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Questions 4-7


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Questions 4-7

  1. 1. Questions 4-7
  2. 2. Q5: How did you attract/address your is big and bold and looks My masthead audience? interesting. It also is an unusual name for a magazine so it automatically captures the readers attention when they see it. The price is affordable and a realistic price for both my audience and magazine. My image is big and striking, capturing the audiences attention straight away. It is also of an attractive female who looks relatable and approachable. I advertised a free feature, making the audience believe they are getting more for their money. The cover line grabs the audiences attention straight away as it’s big and colourful. It looks fun and exciting; showing the reader that the magazine is also these things. The features mentioned in the footer make the audience believe the magazine is full of things. Competitions also grabs their attention as they will want to win.
  3. 3. Q6: What have you learnt about technologies from theprocess of constructing this product? Using digital cameras to get different types of shots and a range of images to use. I used Moodle to gather resources.InDesign was used to create my Used Photoshop to manipulatecontents and double page spreads my all my images and the textand to assemble my final on my front cover.magazine.
  4. 4. Using Photoshop On the left is my original image and above is my image after I manipulated it in Photoshop. • I changed the colour to greyscale • I used levels to make it stand out more • I used the magic wand to select the background and levels again so the model stands out more.
  5. 5. Using IndesignIndesign was used to create my contents page, article and final magazine.• I used the text tool to add text• Made boxes so that writing was visible and readable• Used it to make the layout of my pages look professional.
  6. 6. Q7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel youhave learnt in the progression from it to the full product? I have learnt: • How to manipulate images on Photoshop • The use of effects and how they enhance my work • Using consistency throughout my work (with Final product Prelim task logo, colours, ect) • Using Indesign to make a professional looking product • Use of camera shots and different angles