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OpenStack Grizzly Release


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Overview of the OpenStack Grizzly release.

OpenStack Grizzly Release

  1. 1. OpenStack Grizzly ReleaseApril 4, 2013
  2. 2. OpenStack Cloud Platform2
  3. 3. Key Growth Stats Over 517 contributors to Grizzly; a 56% increase from Developer Growth Folsom release Top Contributors Red Hat, Rackspace, IBM, HP, Nebula, Intel, eNovance, by Employer Canonical, VMware, Cloudscaling, DreamHost and SINA Total Number of Approximately 230 new features; a 35% increase in the Features total lines of code from September to March Attracting New 5 new Networking plugins and 10 new Block Storage Plugins & Drivers drivers` Patches Merged Approximately 7,620 patches merged On average, deploying an OpenStack cloud for testing Testing 700 times per day3
  4. 4. Key Themes Across the CommunityMore Organizations Than Ever In Production • Including Best Buy, Bloomberg, NSA, Cisco WebEx, Comcast, CERN, HP, NeCTAR, PayPal, Rackspace and SamsungRapid Innovation through Community • 517 contributors merging 7,620 patches in Grizzly • Companies eager to ensure their technologies are integrated and keeping pace with OpenStack’s rapid innovationFocus on Quality and Upgradability • More comprehensive testing paths and upgrade testing on every commit • Grizzly Dashboard backwards compatible with Folsom release4
  5. 5. Key New Technical Features • Improved UI Easier Deployment • Tested upgrade path & Upgrade Path • Backwards compatible dashboard Greater Support • Strong Hyper-V support & Integration with • Five new networking plugins Enterprise • Ten storage backends Technologies • Compute Cells and NoDB Data Layer Production • Block Storage Intelligent Scheduler Operations & • Object Storage quotas & bulk Scale operations5
  6. 6. ComputeProduction operation improvements at greater scale • Cells to manage distributed clusters • NoDB to reduce reliance on a central databaseImproved support for multiple hypervisors • Hyper-V, ESX, Xen and KVM feature sets significantly improvedTesting improvements • Upgrade testing with each commitIntegration with other projects • Hot add and remove IP address & devices for Networking • Seamless transition with older Nova-network services6
  7. 7. StorageObject Storage • User container quotas • CORS for more web savvy functionality • Bulk operations supportBlock Storage • New intelligent scheduler allows for more volume on storage type of your choice based on workload • Supports 10 drivers for backend storage devices, including: • Ceph/RBD, Coraid, EMC, HP, Huawei, IBM, NetApp, Red Hat/Gluster, SolidFire and Zadara7
  8. 8. NetworkingEasier to use and operate • Features exposed automatically, such as Networking and LBaaS • More features exposed through backward compatibility with Folsom releaseMore enterprise features and support • More choice with 5 new Networking plugins, including: • Big Switch, Hyper-V, PlumGrid, Brocade and Midonet + existing support for Open vSwitch, Cisco UCS/Nexus, Linux Bridge, Nicira, Ryu OpenFlow and NEC OpenFlowGreater scale and higher availability • New LBaaS framework • Distributes L3/L4 and dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) services across multiple servers8
  9. 9. Shared Services and DashboardShared services • Image service: Multi-tenant sharing, common properties for discoverable images • Identity service: Role based access control, new token format, domains & user groups, delegation & impersonationDashboard • Improved user experience • Backwards compatibility with Folsom • Exposure to more networking features including LBaaS9
  10. 10. Looking forward to the next release: HavanaTwo projects were Incubated in the Grizzly release cycle and willbe Integrated with the Havana release, coming October 2013:Ceilometer • Central collection of metering/monitoring data • Example: collect usage information for billing systemsHeat • Template-based orchestration engine for OpenStack • Example: Developers define application deployment patterns10
  11. 11. Companies who contributed to Grizzly • Red Hat • Nimbis Services • CERN • Rackspace • NTT • Everbread • IBM • Yahoo! • NetApp • HP • Citrix • Big Switch Networks • Nebula • NEC • Inktank • Intel • SUSE • Managed IT • eNovance • Mirantis • Nexenta • Canonical • Percona • Radware • VMware • AT&T • Dell • Cloudscaling • Cisco Systems • Midokura • DreamHost • Metacloud • Wikimedia Foundation • Sina • Microsoft • Stackops • University of Melbourne • Grid Dynamics • Piston Cloud • ISI • Internap • Memset • SolidFire • B1 Systems • SwiftStack • VA Linux11
  12. 12. Thank you