem  
  26. 26. Introducing  Swagger  Editor  
  27. 27. YAML  for  the  Human   swagger:  '2.0'   info:      version:  1.0.0      >tle:  A  simple  API   paths:      /:          get:              responses:                  200:                      descrip>on:  OK  
  28. 28. JSON  for  the  Tools   {      "swagger":  "2.0",      "info":  {          "version":  "1.0.0",          ">tle":  "A  simple  API"      },      "paths":  {          "/":  {              "get":  {                  "responses":  {                      "200":  {                          "descrip>on":  "OK"                      }                  }              }          }      }   }  
  29. 29. Swagger  Tools:  Documenta>on   Swagger  Editor:     Design  your  API  using  simple  YAML   format,  preview.  Requires  the   Node.js  app.   Swagger  UI:     Display  your  documenta>on  using   sta>c  HTML  and  client-­‐side   Javascript.  No  Node.js  required.    
  30. 30. Swagger  Tools:  Code  Genera>on  
  31. 31. Swagger-­‐Based  Tes>ng   SoapUI:     Import  and  generate  tests   using  SmartBear’s  SoapUI  tool.   Runscope:     Import  Swagger  and  generate   run>me  tests  using  Runscope.  
  32. 32. Op>on  1:  Hosted   u  Editor   hMp://   u  Generators  w/  API   hMp://    
  33. 33. Op>on  2:  Install  and  Customize   hMps://­‐api/swagger-­‐generator     hMps://­‐api/swagger-­‐editor  
  34. 34. Editor  Extensions   Swagger  Editor  Callbacks:     Callbacks  for  integra>ng  with   design/deploy  workflows.   Swagger  Editor  Storage:     Backend  support  using  GET   and  PUT  for  retrieving  and   saving  YAML  defini>ons.  
  35. 35. How  to  Get  Started  with  Swagger   u  Use  the  Swagger  Editor  to  view  samples   u  In  parallel,  read  the  Swagger  2.0  Spec  to   understand  samples  in-­‐depth   u  Reverse-­‐engineer  exis>ng  API  or  third-­‐party   API  into  Swagger   u  Publish  using  Swagger-­‐UI   u  Try  one  of  the  client  code  generators  (some   beMer  than  others)  
  36. 36. Thanks  Ya’ll     James  Higginbotham   hMp://     @launchany