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HR Tech Europe talk 2013


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A talk on new organisational structures given at HR Tech Europe in Amsterdam, 2013.

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HR Tech Europe talk 2013

  1. 1. What is the Role of HR in Building More Social Businesses?
  3. 3. The clue is in the name...
  4. 4. Humans (and some ducks) are resourceful, not resources
  5. 5. We went too far with the idea of scientific management
  6. 6. From hiring onwards, we are managing talent poorly
  7. 7. From hiring onwards, we are managing talent poorly
  8. 8. From hiring onwards, we are managing talent poorly
  9. 9. Process & structure can be barriers to getting things done
  10. 10. Trust is cheaper (and more effective) than control
  11. 11. Beyond Taylorism: productivity has gone quantum
  12. 12. Meanwhile, what is HR doing?
  13. 13. Meanwhile, what is HR doing?
  14. 14. Yet there are so many potential areas for HR to shine
  15. 15. Social Business: potentially transformational, but software alone cannot do the job
  16. 16. Social business is not just a technology solution...
  17. 17. But new tech & sharing culture create new possibilities
  18. 18. We now have many alternatives to cascading hierarchy
  19. 19. Some examples of extraordinary organisational structures that
 already exist:
  20. 20. Morning Star: efficiency through self-management
  21. 21. Kyocera: de-centralised ‘amoeba management’
  22. 22. Haier: another successful, adaptive Asian challenger
  23. 23. The Valve story: no management required
  24. 24. The Valve story: no management required
  25. 25. The Valve story: no management required
  26. 26. “Valve has no formal management or hierarchy at all ... Now, I can tell you that, deep down, you don’t really believe that last sentence. I certainly didn’t when I first heard it. How could a 300-person company not have any formal management?”
  27. 27. “... it takes new hires about six months before they fully accept that no one is going to tell them what to do, that no manager is going to give them a review, that there is no such thing as a promotion or a job title or even a fixed role...”
  28. 28. “... it is their responsibility, and theirs alone, to allocate the most valuable resource in the company – their time – by figuring out what it is that they can do that is most valuable for the company, and then to go do it.”
  29. 29. How do we get there from here?
  30. 30. Protected spaces provide a low-risk starting point Performance ALPHA Services GOV.UK performance Transactions Explorer GOV.UK overview Departments and policy GOV.UK performance Departments and policy Departments and policy content had 1.46 million visitors last week, a decrease of 2% from the week before Web traffic Weekly unique visitors Unique visitors per week to departments and policy
  31. 31. Leadership is even more vital, but management is not
  32. 32. This is not your father’s ‘change programme’
  33. 33. Fractal structures and resilience at scale
  34. 34. A strong social fabric is needed for ‘tight & loose’ to work
  35. 35. Why is this not job #1 for HR professionals today?
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