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OpenStack 2013 Event Planning


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Overview of OpenStack Foundation 2013 event

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OpenStack 2013 Event Planning

  1. 1. OpenStack 2013 Industry Events Lauren Sell, Kathy Cacciatore,
  2. 2. Agenda• Overall event strategy 2013• OpenStack Summit update Industry events• Member/sponsor events• Regional events• Next steps
  3. 3. 2013 OpenStack Foundation Event Strategy• Promote awareness of the OpenStack brand, software and community through global event participation• Focus areas: – User adoption and community growth – Recruiting tech talent – Press and analyst relations• Twice annual OpenStack Summits• Appropriate levels of industry event participation• Support for community-driven regional events• Member/sponsor events as able
  4. 4. 2013 OpenStack Summit Plan• Spring – Tentative – stay tuned – 29 April – 3 May – Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, USA – Sponsorship prospectus Dec 2012 – Call for Papers opens Jan 2013 – More focus on user successes• Fall – International locations under consideration, make suggestions to
  5. 5. 2013 Industry Events Plan & Overview Calendar LinksIndustry Events Plan Level Calendar
  6. 6. General Information Please comment on the Etherpad•• Additions, deletions recommended• Feedback on OpenStack plan for each event (note overlaps, target audiences)• Volunteers for those requesting community support – Confirmed for LCA and OpenStack Mini-conf: Aptira, RedHat, IBM – thank you! – Confirmed for OCP Summit: HP Cloud Services, Cybera – thank you! – Confirmed for in-adjacent-booths happy hour at SCALE 11x: Rackspace, Opscode – thank you! – Volunteers requested soon for OpenStack booth • SCALE 11x • PyCon
  7. 7. Options for Joint Participation Please comment on the Etherpad• BEST: Promote your user speakers! Will create videos, case studies, etc.• OpenStack sponsorship or exhibit presence with community staff• Community sponsorship or exhibit presence with OpenStack giveaways, tabletop or stand up banners, collateral, videos, etc.• Joint happy hour or parties• Community speakers with OpenStack topics/materials• For larger events, joint presence. See plan for potential events: – Cloud Connect, 2-5 April, Santa Clara – Interop, 6-10 May, Las Vegas – GigaOM Structure, 19-20 June, San Francisco – Gartner Symposium/IT Expo, 6-10 October, Orlando – Cloud Expo West, 4-7 November, Santa Clara
  8. 8. Example: OSCON 2013 Please comment and sign up on the Etherpad• 22-26 July, Portland, Oregon, USA• An O’Reilly Media open source conference;• Leverage OpenStack buzz to reach thousands of enterprise developers• OpenStack is confirmed Titanium sponsor with 20 x 30’ booth on main aisle• Inviting 6-8 member/sponsor companies: – 1 meter locking counter in OpenStack booth, custom graphic panel, hardwired Internet, power, stool, etc. – 10 minute theater presentation during break or lunch, complete A/V – 1 three day full conference pass and 2 booth staff passes – Co-sponsor party at Spirit of 77, Day 1, 7-9pm, logo on signage at event – Giveaway opportunity at party – Included in OpenStack communications • Online OpenStack sponsorship description • OpenStack blog post and inclusion in newsletters (user & community) • Custom tweet from OSCON • Schedule of theater presentations panel – $8K per co-sponsor
  9. 9. OpenStack OSCON Pavilion (subject to change)
  10. 10. OpenStack Member/Sponsor Events Please comment on the Etherpad• OpenStack Foundation will support as possible – Speaker – Press and analyst briefing support – Draped table in exhibit hall with member/sponsor provided OpenStack Ambassador staffing (without sponsorship) – Giveaways – Retractable tabletop banners for exhibiting member/sponsor companies – Ideas welcome!
  11. 11. Regional Events Overview Please comment on the Etherpad•• Local organizers drive events. Responsible for: – Securing venue – Determining budget, recruiting sponsors – Creating agenda, recruiting speakers – Promotion via local channels• Foundation can help: – Marketing/events portal with materials – Speaker’s bureau – Funding
  12. 12. Next Steps• Requests to community to submit Call for Papers, help staff booths, other support (Kathy)• Send enterprise users to Kathy. Willing to do case study, video, talk to press or analyst, speak…• Requests to marketing for announcements and other news as events draw near (Kathy)• All feedback welcome:• Community marketing & events mailing list• Next meeting – January 23 – Thank you!