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food chains and food webs


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food chains and food webs

  1. 1. The flow of energy in ecosystems Food Chains Food Webs
  2. 2. Food Chain a model that shows the path of energy as it flows from one living thing to the next 
  3. 3. Food Chain All food chains begin with producers  remember though that producer makes it’s food with the help of the sun’s energy 
  4. 4. Food Chain
  5. 5. Food Chain once an organism uses the energy from it’s food, it stores the rest in it’s body 
  6. 6. Food Chain if one organism is removed from the chain ALL the other organisms in the chain are affected  the organisms will die or move away to survive 
  7. 7. Food Chain – Example Scenario Say that all the caterpillars in a forest get sick and die. The plants that the caterpillars would have eaten may grow and spread too much. They may use up things such as water that other plants need to live. The frogs that depend on the caterpillars for food may die, too. Then the snakes that eat the frogs to survive will have less food. The snakes may leave the forest to survive. Organisms in other food chains in this forest will also be affected.
  8. 8. Food Webs a chain shows the flow energy from one living thing to the next in a straight line.  in nature though, it is more complicated 
  9. 9. Food Webs several food chains connect together to form a food web.  like food chains though, they start with the sun 
  10. 10. Food Webs also like a chain, if one organism is taken away, the whole web is affected 
  11. 11. Food Webs
  12. 12. In the previous food web, grasshoppers are not the only ones that eat plants. The rabbits and small birds eat them, too. They, in turn, are eaten by both foxes and hawks. The fungi and bacteria get energy from wastes and the remains of the plants and animals when they die.
  13. 13. If you trace any of the animals from the food web, you will always end up where all food chains and webs begin, with a producer. No matter what an animal eats, the energy in it’s food began with a producer. The producer then got it’s energy from the sun.