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How to deal with finished attic for insulation

finished attic( is the tough portion to insulate as it requires alteration, though insulation contractors are doing it with ease, how?

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How to deal with finished attic for insulation

  1. 1. Attic insulation installation • Insulation of attic is the process of insulating the roof portion of the house to control the inlet and outlet of the air
  2. 2. What is finished attic • the house which has undergone complete construction process especially in the rooftop is called finished attic.
  3. 3. Points to consider • The finished attic insulation isn't that the easy task. This needs series of planning, before the start of the process. • The cost estimation is also more, so it is necessary to have proper plan. • Some of the main parameter to consider are • 1.Ventillation • 2.Type of insulation
  4. 4. ventilation • Roof is the main portion of the house which provides proper ventilation. • The proper air circulation will keep the bacteria and dust out of the house and provides enough brightness to the place
  5. 5. Type of insulation • The insulation may differ commonly as cellulose, fiberglass, foam insulation. • In finished attic, it is mandate to choose the type of insulation which apt for the particular place
  6. 6. Finished attic types • The finished attic insulation is generally preferred in two cases • 1. insulation of the roof with room • 2. insulation of the roof without access
  7. 7. Room under the roof • To be specific, we can mention the room as top floor rooms, may be a bedroom or living room. • In fiberglass type or cellulose type, the stuffs occupied in the place is completely removes and new drywall is placed • In other type, a hole is drilled and the cellulose or foam is blown in into the roof.
  8. 8. Attic with no access • People have no access to such places once the construction is done, so initially It is necessary to provide way to reach such attic and then proceed the insulation work.
  9. 9. Steps to insulate finished attic • Step #1: open a insulation place and provide way to reach the place • Since the construction is complete, the opening of specific portion only is enough for the insulation operation
  10. 10. • Step2#: spread the loose fill materials between the knee walls and blankets. • Fill the insulation type materials in the bottom layer and spread evenly throughout the surface
  11. 11. • Step:#3: pour the loose fills in the collar beam • The loose fills of cellulose is filled in the rest of the portions and the way is closed.
  12. 12. • These are some of the basic point to remember while make finished attic insulation installation. • The finished attic should be done without affecting the other part of the house • As the process involves more investment, than normal attic insulation, it is wise to contact the insulation contractors
  13. 13. • There are many insulation contractors in Utah providing such services, one such Aesofutah • They have efficient energy inspectors to monitor and control the energy loss by designing required insulation • To know more, visit
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