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The Anatomy Of A High Converting eCommerce Product Page

Creating a product page on your eCommerce store is easy with the technology available these days. If you use a hosted eCommerce solution, you can create one with a few clicks.

The real challenge is creating a product page that converts well. It matters how you present products to customers, so if your product page isn’t optimized for conversions they aren’t going to buy the product.

The Anatomy Of A High Converting eCommerce Product Page

  1. The Anatomy Of A High Converting Product Page Presented to you by LemonStand
  2. URL Each product should have it’s own unique URL and customers should be able to tell what the product is by looking at it. The url should contain important keywords, no dynamic elements(e.g: productid=123) and be kept as short at possible. Products should only have one unique URL pointing to it. products/gold-p-diddy-signature-sunglasses
  3. Title Don’t make the titles longer than 55 characters. Customers should be able to visualize the product just by reading the title. Scoop Neck Athletic Emerald Green Tee Shirt !" T Shir# Shop Shop About Contact (0) Items
  4. Image 67% of consumers consider images very important to online shopping Show di!erent angles, sizes, colors or styles of your product with multiple views and zoom Don’t skimp on image quality. Hire a professional The product image is the most powerful component of your page. Larger images allow consumers to see details and can help you increase conversion rates. photographer. 67%
  5. Call To Action The call to action should be a button not a link. Make the CTA stand out so that shoppers can find it easily. Label the CTA correctly. Add To Cart takes customers to the shopping cart, while Buy Now brings them to the checkout. Add To Cart Buy Now
  6. Products with reviews Reviews are a form of social proof, a powerful persuasion tactic. The more reviews and ratings a product has, the better the conversion rate. Product Reviews = Higher Conversion Rate
  7. Products Talk about the benefits of your products rather than just the features. Create an emotional connection with shoppers. Who doesn’t love a good story? Create an engaging story around your product.
  8. Notes Let customers know whether an item is in stock or currently unavailable before they try to buy Be upfront about shipping prices or buyers might abandon your cart Display a warranty and return policy to ease any concerns a customer may have ?
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