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Benefits of video presentation rhymes

the videos are the effective manner to reveal many things in the recent trend. the rhymes when narrated with video creates huge impact to the children

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Benefits of video presentation rhymes

  1. 1. Benefits Of Video Presentation On Rhymes
  2. 2. Rhymes • Rhymes are meant to be the short poem or the song which sounds to be attractive for the children. • Rhymes are the first thing the kid start with the learning process. • At present, the rhymes are made presentable in the form of videos which sounds to be more beneficial. • The benefits of videos on rhymes are mentioned on the further slides,
  3. 3. Action oriented note • The rhyme is bluntly showcased to the children with the simple action before the advent of the video. • This makes merry in children but doesn’t produce huge impact. • The actions done in the characters in the video grabs the attention more and makes them involve in the Rhymic video.
  4. 4. Purpose is revealed more • Rhymes are not just the learning process or there are many motto involved in the creation of rhymes which benefits the children to the most. • The characters in the rhyme should be inspiring and the children are ought to follow the good deeds. • For the moral rhymes, the core purpose reaches the children more through the video presentation method.
  5. 5. Creative characters are bought to live • Video creation for the rhymes is not the few minute process, there are rhymes which has been created to run for several hour( of-characters-for-rhymes-narration) . • Thus looking at such type of video, the children will memorize the poem on repetition. • With these videos many interesting characters are bought to live.
  6. 6. Innovative thoughts are catalyzed • Children are in the developing stage of the knowledge. • The knowledge is triggered more when they underwent with creative thinking. • This is catalyzed when they look the rhymes being presented in many characters and actions with the colorful graphic and songs.
  7. 7. Filmy effect is obtained • Since the videos are framed with the audio and video with the characters being uttered with the rhymic word, they create more impact on the children. • This makes them experience the effect looking at the short term cartoon film. • Videos are also even presented with 3D imaging with high quality graphic and design.
  8. 8. • These are benefits of the video presentable rhymes. • There are many videos being presented in the video form • Finger family rhymes( Go-KRo) is the puppet type rhymes which are created with many interesting characters.